• Island — Das Land aus Eis und Feuer | WDR Reisen
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    Island — Das Land aus Eis und Feuer | WDR Reisen

    Imposing ice lagoons. The largest Puffin colony of the world. And glowing hot, spitting geysers. We’re in Iceland. The Island of extreme natural phenomena we want to experience at first hand. We meet wild horses and see magnificent waterfalls. Small challenges everywhere, who made this journey to adventure. Subtitles: WDR mediagroup digital GmbH on behalf of the WDR Iceland is about 4.5 hours by plane from Germany. The capital is Reykjavík, and the Gullfoss is already a first highlight. We’re really lucky. On the one hand trying to shine through the sun. The other, There’s almost nothing going on here. Normally there’s a lot more people here. Down there is…

  • Cookie Run – The Vicious Cycle of Land 7 (Pre-land 8)
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    Cookie Run – The Vicious Cycle of Land 7 (Pre-land 8)

    Hello, here’s a demonstration over how Land 7 will be stuck in an endless and somewhat amusing cycle! The former Meta Cookie approaches the new map! And before any action is taken, they are already beaten by one of the the newest cookies! Occasionally there’s the new cookie that fails to become their own meta, and for good reason… People don’t take change very well… Double jumping is really scary for Ice Candy 🙁 Before you know it, everyone is using the most effective cookie! Which treasures should you use? The ones you have worked so hard to upgrade? And not something that players didn’t ask for and makes leveling…

  • How to pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam
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    How to pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

    The Property Casualty Test qualifies already licensed insurance agents to sell property and casualty insurance. After completing the required class hours as well as the application process, you may take your Property Casualty Exam, where you will be given four hours to be tested over your knowledge in Property and Casualty insurance. The test will consist of two parts: a property section, and a casualty section. Topics on these sections include Insurance Regulation, General Insurance, Property Insurance basics and Casualty Insurance basics, Dwellings, Homeowners, Auto, Commercial package policy, and other insurance types. If you’d like to view available Property Casualty study guides, flash cards, and practice tests, check out mometrix.com…

  • Real Estate Marketing Ideas For New Agents With No Money – EASY & FREE! (2019)
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    Real Estate Marketing Ideas For New Agents With No Money – EASY & FREE! (2019)

    What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s view I’m going to show you guys the top real estate marketing ideas for brand new agents had absolutely no money And so if you’re just kind of looking to get started in the game I want to be able to help you out with some ideas that I would go through and do if I was a brand new agent with absolutely no money alright, so Also the winner from last video like I said guys I’m giving out my free Facebook Ads course to one lucky winner for people that comment down below and I’m gonna pick my favorite comment…

  • £1 for a house | Made in Stoke-on-Trent
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    £1 for a house | Made in Stoke-on-Trent

    The Portland Street estate has suffered years of state failure and cuts. A big regeneration project was cancelled by the last government, seven years ago. That was just the beginning. We were just left in like a no man’s land, there was boarded up houses everywhere, everything started going down bank from there. Sarah was one of the existing residents left on the estate. Our last community centre the council sold, there was a church that was just knocked down. The corner shop, the pub, the post box, which Royal Mail just suddenly decided to take out. They just ripped the heart out of the place. Hello, good evening. A…

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    Hi sister! James Charles here and welcome back to my house! Oh my God! Come in! Come In! Come in! okay You guys, for today’s brand-new video We’re going to be doing a sister sanctuary tour – but you guys know about two years ago now, I officially moved to Los Angeles to pursue make up as a career and *thank god* it has really really taken off! And when I moved here, I moved to downtown LA Because, a lot of the work I was doing was in Hollywood, But my really close family and friends were all in Orange County and Whittier, So, it was kind of right…

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    THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Nick Offerman Movie HD

    People say to me “I wonder what it’d be like to be on a spaceship” You don’t really realize you all live about a beautiful little spaceship called Earth Hey there! I’ll be down in a minute This is the St. Peter’s Lutheran youth group. I’m Sebastian Welcome to the future. That’s my Nana. She says there’s the traditional way to live and then there’s the dynamic, independent way: Buckminster Fuller did. “Every time man makes a new experiment… ..he always learns more” “That old lady’s like your overlord.” “She’s my guardian. She made sure I stayed on the right path.” Wow What is it that you listen to.. in…