Stephen Ross: A Passion for Real Estate
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Stephen Ross: A Passion for Real Estate

– I got involved with real estate because I knew that it
would have a lasting impact. There would be a real legacy
of something that you would do, and then when you start
developing and knowing that, and then seeing what the
transformation aspects of what you can do to an area,
or city. or neighborhood, and from there, the more I did it the more I really got involved in
it and the passion grew. I think you have to, first of all, start to have the passion, and
I have the real passion for what I’m doing and the love for it, but I think you also have to, you can’t look at it
just at how much money you’re going to make. You have to think of the impact you’re having on the future
and the legacy of it, and doing what’s in the
best interests of the city. If you put that first and foremost, you’ll be a lot more successful. After we developed Time Warner Center, the question I asked myself,
what do you do for an encore? What do you do next in life that can have that type of impact? And when the Hudson Yards
came up in a meeting, it was totally a transformational project, and it’s much greater
than I even thought it was when we first looked at it. Everyday is new challenges. You don’t look back to see what you’ve accomplished in the past, because I’m always looking forward, and it’s not a question
of dollars and cents, it’s really the impact
of what you’re having and doing it in the right ways so that you leave a real legacy.

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