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    Down Down Property Prices Are Down (February 2019)

    Down down prices are down in the property market in Australia. Thousands of houses that should have sold last year are still unsold in early 2019. Just looking at the local real estate market here in Queensland, I can see that there are so many more houses on the market with lower prices than last year. Makes sense, right? Supply and demand. The official figures for 2018 are as follows. Sydney home prices dropped 8.9%. Melbourne prices dropped 7%. Perth dropped 4.7%. Darwin dropped 1.5%. Brisbane and Adelaide remained fairly steady and gained 0.2% and 1.3% respectively. Canberra prices increased 3.3%, with Hobart being the only capital with significant gains…

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    Is Australia’s property market bouncing back? September 2019

    Hi, I’m Graham the Insights manager at finder.com.au and you know, the RBA didn’t cut cash rates today, it looked dicey leading up to the decision that maybe they would but in the end they didn’t. So we’re waiting to see what the effects of the last two records are. The RBA seems to think the economy’s okay for now, here we’re going to talk about four things to keep an eye on in the Australian housing market for August 2019. So what’s happened to interest rates for home runs? Well, as you know, the RBA could buy 50 basis points. But the average code of the variable rates across…

  • Australian Property Downfall March 2019 Quarterly Update
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    Australian Property Downfall March 2019 Quarterly Update

    Today may be April 1st, but the current downturn in Australian property prices is no laughing matter. Data from CoreLogic has been released today showing the fall in prices over the March 2019 quarter. Sydney is down 3.2%; Melbourne down 3.4%; Brisbane 1.1%; Adelaide 0.5%; Perth 2.9%; Darwin had the highest percentage falls at 3.9%; where Canberra (0%) and Hobart (1.2%) were the only capitals not to fall over the quarter. That’s a national fall of 2.3%, or 2.7% if you just include the capital cities. Over the month of March, there was 0.6% fall in property prices across the nation. Tim Lawless, Head of Research at CoreLogic, stated: “Although…