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    Luna’s Crazy Rock & Roll Dream 🌟 | The Loud House | Nick

    [rock music playing] ♪ Dropping records on a weekly basis ♪ ♪ Playing shows in exotic places ♪ ♪ Rocking out to a cheering crowd ♪ ♪ Hear them screaming Luna Loud ♪ ♪ My favorite colors Are platinum and gold ♪ ♪ Being a rock star never gets old ♪ ♪ My life is a dream ♪ ♪ A crazy rock n’ roll dream ♪ [playing guitar] Stage dive! [falling] Sorry, dude. I hope I passed the audition. Oh, you did more than pass. You’re gonna be headlining The Royal Rumble. Congratulations, dear. Smashing, love! Your biggest gig yet! Woo! Next stop, rock n’ roll fame! Is that Chester…

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    The House on Trubnaya (1928) movie

    The House on Trubnaya A comedy in six parts Screenplay: B. Zorich Director: B. Barnet Director of Photography: Y. Alekseyev Set Design: S. Kozlovsky Assistant Director: V. Nemoliaev Cinematographer: B. Fil’shin Make-Up: l. Dorofeev Cast Paranya Pitunova – V. Maretskaya Marisha, a house maid – A. Sudakevich Fenia, an activist – A. Vojtsik Golikov, a hairdresser – V. Fogel His Wife – Y. Tyapkina Semyon Byvalov, a driver – V. Batalov Mezhrabpom – Rus’ Film Studio, 1928 The city sleeps… The House on Trubnaya Street sleeps as well The city wakes up… . … looks in the mirror and begins to wash up. The hairdresser Golikov had to wake up…

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    The Loud House | Lincoln & Lily Get Their Game On in ‘Ultimate Hero Clash 2’ | Nick

    Yes to video games. [HUMMING] Oh, here we go. Yes! Let’s do this. [GRUNTING] Feel my twerk, you evil jerk. Woo! Oh! [GRUNTING] Yeah! Oh, no, you don’t. Yes! Woohoo! [HUMMING] Woo. Holy moly! Woohoo. Ooh, take that. [GRUNTING] [HOWLING] Yeah. [GRUNTING] Whew. Awesome! Dang it! LILY: Poo-poo. Hey, Lily. Oh, you like it? LILY: Yeh. Here you go. [LAUGHING] Wow. LILY: [BABBLING] LINCOLN: Way to go, Lily! Celebration time! LILY: [GIGGLE] LILY: Player Lily wins! Wait. What just happened? LILY: [LAUGHING]

  • Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look
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    Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look

    -The Democrats won back control of the House of Representatives tonight for the first time in eight years, putting President Trump’s agenda… [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, it happened. …putting President Trump’s agenda in serious danger. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Well, cable news was unanimous — it was a blue wave. -When you look at what’s going on here tonight, this is not a blue wave. -So, we haven’t seen the blue wave. -There is not a blue wave forming. -It’s not a blue wave. -This is not a blue wave. -It is not a blue wave. -So,…

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    Pound House 17 – Buckles

    (slow piano music) (gate creaking) (board motor purring) (glass breaking) (lively, upbeat music) (customers conversing) – [Doug] Brent. – Uh, hello, Sir. Welcome to Montgomery Ward. How can I help you today? – Brent, come on it’s me, Doug. Don’t you recognize me? – Um, I can check in the back if you want me to, but pretty much everything we got is on the shelf. – What? No, I’m not, I’m, I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry that I yelled at you and stuff. – Buckle say what? – Brent, the cute girl that lives next door to me thinks I’m a creep, and I need you to help…

  • Fake News Investigative Journalists
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    Fake News Investigative Journalists

    – Okay people, what have you got for me? – So I have been working on this story about how Harry Reid is a murdering satanist fascist rapist atheist. Is that too many things? – I don’t think that’s enough things. Chris, what have you got? – Donald Trump says, “What?” – It’s a good start, but what does he say? – I don’t know. – Alright, well figure it out by two and it had better not be true this time. – Oh, come on! Everything the guy says sounds fake. – That’s not my problem. Terry. – I’m working on a story on conflicts of interest in government.…