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    Introducing First Lady of Realtor® Discipline

    And for our channel I like to introduce you to the spokesperson for all the real estate councils across North America .Give it up for Colonoscopy Jane. Who is on the line from the Real Estate Council. Right now. Ring Ring Ring. Oh, it’s Colonoscopy Jane from the council What’s that Jane? Council’s upset because I’ve been making disparaging remarks. and you slated what? four days of hearings $2000 a day or four consent orders $5,000. What a deal Jane. Tell me Miss Colonoscopy. How did you get your job with Council? Oh The Colonoscopies are a huge clan and council always hires from the Colonoscopy clan and you’ve got…

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    How To Be a Successful Realtor®

    Having an additional or addendum page in Realtor® Speak, ready to go is a great way to be prepared for any surprise moves on the part of the many players involved in your sale, like home inspectors or lending not inspecting or lending on time. A very common condition when dealing with lenders whose head offices are in another time zone. So to keep the sale together, both buyer and seller need to add that addendum page to their sales contract saying they agreed to extend the subject removal and deposit paying dates for another one to three days if it’s over a weekend, and if you the seller a…

  • How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents ACTUALLY Make?
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    How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents ACTUALLY Make?

    How’s it going everyone welcome back to another video. In this video we’re going to be talking about how much a real estate agent actually makes. What I want to do is really break down splits, costs, and percentages to show you the bottom line, take-home pay for real estate agents. And I’ve seen a few other videos on YouTube out there like this but none of them really showed an accurate amount. Some were way too high, some made it seem like agents make minimum wage. The real answer is of course somewhere in between so with that being said, let’s dive into a real life example so you…

  • How To Talk To Real Estate Agents | PROPERTY TIPS SERIES
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    How To Talk To Real Estate Agents | PROPERTY TIPS SERIES

    Hey guys, Ryan here from on-property, just been on the road with add as well as Simon and crystal in the front. They’re inspecting a bunch of properties today and wants to do a quick video on our way home, talking about how to talk to real estate agents both during the inspection as well as after the inspection as well. Yeah. Good. Hey guys. Adam here, as Ryan said. Um, so the, the main thing to keep in mind, and me and Ryan were just having a chat about this and he touched on it. It’s real estate agents or real people like you and me. Super Nice and…

  • Recruiting real estate agents – “Thank you” Letter Video
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    Recruiting real estate agents – “Thank you” Letter Video

    Hi there, my name is Danny Wood and I’m going to be showing you how to recruit real estate agents online… and I’m not talking about the newbies. Now in a future video we’re going to show you how to target the brand new agents who are just getting into real estate… because I mean honestly we all need to start some point. So you might as well have a system to capture & cultivate a list of people at that stage… but for now we are going to look at recruiting licensed agents. Now most of you already have a brokerage website that includes a “we’re hiring page” but…

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    How do you reinvent real estate?

    How do you reinvent real estate. Step one, start with a couple of dreamers. Build a new business model. Okay not that model. Bring in the strategy team. Think. Now the engineers. Add data and research. Get feedback. Realize agents are the key. Okay, need some coffee. Recruit top agents. More agents. The industries best agents. Talk with them, learn from them. They need answers to real estates toughest questions. Whats my home worth? When should I sell? Where should live? They need a top design team. They need tools in the palm of their hand. Okay, take a vacation. Wait, what? No, skip the vacation. Launch a new city.…