Step-by-Step Facebook Ad Setup for Realtors & Real Estate Video 3 of 4

This is video 3 of 4 to The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to
Generate Real Estate Buyer and Seller Leads, Automatically. In this video, I’m going to walk you
through how to set up a Facebook ad to send your real estate buyer and seller leads to your real estate funnel that we just
created. So even though this can seem overwhelming, trust me it really isn’t. Before we get started on setting up your Facebook ad I
want you to go to bitly which is or you can go to and it’ll redirect you there. Then take your funnel link… We’re going to make it as short as
possible. The other nice thing about this is
bitly’s going and give you statistics. So you can go ahead and do that and then you just copy it or you can click on this copy button or click that copy of it right there and it can tell you, when you come back to bitly, how many people have clicked on that
link. We’re going to paste it into two spots on your ad copy. That’s going to be your Facebook copy that you’re going to use for your ad. There’s two ways that you can set up your Facebook app. I’m going to walk you through both
of them. If I were you I would probably pick the one that you like the best, maybe try it out. But the first thing you do is paste
that bitly link. It’s going to go ahead and fetch the image. Now this image is going to be
whatever you set up and click funnels, under settings under the SEO
information. So you want to make sure you have a
nice beautiful setting there whatever
your SEO copy was there… That’s what’s
going to show up in here. So now this, you’re just going to click on the
little plus box down below. So it’s going to open up from your computer so that you can
choose whatever image you already used in your funnel, ideally. And the reason I like this format is any picture that you put in here is going to link automatically back to that
funnel. So somebody clicks on that first image. Obviously they’re going to be able
to give you their information. So you want to go ahead and do that with all three of the
images that you used in your funnel. What’s nice about using the same
images on your ad as you do in your funnel, is already going to feel like “yeah I’m in the right place. I’ve already seen this image.” So
it’s going to tie it together nicely. OK. So at this point you have all three
of your images up and the last one should be
whatever you had in click funnels, under settings under your SEO. Now I’m going to delete that link and copy the Facebook ad copy that we have
already have set up and I’m just going to paste it in
right here. Now obviously this should be your city. “Do you know anyone looking to buy a
home. Follow here now.” If that’s not coming up as a link you may want to click – it should
come up as a link once you post this. Then “We’ve compiled a free list of
homes reports.” Now this, like I said, I wouldn’t leave it in zeros. I would probably say whatever
[number] it actually is. And then “some of these homes may
even qualify for special financing programs”. If you’re comfortable saying that it’s not against any of your rules or anything like that then go ahead and say that. It can
kind of get people bit more so more willing to work with you. If you’d rather not that’s
totally fine, too. But I would leave it in
there if you can. And then “follow here”. Make sure you paste that link again. So you’re pasting it in two places. “Thanks”. And then you enter your
name. That’s just a first name, and then you’re good to go. You go ahead and publish it or if you want to publish it later
you can schedule it. But I would go ahead and publish it. So that’s one way to do this ad – give Facebook a second here. Now I’m going to show you. Obviously I’m not active so I’m
going to delete this. I’m not collecting any actual leads with this one. So now, this is what shows up as – as someone is going through the feed and if they click on that
image, it goes straight to the funnel. So that’s cool! And Facebook has, I have heard that the carousel gets good results. Now another way that we can do this, which I think looks a little bit
better, but it may get you less results. You may want to play
around with this, too. So I’m just going to go ahead and add the images first. So add it like that. Now click on the box. Do the same thing. Add all three. Now that they’re all in they’re
going to go back in and copy the text that we’re going to put in the ad. Again, make sure you have your
bitly link. Make sure you have your city. Make sure you update the dollar
amount. Make sure that you have your link
again. And then make sure you add your
name. And we’re just go ahead and hit publish. See this one looks a little bit more organic. It looks a little bit more
like it may just throw up three pictures. It doesn’t look quite as “addy” [like an ad] if you will. So, maybe you got the challenge with this is somebody clicks on the
picture, they’re going to go here. So make
sure that you’re adding that same copy and updating it to each of your images. So if they do come here and they decide they want to click
on your link, they still have that option. If I were in your shoes I would
probably test both of these out, or at very least use one of them. There’s no right or wrong. Those are two ways that you can post those ads and either one should get your
results. So, when I did those for my
friend… this is the ad right here that we used, different images, different – you know – different
city and stuff, but this was the image. This is the format that we used. And she got pretty good results with that. Now, once you post your ad, you’re going to click on either the
“just now” or that date and time that should be
right here. That’s going to take you to the
actual link page. You’re going to copy these numbers, that comes after post/. And that’s how we’re going to tell
Facebook which which ad we want to run. So I’m just going to post it right
here my notepad. And let’s go into ads manager and set up the campaign, the ad set, and the actual ad! We’re going to go into ads manager
(if you haven’t done this before) by clicking the little down arrow all the way to the right at
the very top Facebook. Come down to manage ads. If you don’t already have your Facebook ads manager set up with being able to take credit or being able to run ads… I’m assuming that Facebook is going to give you an opportunity to put in a credit card information. You want to go ahead and do that. One thing that I just learned and just changed out is if you have an American Express Gold Card you will get triple points for any ad spend that you end up paying for with your American Express Gold
Card. So if you have one that may be a business decision that you want
to go ahead and take advantage of? I had multiple accounts that I’m working in so I clicked on the account that I’m
going to be showing you this example in. You should default to campaigns. You just want to click on Create
Campaign. And then once you’re in your
campaign there, you can see where you’re we are over
here on the left hand side. But the objective of this one we’re
going to say is traffic. And that’s getting people to click
on your link. And so, this can be called whatever you want to call it. You may want to call it traffic. And then we’re going to call it
maybe buyer lead funnel 1 – whatever you want to call it that’s going to make sense
to you. And then you click continue. Now we are on the ads that level. Some of the things we’re going to
leave as default and some of the things we’re going
to change. I’m going to walk you through this. So come down starting with your locations. I’m guessing you don’t want to
target all of the United States, especially not for this one. You want to probably target the
city, zip code, areas that you actually are working in. Now, we have a little bit of a challenge because you want your audience to be as large as possible but you also want it to be as
relevant as possible. So let’s start out, I’ll show you Scottsdale. I’ll walk you through this. So I just say
Scottsdale, Arizona. Now the default is plus or minus or plus 25 miles. Now if I was an agent in Scottsdale, unless I was really tied in to
people in other parts of the valley, I probably wouldn’t want to go out
25 miles because I’m not going to go out to
like Maricopa or Apache Junction to show a home. So bring it down to ten
miles. So it gives you a really good radius and then you can see the potential
reach at this point is 710000 people. Which ideally I mean depending on what
your niche is and stuff, that’s a pretty good. You know you want it to be a million or two million ideally but that’s not going to work for
most people in real estate. But we can start out with 710,000. Let me show you this, if I just put in my zip code that I
lived and which you can do, it gives me an exact zip code but it only goes near reach of
43,000 people. So if you want to do it by zip codes and you want to be very strategic, do that. You might end up spending a
little bit more money but you also might
get more qualified leads. So keep that in mind. It’s a tradeoff. I’m going to go ahead and put Scottsdale back in there. It’s going to completely depend on the area that you live in. Right? Some areas you might have a thousand people. Some you might not. Or maybe you have relationships all over your area and you want to go larger because
you want to do some business, right? Tons of options. So I’m doing this just my city plus 10, or the 10 miles. I’m coming down. I mean only age and gender alone. Now even if you want to target a certain type of person, a certain age group, certain financial income, people don’t always go over the
internet their real information. So you may be excluding really solid buyers and sellers by doing that. So I would leave it alone. Come down here to this detailed
targeting area. And click on that and we’re going to add “likely to move”. Now you can play around with all of these. I haven’t seen “likely to buy a home” a while I think I used to. “Sell home”. Let’s see if that comes up was
anything. You could go after just homeowners
if you went into that could potentially
limit you more, I wouldn’t necessarily do
that. I would start out with “likely to
move” now you that it takes our reach down to 24,000 people so it is narrowing it down but this is a more targeted list. There are people that are actually
likely to move. Now here’s a trick that most people probably won’t tell
you. Click on exclude people. Who do you think we’re going to
exclude? People that have Realtors as a job
title. People in real estate. Now I wouldn’t necessarily do
interest but definitely anything like employers & job titles… This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination. Go through here and fill this in. Why do I want you to exclude these people? The real the reality is you are going to get charged when somebody clicks on your link. And so you really probably do not want other Realtors clicking on your link to find out how you’re doing your advertising. That’s just going to potentially be
a waste of money, for you. So I advise you excluding them. Go through or find out if there’s anybody else. Anything around the real estate
industry. Personally I would exclude. Now, oh you know what else? There’s a Pro – so anybody that’s interested in Pro probably is a Realtor. Right? I would come up here, if you wanted to expand this a
little bit more, let’s play with this. People about like Zillow. That reached quite a bit. Now people are likely to move are people that are probably ready to move soon. So keep that in mind. Those are going to be warmer leads but they’re also going to cost more
money. So if you want to fill up your your database and you’re totally comfortable with the fact that some of these
people might not be ready to move for six or 12 months go bigger. The other thing is it’s
going to get Facebook algorithm more data to work with and it’s going to help you find, help Facebook find those people that are likely to click on your
link, that much faster. So it’s a tradeoff. You know what you’re comfortable
with. You need people now. I would go smaller, spend a little bit more money per
ad. If you want to go larger. Fill up your database. Have more to work with and warm up. Do that. The reality is we don’t know. Right. Like you’re going to
get people that are going to be ready down the
road you’re going to be get people that are
never going to be ready and you’re going to get people that
are ready to go yesterday. That’s the beauty and the annoying part of internet leads. Now, another thing I would say people that like Now you’re getting people that are at some point they were on the site or at some point they decided to
like it maybe it was a few years ago, maybe – whatever. But that’s going to drastically, at least in Arizona – in my area, increase your potential reach. Another thing maybe the Home Depot maybe Lowe’s or whatever (is it Lowe’s?) Lowe’s. Whatever is in your area. Anything that you can think of that people are going to be liking, I’m not sure if that’s right. I’m going to delete that one. Maybe HGTV, right? So that brings up your potential reach there again that may or may not help you. And I’m sorry but that’s just kind
of the way it is. So going back to, I want more people I want more
people in my funnel. I want more people in my
database. Go ahead and these additional
interests. You’re like nope. I just want to
focus on people ready to go right now. Delete those and only focus on people likely to move. So that’s my two cents for that. Now let’s scroll down and we want to edit the placements and come down here and only have to show up in the
Facebook feeds. Make sure everything else is unchecked. You don’t want those filled in because they’re going to be showing up in
other areas. I mean down the road once you have
more money coming in, you played around with a little
bit more, you have more experience with Facebook, then go ahead and test them but right now go ahead and just have it just show up in the
Facebook feeds. Now my lifetime budget is not going to work. Mine is a little silly but I would have it be a
dollar a day and I would have it set to end. I probably wouldn’t have it set to
end. But you could put it out a few weeks or whatever. You’re going to want to go Facebook at least. You have to do it but you know it
said my daily budget should be 20
dollars. Facebook is sneaky. Be very careful with them. Now the cool thing is 20 dollars a
day if you want to spend that much money is
potentially – this is not guaranteed – going to get you somewhere… They’ll tell you the link clicks
site you should potentially get. The thing is, the first three days and the first 500 people…rightt? These two things
together – is how long Facebook’s algorithm is
going to take to really warm up and try to really get smart about what they’re doing with your ad. So I wouldn’t necessarily start out with 20 dollars a day
unless you want it or just run it for like
a day or two. Because it’s potentially going to be a waste
of money. I would start it out with either a
$1 dollar a day or $5 five dollars a day and that’s going to depend on how
many people your potential reach is. Right? So if you only have a
potential reach of a couple thousand people and take a lot longer for Facebook
to get to the 500 people [mark]. Because even though that potential
is… it’s like are they online, or are they seeing your ad? There’s all these different things
that come into play. But so – I would probably start out (like if this was my ad that I was going to run) I would
start it out a $1 dollar a day – knowing that I wasn’t necessarily
going to get a whole lot of clicks… or play around on this. See what $2 two dollars a day would
give me. So $2 two dollars they would get me
between six and thirty nine clicks, potentially. So maybe I’d start out at $2 two
dollars a day. Down the road, after the three days and five hundred people, if your ad is performing well and you’re happy with your results and you want to put more money into
your marketing. You can either edit this ad set and increase that by 50 percent max. Anything more than that will screw
up the algorithm and you’ll be potentially
wasting money for the next three days. So I would do 50 percent max if I
were starting out with two dollars then I might
increase it to three dollars in three days. Or you can duplicate the ad site which will just double your amounts for going from two
dollars to four dollars. It’ll keep everything else the same and it won’t mess with the algorithm. So those are are a couple of ways
that you could go about doing that. I’m leaving out link
clicks. I’m leaving everything else the
same. And I’m going to say continue. One of the things that you could
have done was save that audience, if you wanted to. Sorry I didn’t show you how to do
that. So now we’re in the ad level and we’re going to use an existing
post. And so here we can either use this post or I can go in and I can enter post ID which was this one right here that I
copied that I showed you from earlier where
we copied that. We’ll just paste that right there and submit it. Anything that you’re doing with Facebook, you gotta keep in
mind you want it to be positive. You want it to be like the most
amazing outcome because Facebook wants its users to have a great experience and not feel bad about
themselves. So make sure your pictures are
beautiful. Make sure you’re like selling the Dream which is really what
you’re doing. Don’t do before and after pictures, don’t do like “do you hate where
you’re living right now?” Keep it upbeat keep it positive keep it social. Right? So that’s one trick if you have if
you decide to change the images to something kind of dreary or are you kind of want to change up the ad copy and you change it to something
negative or that could potentially make
somebody feel bad about themselves or intentionally are trying to that
your ad may get declined by Facebook. They’re not necessarily going to
tell you why. But keep that in mind if you do
change anything. OK. So from here I would turn on my Facebook Pixel because I can show you later if you guys are interested. But that would basically make it so
that if I went to retarget people that
engaged with my ad or are gone – then it just gives me more
options for retargeting down the road. So turn that on. I would be really happy with this. If you have something like there’s
other ways that we can do as it say learn more, or get info, or sign up – but people know that that’s an ad and they instinctively are shying
away from those. So keep it like organic looking. It is going to say sponsored but it’s still gonna look really
cool and you’re going to attract people
that are looking to buy. At this point, you go ahead and you confirm. And so now my ad is in review. It could take, you know, a couple minutes or it could take a day or so. I’ve had my ads take up to a day or a little bit longer
in review but they do eventually either get
approved which is most likely what will
happen or they get denied. So hopefully you don’t get denied and hopefully you get really great results. All right so how do you know if your ad has been performing well. Well, at this point it should have
been 72 hours ago minimum since you set
your ad up and you should have at least 500 people and you haven’t changed or edited or touched your ad at all including the campaign ads or ad in the last three days. So what I want you to do is come up
inside your Facebook ads manager and click on the three buttons. The hamburger menu and you’re going to click on power
editor. Now some people have switched over
where Facebook has this all together in their ads manager. Mine isn’t, mine’s still separated. So I’m going to show you how I see
it. If yours doesn’t look like this let
me know. We could jump on and do a live and show how it looks and the other one. But basically what you want to do is
come in here and click on ads and you’re gonna scroll over here and start with this relevant score. Now if you scroll over Facebook will tell you a rating from one to 10 or one is bad. You don’t want that. That means
you’re hitting the wrong target audience. A 10 is amazing I would say anything 7 or above. You are doing phenomenal. Keep it going, right? Now you do have to have your your ads seen by 500 people before you’re going to get
this score. But you can see like here I
have a 10. And here I have it 3 the three did not do so hot. The 10 did amazing, right? And the can scroll back from there and see how much your cost per
result is. How much is it costing you for people to click. But you kind of want to take a step back, especially in
the real estate industry. So maybe you have a ($20) 20 dollar or ($30) 30 dollar cost per result or maybe you have a ($2)
two dollar cost for result. How are those leads on the other end? Are they people that gave you
legitimate e-mail addresses? Did they give you any other
information? Are they being responsive to you in
any way? Right? So let’s say you’re
spending ($30) 30 dollars a lead and you’ve picked up 2 leads and there are people like one of
them ready to buy now. And one of them is going to
start looking in three months. I would say that’s really good if you’re getting ($2) two dollars a
lead and you have I don’t know 20 people that gave you bogus
information that’s not so great. So you kind of want to think about
it like that. Here’s your impressions are really
going to be 500 before you know if you have a relevancy
score. That basically is the gist of what I look at when I am trying to determine is this an ad that I want to put more money
behind or is it something that maybe I
shouldn’t even worry about? (ie cancel & not run. From there, let’s say I wanted to
put more money behind it. So you can come in here and you can click, and then come back to the ad set level. And here, remember we are we talked
about no more than 50 percent so I could do 50 cents. I could do up to two dollars. That would be fine. I would just
edit that. Obviously this one’s already ended
so I’m not going to do that. But make sure that you either
don’t have an end time or you put this out for a while and then you can click on review
draft items and it’s going to send it back
through the review process or what I like even better. Let’s see if I can find out where we get there. Okay, let’s just pretend that it’s
this one. So are in the ad set that this is
the ad set that we know we want to do. So you can just click on this and duplicate button – right there. And doesn’t mess at all with existing and that’s going. You can just leave this all the same and just say duplicate. So they go ahead and do that. Now it gives you a name and at the end it’s just going to
add – copy. So you know that your duplicate one. You can either leave the budget the
same you can change it, you can change
anything in here that you want. I don’t recommend
changing anything except for possibly the
budget, if you want to do that, and then you just review draft items and there again it will go back
through the review process. But that is how you go about
duplicating an ad set – it’s going to go ahead and show the same ad to the same people. It’s just going to duplicate
it. So you’re going to get more of an
audience and that’s all there is to it. For Facebook ads. So now you just sit back and wait for the leads to come in and make sure that you are taking
care of them. And like I said earlier some of them are going to just not be legitimate and some of them are going to be
highly relevant. And you’re not going to know until
you actually do the work either put them through
your e-mailer, if you have an e-mail system set up, or make those phone calls do
whatever you would normally do with your leads to warm them up and bring them in.

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