• James Workman

    Years ago my wife got a new Lab puppy, a little guy she named Buster. After a few months Buster started disappearing from the yard and we'd have to go look for him. Turns out a neighbor on the next block had a five-year old autistic son that just loved Buster. Every time he disappeared he'd go straight their house and play with the young boy. For a while we stopped letting Buster out, he'd lay by the door looking lonely and depressed. Started letting him out again and he'd go straight to the little boy's house. After several months of this we just asked the kid's mother if they wanted Buster, and she was delighted to have him. Buster and the young fellow became inseparable, truly the best of friends.

  • Richard Turner

    The poor dog just needed a place to rest and get away from all the noise for a little while. Thanks for taking him in and giving him a place to rest for a little while.

  • whips

    some dogs will do anything to get a way from the kids he when the right way about it. it class he retire to that home one day for good thank you for this vid it class best iv seen


    My dog a pom helped save me from a car jacker! A few years ago I went to my regular grocery store to buy my food! When I got out of my car and opened my door, it bumped this wreck of a car next to mine? It was an accident, and his car was so covered in dents, scratches and mixed paint spots already! I did not think it was a big deal! I didn't know this guy was in the car when it happened! Anyway, he jumped out of the car and began freaking out?! I apologized and said I only tapped his door, as the parking slots were tight! And I was having to squeeze between the cars! I could not help it! I looked at his car, there was no mark? As his main color on his car was very dark blue! But this did not stop this crazy man from swearing at me, and following me into the store! I tried to ignore him and just shop! I just blew him off! After me and my dog returned to my convertible sports car, and put away our groceries. I took another close look at his car door, I still could not see any mark on his door? It was hard, as his whole car was a complete wreck, several colors and all dented and scratched in the first place! I guess he must have saw me trying to inspect his door? Anyway, I did not know he was in the store? I had got in my car and closed the door! I was sitting there getting my dog comfortable in the front seat next to me! And had backed out! And was adjusting my music for the ride home! I was looking down at the radio/CD on my dash! When all of a sudden my door is being opened! And here is that crazy guy again, trying to grab at my car keys! I was shocked this crazy guy had just up and opened up my car door! I could tell he meant harm! So as we were struggling! I was trying to get my door shut, hold my barking dog back from biting him, I just floored the gas peddle! My car zoomed forward! I zipped around the corner with the crazy guy chasing my car?!! It was so scary at the time! But my little dog would not stop barking at this man! I was afraid he would hurt him or injure him! I zipped on the main road and flew down the street! I must have drove about a few miles down the road! Until I pulled over at a gas station! I was real shook up and crying! But my dog had tried to protect me from this crazy guy, even though he was so small! He was so brave! I learned a valuable lesson, always LOCK YOUR DOORS WHEN YOU GET INTO YOUR CAR! AS YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS LURKING AROUND OUTSIDE, AND WHAT THEIR INTENSIONS ARE! Now I always lock my doors! I had never been car jacked before? Never let them snatch your keys either! Thankfully a man had seen the whole thing, and offered to file a report for me! I thought that was my guardian angel looking out for me! My little dog the HERO!

  • tigran bok

    You gay ass lesbian, psychotic, neurotic, dumb ass, fuck ass pieces of genetic LYING ASS SHIT, really expect me to believe your delusional shit???? Maybe you are projecting yourselves – NOBODY FUCKING WANTS YOU just like some worthless mutt. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THIS MELODRAMATIC LYING??????

  • tigran bok

    But then again…… I suppose there are enough DUMB FUCKING LIBTARDS who actually believe this shit so that you can rip off all their money. Makes sense – dub fuck Libtard ripping off a DUMB FUCK LIBTARD SHILL FAKE ASS CHANNEL THAT WANTS US TO BELIEVE HUMANS ACTUALLY WORK THERE.

  • kevin paul halliday

    Nice story, but this is made up imho. I cannot abide liars and I see no evidence of any truth in this video, no names, locations, photos, nothing. If only there was something to back this up I would love this tale. Sadly, I can only conclude it is, as they say, a shaggy dog story, whether to make money, or just to tell a story that dog-lovers will "like" because we are a loving, trusting lot.
    Sorry, I see loads of these vids and am becoming very cynical as to their motives.

  • Gordon Bird

    Of course…Any dog that would risk it,s life to save a cop is a patsy and lacks intelligence!….Warton.UK.

  • a breathing potato

    Can I sleep on your house as well? My roommate snores so bad. It always wakes me up in the middle of the night.

  • Ron Thompson

    If anyone doubts how smart dogs are ,they must not have had a dog or a cat ,animals adapt,and they seem to sense a good person from a bad ,the dog felt safe with her ,she must be a kind and careing person ,she has a part time pet and friend .

  • rockey rocket

    I'm sure after the last new kid came home that dog was thinking to his owner, "Stop already with the rhythm method. It don't work you hillbilly just use a rubber".

  • a man of many parts

    Some years ago we had a dog that came to our house just to sleep outside the back door. He was obviously a stray and I was going to adopt him, but we were going on vacation for 2 weeks, so I left it until we came back. He never came back afterwards and I never saw him again.

  • Geddo

    I'm seriously wondering about this story. I don't know of any owner that lets their dog stray away from the house for an extended period of time without knowing where he is.

  • Remco F. Gerritsen

    Dogs are always welcome in my house, though can't really care for it, but it will get a huge load of love, probally food to 🙂

  • Neela Badve

    Sooo cute my doggie is no more now but when guests used to come in the house he used to go upstairs in the bedroom to sleep

  • elsa courtney

    If you own a dog you should supervise morning and afternoon.Bec. sometimes they can find a way to run outside very fast not knowing that there are cars on the main road that can bowled them over.Especially those pedigrees dogs.They are always inside our property. They should be TRAINED too.

  • Oreo Devil

    "Most dogs are very intelligent."
    Me: WHAT
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "MOST" "DOGS"?! (puts narrator in room with aggressive doggos) I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • mashooga 1994


  • karyelle playlist

    " He lives in a home with 6 children 2 of them are under the age of 3. He is trying to catch up on some sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?"

    thats what the note says

  • Jacob Gonzalez

    It’s funny the lady opens up her home for a dog she doesn’t know , but then it says since she is unable to allow the mother of 6 into her home she bought the dog a bed. It’s funny how humans work a great story of letting the animal get some quiet time but humans can’t seem to help other humans even if the mom of 6 was joking about coming over to sleep also

  • Ginger Countryman

    My adult niece has a Jack Russell named Addy. The most independent yet smart dogs ever. My niece would often find Addy escaped somehow, but always came right back. Soon the longer she was gone, my niece got a special collar with info and had her chipped. Soon she learned Addy was going a mile and a half across a huge park to a house with a pool, doggie door, and wrought iron fence. Addy would go for a swim then to the master bedroom for a nap. No matter how they tried, Addy wanted her visits. Until my niece married and moved, Addy visited. I can't stand my dogs out of my sight, so I'd go insane. But Addy seemed to be so happily independent.

  • Jane Doe

    Guess a dog doesn't 'take a bullet' for his 'owner', he is tought to do that, it is sad why a human must use an innocent animal as a shield to protect his life. The cop is a cop by choice, and then he risks of losing his life. A dog has no choice but to do as told.

  • Fly by night

    I had the same affair with a duck. Theres a pond near my home and they just walk freely. Well he,d come to my back patio door every day and hit the door with his beak. I'd let him in and he would just watch what I was doing. He got plenty of bread and water and an occasional bath from my sprinkler system. Animals are just so wonderful. The things they do.

  • Deo C Yasol

    There is truth to this tale. Our dog Oscar would normally sleep near us while my wife and i are watching TV specially sports. When there is too much noise on TV and we loudly discussed what just happened, he would rise and continue his nap far from the noise either in the kitchen or living room.

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