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Statistics Lie – Motion Graphics Work | Matterport | San Diego Realtor

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve made a video, one of the reasons is I’m getting ready to make a life transition. I’m moving out of one house and going to another, I’m staying here in San Diego. Let’s talk about some numbers today and why I do some of the things I do. I hear things in the industry all the time that are just absolutely false, one of them is the presentation of statistics. I think Samuel Clement said there’s numbers and then damn statistics or something along that line. It’s really pretty funny Now one of the things that I’ve been doing lately is using very short video snippets, motion graphics to drive people to Matterport , and the address specific websites that I use. Let me show you one of those and we’ll come back with some numbers, that will really makes sense to both Realtors and anybody wanting to sell their home. Let’s make the numbers realistic! What you’re looking at here is a chart from Listtrac which is a service out of our own MLS. The San Diego MLS that shows you the activity of the number of agents that have provided your listing to any other party or has been seen in certain Websites, that they track like Now, my home is about two hundred thousand dollars in value above the median price in San Diego County so I’m not going to see quite as much traffic. The more expensive the property gets the fewer people that can afford to buy the home, but there were only twelve people in a week. Now to reach out to get more people to see my home, I use motion graphics and let me show you yet another example, I’ll come back and make another point. One of the numbers it’s going to turn into a statistic that I think has a very important role in the marketing of your home is how many properties in your price range have sold. in the last say six months. So what I did was I went into my own MLS I took a hundred thousand dollar variant from about 650 to 750 thousand dollars went back seven months to see how many properties had sold. Many people grossly overestimate the number that they’re going to find within their own zip code. Mine was only eight homes. That’s about 1.2 homes per month selling in your price range if you have four homes or even eight homes Available in your price range only one’s going to get purchased. So far we’ve stayed away from statistical analysis and just looked at numbers. Again 12 people in a week looked at my home directly out of the MLS. Those are probably serious buyers. There are only eight homes in about a seven month period of time that even sold in my zip code in my price range. That would give me, according to the number of listings, that are out there now, about a 1 in 6 chance of selling my home this month. So my dad used to tell me if you’re want to sell me something. I want to know how much of it you own yourself. So seeing what I do is a professional Realtor using motion graphics and video, address specific websites and Matterport is very important. Because what it does is it says I think enough of this to use it for myself. And it’s not inexpensive Well, let’s talk a little bit about how I use it on Instagram and Facebook. I showed you in one week where 12 people. saw my listing information out of the MLS. Well, that’s not enough for me! So what I did was I ran an ad in Facebook of one of the motion graphics over 3,800 people had this presented on their page. Twelve hundred of them viewed the ad and then many of them clicked and went in to see the full presentation Which would include a lengthy video the Matterport a photo gallery and an opportunity to contact me. Now in my book is far superior to the 12 people that just saw part of the information in the MLS. Would you like to dive deep into a cost-benefit analysis do some real statistical deep diving well, I don’t really think it’s necessary. You can see that you can bring a lot more attention to your property by advertising and they than just leaving it alone in the MLS. You would probably want to when you’re interviewing an agent ask him if you (they) have any experience with things like this. Many agents that do this don’t charge more than agents that don’t do anything. Well, I think I’ve made my point I’d love to have you subscribe to the channel here on YouTube If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me. But until then let’s take this and

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