• Should I Buy Real Estate in 2019? – Rod Khleif
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    Should I Buy Real Estate in 2019? – Rod Khleif

    So should I buy real estate in 2019? I often get that question. Should I be buying real estate right now? In this year 2019? My name is Rod Khleif and I’m host with the number one real estate podcast on iTunes called “Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing” We’re blessed to have over 5 million downloads I’m also author of the critically acclaimed book on multifamily real estate investing titled “How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow through Multifamily Properties” Now real estate, like life goes through cycles and we’re at the top of a cycle right now you know. There’s gonna be a contraction in the near future…

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    Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

    No doubt you’ve seen expensive coaching and training programs advertise on late-night television or internet banner ads. Real estate guru is claiming to be able to teach you become filthy rich to real estate investing. Is that real? Can you really learn from these guys? Well my name is Brandon Turner, the author of the book on rental property investing. Today, I want to talk about the Guru trap. So, let’s get to it! Alright, so the first thing I want to explain is how the industry works. It just kind of coaching and training. Typically involves several layers like an onion as you peel them away the education gets…

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    Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property [The Easy Way]

    In this video, we’re gonna talk about how you can calculate numbers all rental properties the effective way and the proper way hey what’s going on guys it’s Sam Kwak one of the Kwak Brothers and today we’re back to share how we like to calculate numbers on rental properties whether we’re doing multifamily or single-family there are some differences but I’m gonna give you guys examples of both on how you can start calculating numbers on rental properties so one of the first things that we want to do on rentals is get an idea of what the market rent is now market rent is the average rent that…

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    Rental Property Investing 101

    If you’re watching this video, it’s probably because you’re sick and tired of working a job and then not having enough money at the end of the month. And you’re thinking to yourself, “You know, if I have my money working for me, if I owned all this real estate or these rentals. And they had a positive cash flow, then maybe they could produce enough income that I wouldn’t have to work.” And if that’s why you’re watching this video, you are in the right place my friend. I’m going to tell you that rentals are something you can easily mess up on or do wrong. But with the…

  • What is a Good Return on a Rental Property?
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    What is a Good Return on a Rental Property?

    Alright guys what’s going on this is Daniel one half of the Kwak brothers and in this video we’re gonna talk about what is a good return on a rental property to that intro let’s get right to it alright y’all welcome back what is a good return on a rental property right that’s a question that I get a lot you know that’s something that I think a lot of people talk about so before we begin to the topic of course never forget to click that subscribe button and click also on that notification bell we put on a lot of great real estate investing content in terms…

  • An Intro to BRRRR Real Estate Investing [Fixer Upper Rentals!]
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    An Intro to BRRRR Real Estate Investing [Fixer Upper Rentals!]

    You know what I really like about ligers? Picks the best traits of lions and the best traits of tigers and combines them into one beast and you know something else that combines the best of two things into something totally new and totally cool? BRRRR real estate investing. You know it’s the perfect cross between house flipping and rental property investing it takes the benefit of both and make something incredibly powerful that could help you build millions of dollars in net worth plus significant monthly cash flow in shorter time than you ever thought possible. Well my name is Brandon Turner co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and author…

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    Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

    One dollar into over $9,000 how did this Youtube subscriber do it? stand by Let’s get it Hello guys, this is ty aka the flip man Today we have another youtube subscriber that has done his very first deal, if i’m not mistaken He’s out of the state of Pennsylvania you think it’s not one of the bigger cities that I would recognize, but I’m sure he’ll let us know What market ease in so? Corey how’s it going? It’s going pretty. Good going pretty good just getting back from Cashing checks and paying bills that doing a couple other things today, but oh well hey That’s what’s happening man,…

  • 6 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Property Manager! 🏡
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    6 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Property Manager! 🏡

    Much of my real estate success comes from having a good property manager, which is in NO WAY easy to come by. And believe me, I’ve been on both sides of it – my manager before this one, stole money from me, cheated my tenants, and ended up suing me for a sum well into the 6-figures. I’ll give you all the details. Coming up! Hey there, my name is Stephen Spicer and it’s my goal to help you Invest Smarter – whether that’s with real estate or stocks, I wanna share my experiences with you to help you on your journey. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification…

  • How to Retire in Three Years Through Real Estate Investing
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    How to Retire in Three Years Through Real Estate Investing

    Preposterous. Farcical. Absurd. That’s probably the response most people have when they read the title to this video. Retire in three years? Sure, maybe if the person was 99% there, but there’s no way an average person can retire in just three years using real estate, is there? well that’s the question I was asked on last week’s BiggerPockets webinar talking about real estate investing and I took on the challenge and here’s the gist of how I answered and by the way did you know that every week we have a free online webinar to teach various aspects of real estate? We talked about how to invest in real…

  • Sorry… It’s Too Late to Invest in Real Estate!
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    Sorry… It’s Too Late to Invest in Real Estate!

    You know I’m sorry to break it to you but you missed out. There’s no more good deals left in real estate. None. We’ve already got them all so you go back to your old life now. You know, the one that you used to live because you’re not going to invest in real estate. The party came, went, and you completely missed out. Sorry. Now, of course, I’m just kidding. You can still invest in real estate, but things have changed a little bit. Now, you no longer can simply pick up a rock and throw in any direction and break the window of an amazing deal. Foreclosures down,…