• DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!
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    DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!

    >>MAT: Hey everyone, in this video, we’re checking out one of the most unique tiny houses we’ve seen yet. It’s a beautiful DIY build that was inspired by Mykonos Island in Greece. The interior is mostly white. It has archways, a painted stone floor, and lots of greenery. It also has two king-sized lofts, two staircases, two patio doors, and lots of natural light coming in. In this video, we’re going to give you a full tour and we’re also gonna meet the creative couple who built this amazing tiny house. [Music Playing]>>BRAELYN: I believe it’s everyone’s right to build their own shelter. I believe it’s actually a human right,…

  • Incredible Mini Earthship Style Cabin – Tiny Off Grid House with Solar Power
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    Incredible Mini Earthship Style Cabin – Tiny Off Grid House with Solar Power

    Hey everyone! It’s Danielle from Exploring Alternatives. In this video, we’re checking out a tiny earthship at the Terra Perma eco-resort in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. [Music Playing] So it’s basically a form of passive solar home that allows you to heat your home and keep it cool just by controlling the energy from the sun. There’s one main wall in this earthship and it’s built in a U-shape using recycled tires that are filled with earth and then they piled on a bunch of earth on top of that wall at the back so that the wall and that huge mound that they created form a thermal mass that can…

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    Land Surveyor (Episode 65)

    Before a house or a structure can go up you need to know the legal boundaries that define that property. It’s the job of the land surveyor to measure all of that and much more. Let’s learn more about what a land surveyor really does. Bryan! Brian. Nice to meet you. Always nice to meet another Brian. It is. Welcome to Can-Am Geomatics. Let me show you around. Please, yeah. I’m Bryan Bates and I work as a professional land surveyor in Fort St. John, B.C. A land surveyor is a caretaker of boundaries within the province of British Columbia. Professional land surveyors assess the records and evidence and make…

  • Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck
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    Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck

    >>DANIELLE: Hey everyone in this video, we’re checking out a tiny house with a really interesting feature we haven’t seen anywhere else. This is a 24 foot long tiny house on wheels with a rooftop deck that’s built right into the roofline which is a great way to create an outdoor space that moves with the house, especially for someone who doesn’t have room to build a deck where they’re going to be parked. It also has a kitchen with loads of counter space, a loft with extra headroom, a dishwasher, and a hidden combo washer/dryer. We think you’ll love this modern and functional design and we’re going to meet…

  • Aaron Goddard Kamloops Realtor commercial
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    Aaron Goddard Kamloops Realtor commercial

    My job is to be a professional agent and a trusted advisor to you if you’re selling your home You’re dealing with someone that takes their career very seriously Anytime I saw a house that I wanted to look at if it wasn’t the same day it was the next day he really provides the information that homeowners need There is a bad rap in real estate a lot of people don’t like the industry they don’t like the realtors in the industry I love taking that opportunity head-on Aaron Goddard Royal LePage make the right move

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    Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!

    Hey everyone! Mat here from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re taking a look at this amazing treehouse with a hanging rope bridge and a deck perched up in the trees. [Music Playing] On our channel we’re always looking for tiny living spaces alternative living spaces and dwellings and this is by far one of our favorite ones so far. This treehouse is fantastic because it really feels like you’re up in the forest part of nature. To get up to the treehouse is this first set of stairs, then you get to the first platform that’s up in the trees and then on to the hanging bridge. Over here…

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    REALTOR.ca mobile app V2.0 for iPhone

    Start your property search here REALTOR® With the all new app from REALTORS® across Canada. Redesigned for iPhone Search the largest collection of properties in Canada. With all new navigation To search for Nearby listings Newly listed Open houses REALTORS® Keep track of your searches For easy access to your REALTOR® and favourite listings Search anywhere even by intersection Like a property? Add it to your tour! Schedule a time with your REALTOR® and get directions to guide the way! And always be sure it’s on the budget With you every step of the way REALTORS® make finding your dream property easier than ever. Download it today on iPhone REALTOR®…

  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver | September 2019 Market Update
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    Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver | September 2019 Market Update

    – Hey everybody, Richard Robbins here. Well the numbers are in for the Vancouver Real Estate Board. Let’s have a look at what’s going on. Here’s what I’m gonna share with you. First of all, I’m gonna share what’s happened through 2019. We’ll look at sales, listings, months of inventory. Then I wanna get into what happened September, over September of last year in terms of sales, and benchmark price. Got some good news there in terms of sales. Then what I’ve done is I’ve broken it down, and I’m gonna show you what’s happened to the price, the benchmark price of detached condos, and townhouses that are attached, and…

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    Tour This Spacious DIY Tiny House with Transforming Furniture

    >>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re touring a bright and spacious DIY tiny house. It has some really neat space-saving furniture designs, a beautiful Chevron wood floor, and even a mini bathtub. It was built by a young French couple and they lived and traveled in it during their maternity leave. They’re ready to start a new project now, so they’re actually putting up the tiny house for sale. But before it goes, we wanted to give you a full tour of this wonderful build. Let’s go check it out. [Music Playing]>>MATHIEU: Amelie and myself built the tiny house ourselves and we wanted to do this because for us…

  • How real estate feeds the economy
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    How real estate feeds the economy

    Think about the Canadian economy for a second. What comes to mind? Oil? Agriculture? Mining? Those things are important, sure, but not quite as important as real estate. Housing is behind a lot of the country’s GDP growth over the past few years. First, we need a brief history lesson. Back in 2008 when the global recession hit, the Bank of Canada slashed interest rates to juice the economy. That lowered the cost of borrowing money—especially for mortgages. So, Canadians took advantage of cheap rates, and plunged into the housing market. Real estate and related industries now account for about one-fifth of the country’s GDP. Other areas of the country’s…