Summer 2019 – Saugus & Stevenson Ranch – Real Estate Market Update
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Summer 2019 – Saugus & Stevenson Ranch – Real Estate Market Update

Hey it’s Jessica Frank with Cat & Paul Real Estate Team we know it’s hard to find real estate market info that
isn’t based on some computer-generated algorithm so we bring you a market
update for the SCV that’s brought to you by real estate specialists who work in
and know your community but now we’re going to go even deeper and giving you
info about specific market data about two different communities within the SCV
every month this month were featuring Saugus and Stevenson Ranch
let’s start with Saugus this last month Saugus had 109 active single-family listings with 71 closed sales and a total of 20
condo townhome listings with 20 closed sales that brings the Saugus
single-family housing market to one and a half months of housing supply and the
condo townhome market to a small one month supply now six months is balanced so
we’re still seeing a strong seller’s market for both of these categories
meaning sellers have more bargaining control in a sale than the buyers do
Saugus single-family homes are on the market an average of 29 days and condo
townhomes for 23 days prices in this community haven’t fluctuated much this
past month with a single-family average sales price hovering around six hundred
and twenty nine thousand and the average sales price for Saugus condos and
townhomes at four hundred forty three thousand Stevenson Ranch is averaging just under
two months of supply with 22 active single-family listings and 12 closed
sales last month and 6 active condo townhomes with foreclosed sales the
housing supply is continuing to drop with a 24% decrease in available homes
since July single family homes are staying on the market and estimated a 41
days with an average sales price of about $15,000 less in the average list
price now this is the third month that we’ve seen such a large gap between the
lists to sale price in this community it’s likely that sellers felt the value
of their house was more than the market would bear so they listed it higher
ultimately to find buyers didn’t agree on the pricing we’re seeing similar
trends in the condo townhome category as well with an average list price of being
about $7,000 more than the sales price last month while we’re in the seller’s
market and with Stevenson Ranch being a smaller community with fewer properties
for sale we aren’t seeing a demand in this market that supports an increase in
pricing at this time you can text our calls us anytime at the number below for
advice on what your options are if you’re considering selling or buying in
this market we’re here to help educate and guide you never to decide what’s
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