Stop Using Your Own Money For Real Estate
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Stop Using Your Own Money For Real Estate

Oh, I see. You’re one of those. You think
that it takes money to make money. You could not be more wrong. Are you kidding
me? It does not take money to make money. And in today’s video, I’m going to prove it.
I’m going to be talking about O-P-M. Not opium. Other People’s Money. And how I have used
it to go and take $5,000 of hard-earned safe cash and turned it
into 1.6 million dollars. True story. Okay, so here’s really the big question
for today. I’m going to share with you and break it all down how I did this. But I
want you to be thinking OPM. Other People’s Money. Like what does that even
mean? This is a really important thing for you to understand because in the
world of real estate you can use other people’s money to do things. In fact,
that’s true of business that’s true of most things. I need you to understand
that one of the, one of the core reasons why people aren’t going out there from
watching these videos and doing real estate is they’re believing thoughts and
ideas in themselves that limit them. And one of those ideas is it takes money to
make money. I’m telling you right now, if you’re waiting to have all the knowledge,
if you’re waiting to have all the money, if you’re waiting to have all the credit,
you might actually never get started. And that’s the problem is that most people
they leave living a mediocre life. It’s not like they set out and said, “Wow, my
dream is mediocrity. My dream is to go nowhere in life.” I mean, that might be
some people but for most people, I think what’s really going down is what
they’re really saying is, “Oh, I want to have a great life. I want an abundant
life. I want to do amazing things.” But I don’t have the resources. And what I want
you to understand is it’s not about whether you have resources. It’s about
how resourceful you are. You see OPM is a resource. The money exists. If you want to
be a deal maker and you want to put deals together, you need to understand
that you don’t have to possess all the resources. That is your limited-school-head-down-learning kind of thinking that is broken and simply doesn’t work. Now, I
am an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs are known for being outside the box. So let
me share with you a little bit about my story and how I went outside of the box
and turned literally $5,000 into 1.6 million dollars. I had
already caught the real estate bug. I knew that I wanted to make millions in
real estate. But I didn’t know how. And my very first mentor, he gave me some
practical advice. It’s not the advice I would give you today because the reality
is I know how to go a lot faster than my first mentor told me. But this is really
what he said. He said, “Kris you should be at your job for at least 2 years. You
know, so that you can get qualified for a loan with the bank. You should also get
3 credit cards and you should keep them paid off so that you can show the
banks that you’re responsible. But they need to to your history with you only
3 credit cards. And number 3 you got to get a little money in the bank.
Like get 5 grand in the bank. Because you can put 3% down on a home that
you’re going to buy and live in that can double as an investment property.”
Let me just slow that down. I want to make sure you heard that. He basically
said, state your job for 2 years. I was already there for a year so I just
needed one more year. He said get 3 credit cards to show
the bank creditworthiness. I had one, I needed to get 2 more. And then he said,
make sure that you have $5,000 saved in the banks. You had a little down payment. I
took this mentors advice and I am really glad that I did by the way. Even though
I know how to go way faster. That put me on hold for 14 months. But 14
months went by and I had my 5 grand. Tou know what I did with it? I took that
$5,000 and I used it as a down payment on a house that had a bunch of equity in
it. And it was worth 150 I bought it for a 110. And I
can’t tell you how thrilled I was. I mean, I was going to move into it it had a
basement apartment. Rented that out. And basically for a year, I just… I was making
my plans for my next house. And I know how to resource because this house had
all this equity. I remember I went to Wells Fargo the bank and I said, “Hey, can
I pull some of this equity out?” And they gave me what’s called a home equity line
of credit for 18,0000 something change. And that $18,000, I took that and if I borrowed it out of the house, I was going to
have to make a payment on it. So I used it and I put it into the second house
that I purchased. Now, the second house that I bought ended up producing a $600
month cash flow after I made my payment. So, it was thrilling to be getting ahead
so much. In that house I had bought I ended up making $130,000 on. In fact, the equity in that house guess what I did with it. I
bought more houses. In fact, it helped me by my third property. Now, remind you. I’m
still only $5,000 out of pocket. But I got these 3 homes. And
at that point, something really cool happened. My father-in-law who was super
skeptical of what I was doing. Now, that I had done it 3 times, he was willing
to kind of put that skepticism on trial. And he said, “Kris, break down for me what
you’re doing.” And I showed him how this little bit of money was making me all
this money. And guys, I don’t want to tell you the ROI because it’s astronomically
huge. When you take a small amount you turn it into you know a couple hundred
thousand dollars in net worth and over a thousand dollars a month of cash flow
after living and entirely for free. I mean that’s pretty
awesome. So, he decided to take a bet on me. And on my fourth deal, he said I’ll
put the money in and we’ll split it 50/50.
We did it, we we made money on that deal and because it worked, we said, “Well, let’s
do it again.” We did it again, we did it again.
I remember I was sitting in college. This was my senior year. I had about 10 homes
at the time and I sat there a thinking, “Man, can’t wait for college to be over
I’m not really going to use this degree.” But I’ve bought now these 10 homes. I want to
go faster. I want to go faster like this works. But my father-in-law can only buy
so many houses. And I need to wait for my real estate to mature but how do
I go faster? And that’s when I have this idea.
I need more father-in-law’s. There’s got to be like… Can I like plural marriage or..
Okay, that’s a bad joke. But what I ended up doing… Seriously, I can’t even hear you
guys laughing. It’s stupid. But seriously, what I ended up doing was
thinking there’s got to be other father-in-law’s out there. And I made a
list. You can do this by the way. I made a list of people I knew that we’re
crushing it in corporate America and had been working there for 20 plus years. Now,
conservative individuals that are making a lot of money in corporate America, they
are excellent 401k -ers IRA -ers House payer off-ers. That was my assumption. I wrote
down a list of four people and I just… I’m going to tell you it took like a huge
act of courage because I was scared. But I called him up and I said, “Can I take
you to lunch? You know I’ve been doing this thing in
real estate. I want to actually show you what I’ve been doing.” And all 4 of
them, you know what they said? They said sure. In one week I took all 4 of them to
lunch. Just kind of one at a time and I showed him my 10 properties. I showed him
my returns. And I showed him how much money I was making my father-in-law who
was my partner. And you know what? All 4 of them individually, independently
decided. You know what? I’ve got money sitting in my IRA or my this or that or
home equity. Let’s partner together. So, I started buying a home every single month.
This is what got me to 25 properties. And even though I was splitting everything
with them, it was so lucrative. I was clearing on average over $12,000
a month. And that’s when I decided to quit my job. Friends at that point, 4
and a half years later from that first house, my net worth on those 25
properties for my part of the ownership, 1.6 million dollars. My personal income,
$12,000 a month. And that was enough for me to quit my job. Now, that all happened
because of the scene here called OPM. Other People’s Money. So, let me share
with you the top three OPM strategies. Okay, the first one, is you can just go
and borrow money from bank. Now the bank on an investment property or a primary
residence, they’re going to want anywhere from a 3% down payment all the way to 20% and that for some people is a lot of money. I had to save up 14 months
to get my 3%. Some of you have money sitting around and you could actually
put 20% down. And the bank will lend the other 80 to 97 %. So a bank is your most
common source of other people’s money. Your second source is that if you can
use the strategy to get yourself into a house, if you buy that house
intelligently, if you buy it at a discount. Buy low, sell high. If you… If you
buy it with some equity, guess what you can do? That house can be your bank and
it can give you the money. And all you’re going to need is the credit. In this
situation, you need credit and money or at least someone’s credit into someone’s
money. Here you just need credit to access from that house. And the third one
that I was sharing with you is a partner. A partner is a person that says, “Wow,
I admire your track record or I respect what you’re doing or your system and it
looks like it’s working for you. Can I kind of be more of a passive role and
give you the money and we can kind of team up on this?” These 3 strategies. A
bank, a house and a partner. Friends, these are really excellent tools that you can
use for launching yourself into the game or real estate and crushing it. Now, if
you’re ready to take action but you just don’t know where to start, what you
probably need is a private custom game plan. because you might be saying, “I don’t
have credit or I don’t have money or I have a 401k or IRA or I have this asset
or I just don’t know where to go from here.” and I actually have a team in my
entire empire that I built whose job is basically to talk with my YouTubers and
answer questions and give you a custom game plan. Basically put themselves in
your shoe and say, “Wow, if I were you how could I help you or what would I do to
get my first properties rolling?” If that would be useful for you, all you got to
do is click the link in the description below and
boom, my team will be in touch with you in the next day or 2. And we’ll give
you that custom million dollar gameplan. Friends, thank you so much for watching
today. If you are not, make sure you are a subscriber. You can like this and if the
video is good for you, share it with somebody. Put it on your social media and
share with them what you’ve been learning in this game are real estate or
comment on it below.


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