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    HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME AND BUY ANOTHER | Real Estate | Tips in 2019 | Realtor 2020

    what’s good everyone this is Chris Haith I’m gonna explain to you the process of selling your home to buy another one so what we have to do we have to plan for it you have to figure out where do you want to live why do you want to live in that area and what kind of home are you actually looking for there’s not to be happy big a backyard does it have to be smaller than what you have bigger than what you have more accommodating for you know your parents that might be living with you or does it have to accommodate the fact that your…

  • Living Tiny Legally, Part 1 (Documentary)- Innovative Tiny House Zoning
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    Living Tiny Legally, Part 1 (Documentary)- Innovative Tiny House Zoning

    People look at this phenomenon, and I think part of what’s driving the media frenzy with it is it looks ridiculous. Why would anybody do that? Then there’s a second thought that comes in, that says Oh no, what’s really ridiculous is living in my 2,500 square foot house that I have to work 50 hours a week to support and I don’t really have a life. So that’s what’s ridiculous. The interest to live tiny within metropolitan Atlanta is huge. I started Tiny House Atlanta organically a year and a half ago and it has grown from the first 11 to over 1,150 members. I am contacted weekly on…

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    New Disney Park ~ Pixar Pier, Cars Land, & Monster Coasters!

    oh yeah good afternoon my YouTube peeps from Southern California a pool all to myself some palm trees just a baby there but lots and lots of palm trees around here coming to you from LA Los Angeles Anaheim to be exact actually half a mile on the other side of the highway is Disneyland parks that’s right I am celebrating 200,000 subscribers on YouTube for the next three days and I’d love it if you guys want to come along with me because we’re gonna start this off with a brand new park for me a park I have never been to in my entire life a Disney park…

  • Sarah Paulson & Andy Lassner Scream Their Way Through a Haunted House
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    Sarah Paulson & Andy Lassner Scream Their Way Through a Haunted House

    [music playing] Every year for Halloween, I send my executive producer Andy to a haunted house. [applause] He gets so scared that I have to send someone to hold his hand. And this year, one of my viewers suggested that I send Sarah Paulson. I don’t know if you remember, but I scared Sarah Paulson, not one, not two, but three times. Since she was so brave, I sent her and Andy to the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night’s American Horror Story Maze. Hi, Ellen. Hi, Ellen. Sarah Paulson. Hi. You know her. We love her. Ridiculously talented actress. I’m not sure what love means to you people. So here…

  • Where in LA Should We Live?
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    Where in LA Should We Live?

    Hey guys! My name is Janett and this is the third video I’m doing in a series where I’m trying to figure out where to live in LA. I’ve talked to to my friends in the last video so now we’re in LA looking at different neighborhoods. We’re gonna look at Korea town, China town, Silver Lake, Echo Park, places like that. So let’s get started. We’re currently in Korea town. It’s very cold compared to Tempe. it’s 70 degrees here and in Tempe it’s a 103 degrees. I’m freezing. So Korea town was great. We had some awesome food. The sun started to go down so we didn’t really…

  • I’m a Realtor and I want to start my own company!
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    I’m a Realtor and I want to start my own company!

    Hey everybody, my name is Kartik Subramaniam Am I’m a real estate entrepreneur here in Southern California and the founder of a very large real estate education company I absolutely love what I do. I have a passion for the business and happy to have found it. Follow my journey here on YouTube Hi everybody Kartik Subramaniam over at ADHI Schools. Wanted to respond to an email that I got here recently and the email basically goes like this Dear Kartik: I have been a real estate agent now after taking your class For seven years and i’ve made a lot of money selling real estate I think it’s time…

  • OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos: How An Agent Uses the CRMLS Exclusion Form
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    OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos: How An Agent Uses the CRMLS Exclusion Form

    Hi, this is Anthony with OC Realtors, here to give an instructional training video. Most of you asked, “What’s the difference between the CAR SELM or Sellers Instructions to Exclude Listing from the Multiple Listing Service and CRMLS’ Sellers Instruction to Exclude listing from the MLS. The answer to that question is DOM or Days On Market. Today’s instructional video will go over the CRMLS Exclusion Form, which is the form that we here at OC REALTORS® recommend that you use for a client if your client does decide they want or need you to exclude the property from the MLS. Okay. So let’s go over the CRMLS Exclusion Form.…

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    Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome to my home, today i’m gonna take you on a tour of my new place. Some of you know that I moved in earlier in the year. I just got settled. But before we start, a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with me to make this video possible. I don’t know about you guys, but i’m always ordering stuff on amazon and some of the furniture and items you’ll see in my house, I ordered from amazon So i’ll put a link down below to all of those items so you can check them out if you want now without further…