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    Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!) | Sanders Sides

    T: Neville gonna give you up. Neville gonna let you down. Neville gonna turn around and– J: Petrificus Totalus! (Intro Music) T: What is up everybody? Goodness, can you believe how far through this year we’ve already gotten? Summer is basically over, school is starting back up here in America, and Halloween is just around the corner! L: Ah, Halloween. Is that the reason for your new… um plum-pigmented pili? T: Logan, look at you with the purple hair It is very becoming. L: Becoming a nuisance? Is that what you were trying to say? How is anyone supposed to take me seriously when your head looks like Barney’s unshaven…

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    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!

    What’s up Spy Ninjas! We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hacker and it turned out to be Vy! All the signs point to that Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo. So we’ve got her hooked up to a lie detector test. We’ve got the lie detector expert Daniel, we’ve got Regina– That’s right. Behind the camera. It’s me! And we’ve got Vy, who if she lies three times, she loses the lie detector test. And what does that mean Vy? I’m kicked out of the Spy Ninjas! So don’t lie. This is probably the most important lie detector test we’ve ever done, I had to make sure the readings…

  • Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner
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    Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

    President Barack Obama: Tonight, for the first time, I am releasing my official birth video. (Laughter.) Now, I warn you — (laughter) — no one has seen this footage in 50 years, not even me. But let’s take a look. (“Secret Birth Video” plays.) [It’s a clip from the “The Lion King” movie.] (Applause.) Oh, well. Back to square one. (Laughter.) I want to make clear to the Fox News table: That was a joke. (Laughter.) That was not my real birth video. (Laughter.) That was a children’s cartoon. (Laughter.) Call Disney if you don’t believe me. (Laughter.) They have the original long-form version. (Laughter.)

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    Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & DOING Whatever It Lands On (Game Master Prank)

    (fast paced drumming music) – [Grace] Let’s see! – [Stephen] Spin, spin, spin, – [Stephen] What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Dumpster dive? Go get it! – [Stephen] Ew! Here goes nothing! Oh, this is gross! (crunching of garbage) – Ew! Trash! Everything! (wheel spinning) – [Stephen] What’s it gonna land on? – [Grace] Ooo! – [Stephen] Oh. – [Grace] Oh! Prank call the Game Master. (electronic gun shot) (dramatic music) – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? Today we have a super super super fun family challenge that I’m gonna do with Grace and that is we’re going to spin the Mystery Wheel and do whatever it lands on.…

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    Hide and Seek GAME MASTER Spy Challenge in Real Life for 24 HOURS!

    – Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and I’m with Daniel and right now we’re about to do a hide and seek chase with the Quadrant to rescue a mystery Youtuber. – So here is your Spy Mission debrief. – We had to do the Floor is Lava challenge at Kurt’s house after he was trapped for 24 hours by the Quadrant, but they ended up taking him. – We rescued Ro inside of her closet after her clone tried to replace her. – A ton of you guys in the ZamFam thought Carter Sharer was the third Youtuber target, but Ro gave us the Clotopia clue and then a ton of…

  • The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer
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    The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer

    – [Narrator] The fam serenades Michelle with Baby Beluga, woof. D.J. and Kimmy wisely rush past that nightmare. They’re busy planning the school dance. They celebrate, booking a shitty band. Kimmy tells D.J. to invite Kevin to this dance they’re ruining but since D.J. is a coward, Stephanie calls for her. Kevin says with no delay because he’s a horny 13 year old and D.J. has a pulse. Michelle can’t sop listening to Baby Beluga, who cares? D.J.’s ready to dance in her finest crime-fighting attire. Kimmy breaks the news that the band they booked bailed. D.J. begs Jesse to fill in, assuring him she can get a killer backup…

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    Hi guys It’s Tana Mongeau welcome to my house or welcome back to my house so today For the first time in the history of my YouTube channel in the entire Two-and-A-Half Years I’ve been on YouTube I’m doing a serious house tour and when I first started blowing up on YouTube and I moved into my very first house I remember how badly I wanted to film a house tour and in every house I’ve had after that how badly I wanted to film a house tour But I never did because of stalker related life related house breaking into related Issues and bullshit like that issues you –and…

  • Only One Property Brother is Single!
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    Only One Property Brother is Single!

    – Welcome to the show. – It always feels good to come hang out with ya. – [Steve Harvey] Always good man. Good to see you again. Drew? – [Drew] Yep, yup. – Got married since the last time I saw ya. – Yeah you know what no big deal. – [Steve] Congratulations, how was the wedding? – It was amazing, it was beautiful. You were missed because if you do remember I asked you to be one of my groomsmen but you didn’t return my calls, it hurts. But anyway we had a blast it was in Italy south of Puglia or in Puglia south region, yeah. – [Jonathan]…

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    ***You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button below I need a drink Okay idiots, are you ready? I just can’t stand the faces of you people Those dead, questioning eyes You dummies don’t matter Greedo? What happens when I scratch a horseradish all over my face? Now why would you do this? Well I’m definitely gonna scrape it somewhere Yeah, you don’t matter — Mangey… My beard itches pretty bad Is this because of my bugs? You have literal bugs? Uh-huh – I think it’s mainly bedbugs Okay, you gotta go Wait, is this about the bugs? Yeah it is — Stank? Yeah, when is…

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    ♫ I said that’s life ♫ That’s life ♫ That’s what all the people say ♫ Woke up this morning walked into the hallway ♫ Saw that my lights were cut off ♫ Went to the bathroom as to wash my body ♫ Found out so was my water ♫ Got dressed and went outside someone stole my ride ♫ Ain’t this about a bi– ♫ Now I could see the powers that be ♫ Really got it in for me ♫ That’s life ♫ Yeah I hear ya but I don’t feel ya ♫ In no way or shape or form ♫ I needs me some paper ♫ Needs…