Steve Urkel Cameos on Full House – Part 1
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Steve Urkel Cameos on Full House – Part 1

what’s going on is my cousin steve he’s
in town for the big science camp he one of the balance to what we were in our goal for this
whole case or their cousin is came out but sort of looking for pena but betty ann diac you never sought and if you ask salary art we’re never
hear and we’re never coming back banal anointed one could be steve person stever detained you’re never hear
the never come back yes minorities in this job baidoa danny tenor d_j_s dentist as he
gets up with my brother-in-law dr joys out here he’s a jessie’s best man just ahead on sir people around camera yes it’s got a point france people in there because uh… right she’s traveling around o external on stage the heels today but i cannot knows that you of
what it is still have the handshake i’d like to help you because uh… quite
frankly you need help when you walk in the database loose
manager kind of just let it be truly sick statsid loosen up the very fluid
fluid fukuda today that’s right now today colin the shifts a week ago suit and it’s true mister like that here and on plus i walk a mile wide outside healthsouth real but it’s not too ever circulation but this yeah they’re not sure we’re joined by j you know i do feel the blood flowing
thank you michael frank yes parks alibi first people peanut data ago okay


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