• Average Japanese House – Inside the Home of a Typical Tokyo Family
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    Average Japanese House – Inside the Home of a Typical Tokyo Family

    In today’s video, we’re gonna go check out how a typical family lives in Japan. It’s a family of two with two kids. I guess it’s like you’re like kind of standard family. In fact, I’m getting to the age where a lot of my friends have families. So, why not go check out their house, and have a little barbecue? I brought some beer. I brought some corn. I brought some chips for the kids. It’s kind of like Cheetos. All right, let’s check out what’s inside! This is my friend’s wife, Haruka, a mom of two kids. Hey! And this is my good friend, Yohei. He’s a surfer…

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    $4 Million Tokyo House Tour w/ Japanese Home Building Cost

    have you guys ever wondered what a four million dollar house looks like in Tokyo well in this video I’m gonna take you guys inside of a brand-new modern Tokyo house and then break down the cost so we’ll be checking out this new Sethu Taku model house also known as a two-generation house so this is your Japanese take on a modern house it’s pretty common in Japan for the grandparents live with you and as you can see the two doors allow for more privacy and what’s pretty sweet is right here we have wheelchair access for grandma or grandpa when you enter a Japanese house you’ll notice…