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Success Secrets from 3 of the Most Successful Women in Real Estate | #TomFerryShow

– Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Today, I’m interviewing
three extraordinary women. A thousand transactions,
51 people on their teams, 10 children, two husbands, and one with a whole bunch of dates, how do they get it all done? (rock music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Today, I’ve got three
extraordinary individuals that are running unbelievable businesses. 925 combined transactions,
30 years of wisdom, and I’m asking them
three important questions about their business. Let’s start at the end,
Treasure, tell them who you are, where you’re from, how
long in the business, and how many transactions
you guys will do this year. – Okay. Hello everybody, my
name is Treasure Davis. I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado and this year we’re going
to do 400 transactions. And I’ve been in the business 13 years. – Congratulations, Mary? – I’m Mary Maloney, I’m from San Diego. I’ve been in the business 15 years. I have a team of six agents and we will hit a hundred
transactions this year. – Congratulations, JB? – Jill Biggs, Hoboken and Jersey City. Been in the business 12 years, have 28- – People on the team. – 28 people on the team. We will do a shit load? (everyone laughs) Are
we allowed to say that? – Well, you just did. We’ll do 425 deals. – Jersey is officially in the
house on the Tom Ferry Show. Let’s not even beep that, just for fun. Okay so, that gives
people a lot of context. I wanna talk to you about two things. I wanna talk about what worked this year, I wanna talk about what you’re
putting your concentration and focus on next year, and
then I’m going to ask you the one question that I
get more than anything else when I introduce someone
like the three of you. So, let’s start with
whoever wants to go first. What’s the one thing that your team does that causes you to do so much business? What’s the one thing,
you do a million things, but there’s one thing that
really moves the needle. Whoever wants to go first. – We script practice everyday together, and we do our calls everyday together, and if we don’t have an appointment we do another hour of calls
at a minimum, together. – So, someone watching this right now that maybe they’re on a team, maybe they’re thinking about a team, maybe they’re just getting newly licensed, or they’re 40 years in the business and they said look at
these three stunning gals I’m gonna finally watch one
of these Tom Ferry shows. What does that mean
that you script practice and you prospect? What does that mean? – So, we go to the app. – Oh yeah. (everyone laughs) – And we pull up a script,
whatever we’re gonna do that day. – I need like an extra $50 right now just to pay her for this. – A hundred, thank you. (everyone laughs) And we just download
whatever we’re gonna do, so if they’re gonna circle dial we’ll pull a script around that. And then we’ll practice that altogether, talk about objections, everybody
has a different personality so they may do different objections. And then we go into the
calls right away, as a team. – Why do you do that? – It creates transparency, consistency, and we know that we’re
making our calls together. It brings energy to the room. – Do you guys have people that
practice in your environment or do they just get on the phone, or do they not prospect at all? Like, help me understand. – Role playing is critical if you are in any sales role or business, whether you’re selling Xerox machines, pharmaceutical, real estate,
you have to know your craft and you have to train. So, role playing is critical
to any success, I think. – Yeah, you got any thoughts on that? – We do it, too. We have mandatory prospecting
and we have some of them that are way more excited about getting on the phones than others. I find that when I walk
back and forth with them, things go a lot better. – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So, practicing and getting on the phone, do either of you wanna take that next? What’s the one thing, I mean, you ladies are selling a lot of real estate. Now, even if people are like
oh my god, that’s a giant team. You only have eight
sales people on the team. – Yes.
– Doing 400 transactions. So, the per person
productivity is off the charts. Mary, what are you doing
that’s driving the success? – So this year, I think for
us, one of the main things was realizing the strengths
of the team members and getting belly to belly with consumers. We’ve up our door knocking
game, we’re role playing about door knocking,
upping our open house game, getting more belly to belly networking, being in the community. And that’s where they
thrive and they love it, and so just being in a position
to have that conversation about how’s the market, because everybody wants to talk about it. Our market is shifting, and so everybody wants to talk about that. So, that moved the needle for
us this year in a big way. – So, were you historically all phones, or maybe all internet, or some combination and now you’re like let’s get face to face,
knee to knee with people? What was the old way? – The old way was doing a lot of things, but not doing any of them well. And then identifying what
were our major pillars and then just going all in and
having singularity of focus, that we’re really great
at these few things. Let’s just do more of that. Outsource the rest. – Hey, we’re social, let’s
be more social, right? We’re good at open houses,
let’s do more open houses. And all those are repeatable
and scalable, right? – Right, absolutely. – Thoughts on that? Did you hear that? Ladies, any input? – No, I think that that’s interesting. I mean, I have within
my team I make everybody join a different organization
and we really do dominate in like a couple of miles. So, we try not to have too much crossover. But we really crush it on open houses. – Talk about that. – We do them every Saturday and Sunday, probably we do 30 to 40 a weekend. – 30 to 40 open houses a weekend? – Yeah. – Hoboken, New Jersey and Jersey City which are these tiny little communities. By most people’s definition. – Right, and so we’ll put out a list. And because we are so close,
we’ll put all of our signs with everybody’s different
flyers so you send people to each other’s open houses
and then what this gives us is this massive list of leads. People that are actually buying, they’re way cheaper
than the internet leads and they convert. So, we have a pod of these
and we go after them, and it gives us also since we
segment them by two bedroom, whatever, they’re in different factions. So, when something new
comes on you’re able to have something to say that
gives you another phone call. – That is so powerful. I mean, just 30 plus
open houses in a weekend and being able to segment. You’re looking at two bedrooms? We’ve got six more over
here, boom, boom, boom. When you heard that, what
were you two thinking? – Wow.
– That’s a lot of open houses. (everyone laughs) – [Tom] That’s a lot of signs. – Yes. – That’s a lot of man power. – I was like, wow, that’s
400 open house signs. – No, no, no, because when you’re- – No, that would be like they would cover every other house in
Hoboken. (everybody laughs) It’s a tiny community. – We have two buildings that
stand next to each other, so we’ll have six open
houses in that, right there. – Oh!
– Okay. – You don’t have to stick out.
– Vertical living, got it. – And that way, each of
them have their signs. They stop them and they put
them on different corners but they’re every single open house there, so when people are going
then they, you know? – Right, and it’s this swarm mentality. – [Tom] Bingo. – And then the consumer is like, that Jill Biggs is everywhere. She has every single listing, I better just call her
for insider information. – Exactly. – [Tom] Bingo. – I love when that happens, that happened to us for
the first time this year. We did a mega open house in
my farm that I also live in and we had signs everywhere. And someone texted me and said, “Is it Treasure Davis Day on the farm?” And I’m like, “Yes.” (everyone laughs) – [Tom] Yes, it is. Everyday is Treasure
Davis Day on that farm. – But the signs were just lining every major street going
in, it was incredible. – So, there was a lot
of distinctions there but let’s talk about 2018, 2019, right? We’re sitting here in Boston
and we’re doing planning, and you and your coaches
are doing all this planning, and that’s just who we are. What is that one or two
things that you’re thinking about for 2019 that’s gonna
move the needle again? Is there something that’s standing out for you in your planning process? Like, this is how we’re gonna add X more? – We’re going after expireds. We never really did that before
because I didn’t have to, but our market is changing a bit. Things are sitting longer and
it’s going to be way better to be the second or the third realtor, so we are role playing, practicing. And you know, we have a
couple of girls in my team that that’s all they do. They’re just, my own kid, they’re standing and they’re calling and
they’re landing appointments, and it’s hysterical because you know they’re like two years old. – They’re not actually
two years old, physically, but yes two years in the
business getting expireds, I love that. – No, I meant two years
old. (everyone laughs) – So, expireds is new for you. Mary? Treasure? What’s the new, you know? It doesn’t have to be
some big, new, sexy thing but there’s something
you’re doing to add more. – For us, it’s not new. We know the average cost of a lead and we know the value of our
client once we have them, so we are going all in to retain the clients we already have. They’re already raving fans of ours, we just need to double down and maximize them and get referrals. The other thing that we’ve doing for a long time that’s
been really successful is agent to agent referrals. We love them, we adore
them, we close them, we want more of those,
so we’re doubling down on the basics of things
that we know works for us. – I love it, so give us an example. I mean, so first of all how many people inside the database now of
past clients, et cetera? How many? – My operator is not here
right now. (everyone laughs) – Somebody knows.
– Somebody knows. – More than a thousand?
– Absolutely. – I mean, with 400 transactions. – Thousands and thousands,
13 years in the business. – Yeah. So, give us an example of an initiative or a campaign that you’re
doing more or better this year that you didn’t do last year? – So, we are doing client
parties once a quarter. Before we just did two, and
we’re just going to make sure that we separate them based
off of their demographic. So, people with kids, people without kids, making sure that we’re hitting every single demographic of our buyer. So, something in military focus for us, we’re really going after
the demographics this year. – Very smart. Good list segmentation so
you can make the experience right for them, that would
be maybe odd for others. – Yes, and the other thing
that we’re really going hard in on is that Amazon Prime experience. We want that experience for our consumers and so we’ve been really diving
into how can we trademark a couple of ways that we do things so that when it comes time
for the inspection process we can say, we are the only ones that do our own inspection
process this way. – Mhmm, love it, love it. We could do a whole show just on that. – Okay. – Okay, Mary what are you doing differently, more, or better, in 2019? Because I don’t think, you’re
not slowing down are you? – No, we’re looking to grow obviously. And in a shifting market,
we’re just really looking for the opportunities. So, adding expireds,
we’re seeing those sellers that had listed with the discount brokers that you can’t just put it in the MLS and it sells in seven days anymore. So, those that have been on
the market for 45, 60 days, we’re picking up a lot listings
from those discount brokers. – You’ve been sending me
text messages on this. We shouldn’t name the
names of the companies. – Nope. – But when she’s like,
I got one from this one, and I got another one from this one, I’m like yeah, baby. – Yes. Yes, so that and also looking
at underserved neighborhoods and markets instead of trying
to outspend the competition in our current market
because at some point there’s a diminishing return. Looking at those neighborhoods
that are underserved, and how can we take our
duplicatable process and go into that farm,
maybe that’s in a better, in a price point that will turn more, and get into something that isn’t going to sit as long as the luxury market. – Could you define for
us an underserved market? What does that mean? I know what a lot of those words mean, but how are you defining it? – So for us, I think in our market there are two people that have to move. The military, and the
also the last home market. So, baby boomers, we
have lots of communities in San Diego that are 55 and over, so looking to serve those
markets in a better way. And then also, just neighborhoods that really don’t have
a neighborhood expert. That it’s all one-sy, two-sies, and no on is really
coming in and being able to give the advice and
know the neighborhood. And so, we’re looking
at those neighborhoods in what would have previously been, oh, I don’t wanna work that market. – Sure.
– Right? Everybody wants to go for luxury, and we’re seeing a slow
down in the premium market. So, looking at those
markets that other agents may have snubbed in the past that, hey, that’s a really
good sugar cookie market. – I was just gonna say
that. (everybody laughs) – That’s the sugar cookie. That’s some inside baseball,
in case you’re wondering. But we need to tell that story again. – I love sugar cookies. (laughs) – Yes, that’s the bread
and butter price points that are always moving. Yes, I love it. – We’re coachable. (everyone laughs) – I know you are, well, hello. – You know, I think also for me to go on with what you just said. If I expand and I go three miles further, the realtor pool is worse. Like they don’t do anything,
so going after those people, we do every single thing
it’ll be so much easier to take over that market. – Yes, repeatable and scalable. – Right.
– Repeatable and scalable. Alright, the question I get
more than anything else. Tom, you work with all
these amazing women, how do they? I mean, married, married,
not married, right? So, married, married, single. Kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, you know? More kids when you have
husbands. (everyone laughs) And then, you all run
these enormous businesses and the thing that I hear from people that are selling seven houses
a year say, I have no time. I have no time. So, what hacks have you figured
out to manage being single, married for, how many years
have you been married now? – 30.
– 30 years, right. Like yeah baby, right? And how old is your youngest? – Eight, 15, she plays
travel competitive softball which is all over, married 21 years. Longer than I’ve been alive
almost. (everyone laughs) – So, people need to hear. And you know, adult children, I mean can I say adult children, right? – They’re still back in my house. – Still living in the house
with her adult children. You know, the three of you, you have such a gift to manage your time. To manage people’s expectations, to keep people in flow whether
it’s the spouse or kids, or buyer’s agent, or your
assistant, or your friends, your health, how do you fit it all in? What advice do you have for
the people that are watching? What’s the hacks on time? – Hmm, hacks on time. – The hacks on time is first of all, I hired an assistant before I thought I could afford an assistant. But I found out that if I
didn’t have an assistant, I was that assistant. And when you have a good assistant, they double your business. – Yes. – And so that, I made that decision when I got into coaching five years ago. It all kind of went hand in hand, never looked back from either
one of those decisions. But really, we really take the time to make sure that everything
is in the calendar. I live and die by that calendar. If it’s not in my calendar I do not do it. And so, that is really the hack, even down to I’m having lunch
with my daughter on Thursday. It’s in my calendar, it’s an appointment. And I always tell that to my team, I say, they’re like oh I’m gonna
shuffle this and shuffle this. I’m like, if that was a million
dollar client, cash buyer, coming to close today you’d
keep that appointment. Your kids are way more valuable than that, so keep that appointment
like it’s just like that. And when they do, they find that balance. And we check each other with
out daily success binders, we check each other to
make sure we have a win from professional and a win from business. – Personal? – Personal and business, sorry. Personal and business, we make sure that there’s a win every day from that. – From both? – From both.
– That’s great. – Because if you don’t,
one will be off balanced. – So hire an assistant or you are one. If it’s not in your
schedule it doesn’t exist. I’ve heard that before. – Yes. (everyone laughs) – I love that one. It seems to be how a lot
of the best people do it. – And another thing that I have found that’s been really successful is building my why around my family,
because then when my phone rings and I have an appointment
that comes up last minute or I have a phone call that
takes too long, I remind them. Hey, we’re going to Paris for
my daughter’s 16th birthday. We’re building our why
around going on that trip and not being stuck to we can’t afford it because we didn’t build
that into the budget. So, that’s really big for us, is building everybody into that why. – Yeah, love it, love it. Whoever wants to go next. What’s your best hack to
keep control of your time? Who do you say no to? Who do you say yes to? It’s all that stuff. – Yeah, I think for me the biggest thing was getting over having balance. There is no such thing as balance. It’s just life, and
we’ve chosen a profession that yes we have the
flexibility to be there when we want but that also means that sometimes we have to sacrifice. – That’s just called running a business. – Yeah, I let go of the
guilt but I also outsource. I have things delivered. – Do you outsource the guilt? – Yeah, (everybody laughs) I have a Jewish friend.
– She outsources a lot. (everybody laughs) – And a Catholic friend. She’s like, it’s me. – I outsource that. Just, you know, simple things. Having things delivered,
having groceries delivered, not taking my time driving places and spending more time on the
things that are important. But I agree with you,
having the family involved in the goal and why we’re sacrificing. You speak to this a lot which
has really impacted my life. Having the family involved in the goal, this is why I’m working so hard, this is why you’re working so hard, and then we all get to reap the reward. But we’re coming into a time of the year when it becomes even more,
our lives are just fragmented, you’ve got the holidays
and we think we have to be this super hostess and super cook, and give the perfect gifts,
and all of these things. And you just have to decide what are you willing to let go of? – I want to let go of
all of that. (laughs) – We’re going to Rome for
Christmas. (everyone laughs) I am not decorating. – What’s your time hack? – I’m a little bit more of
an artist than both of you. I do also live by my schedule, and my kids are in my schedule. They all work for me in some capacity, so right down to the youngest who actually sold a
house at an open house. I mean, so they’re pretty involved. And my team, because I have
so many people with children. We tend to cover for each other
when something is important. But work life balance,
I work all the time. And when I get burnt out,
I go away for five days and transfer my phone calls. And somebody else deals
with it, so I don’t know. I’m working on work life balance. – Listen, I talk to just as many people that it’s in your schedule, you do it, and some of the most
successful men and women I know are work, work, work, work,
work, and then I go away. I mean, you’re gone 18 days this month. – I really do think, with kids, so I have four of them, right? More of them than you guys and they’re like a little bit older or they range from 24 down to 16. Everyone of those kids is
hard working and strong, you know what I mean? And none of them are gonna be- – All girls? – All girls, I’m gonna have no pushovers. – Right, you’re also setting an example. – Exactly.
– Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That you can be successful. Just because you’re a girl, you can go be a girl boss and get everything you
want out of this world. – Yes.
– Yes. – Just go for it. – Okay, this is by far my
favorite Tom Ferry Show ever. (everyone laughs) – I think you said that before. – I have, I have. No, I’m telling you. First of all, we should
just do this more often. I need the three of you on a couch and we can just do this like
every week on NBC or something. Okay, so we actually have to wrap this up though I really don’t want to. – Because there’s
sirens. (everyone laughs) – Yeah, there’s sirens. They’re coming to get us. Or this could be a seven hour show. So, think about what you learned today. We’ll put their email addresses up, we’ll get that there so
you can reach out to them, follow them on social. But, I think the overarching
message is, yes, you can. That’s the overarch, yes you can. You gotta take some
personal responsibility, you gotta decide how you want it to be, but it’s like excuses or an amazing life? Right? You can’t have both. So, as we wrap it up. Thank you ladies so much. And I appreciate you and I
appreciate all you watching. Look forward to talking
to you soon, take care. Hey, it’s coach Tom Ferry. Have you been considering hiring a coach? If so, click the link below
and check out what we do. (bright music)


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