Startup Mode – Top 5 Tips To Crush It In Real Estate For New Realtors
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Startup Mode – Top 5 Tips To Crush It In Real Estate For New Realtors

If you’re newer in the
real estate industry, I want to give you my top five tips to go out there and crush it. (inspiring music) Hey guys it’s Kyle with eXp Realty and my goal today in this
video is I want to give you tips that I’ve learned over 15-plus years in my career to help you go out, crush it in your business and
live the life of your dreams. First I want to talk to those of you that are newer in the industry, or what we often refer to as startup mode, let me give you five specific tips that I recommend. Number one, live and die by your schedule. Your schedule is so important and it is the most important
thing in this entire industry. A lot of people get into real estate, they want more freedom,
they want to be able to do what they want when they want. It’s one of the biggest
mistakes that you can make. The more you treat your real estate business like a job and
actually time block things, I get on a huddle at
8:15, I role play at 8:30, I prospect at nine o’clock, I go to lunch at eleven o’clock, boom, boom, boom. The more structured your day is, the more successful you’re going to be, and if it’s not in your
calendar it doesn’t exist. You’ve got to get everything in there. Number two, you need to have a kick-ass CRM. We work with some great companies like BoomTown, like Commissions Inc. You want to make sure you
have a really really good CRM, and everything you do goes into that CRM. You need to put as much
in there as possible, the more you put into your CRM, the more it’s going to spit out at you. So when you have a
conversation with somebody, first they need to go in there, second you need to log notes, third you set follow up for yourself. It’s the most important thing to make sure you don’t forget about anybody because clients expect
that white glove treatment, they expect to be catered to and if you forget to call
them somebody else will so you really want to hold their hand, walk them through that process and be communicative, that’s one of the most important qualities people look for in an agent. Number three, when you’re newer in the industry you really want to lean on
connections that you have. If you’re coming out of college, lean on your friends from high school, lean on your friends for college, lean on your you know fraternity, sorority brothers and sisters, lean on people that you’ve
worked with in the past, that’s your initial database
that you’re going to start with, get all those people into that CRM that we just talked about and let them know “hey what’s going on man,
it’s been a little while “I wanted to connect with
you, how have you been? “what’s new?” And what are then going to ask? “Yo, what’s new with you?” “Hey I’m in the real estate
industry, funny you should ask” And then you know, you establish that relationship with them, now they know you’re a realtor, stay in touch with them. That’s where a large
percentage of your business is going to come from, is those connections
that you start out with. Number four, treat every client like
they’re your only client. And what’s beautiful when your newer, you might only have one client. This is a great thing, this is where you establish
really good habits, every single client you work with, you want to make them
feel extremely special, make them feel like
they’re the only client you’re working with. And so really take the time and sit down, get as much face time
with them as you can, build that relationship because those clients that you work
with in the early years are going to often
become some of your best referral partners for your entire career, they’re also going to
become your future sellers. So when I first started out I sold a lot of little 200, 300,000 dollar condos, to friends from school, to people that I worked with in the past, those connections that I mentioned and they all bought little condos, well three, four, five years later guess what they’re doing? They’re now selling those condos and they’re buying houses or they’re selling their little house and they’re buying a big house. So really treat every client
like they’re your only client, establish that early on in your career and stick with that
throughout your career, I don’t care if you’re
doing 200 deals a year, all 200 of those clients should feel like they’re your only client. Number five, most important thing in
growth or in startup mode is start on a team, there’s like a 90% failure rate of real estate agents as
they get into this industry and I personally believe that it’s because a lot of people try to do
everything on their own, this is a very complex and can often be complicated industry, there’s so many different things from lead generation to lead conversion to appointments to writing
and negotiating contracts and managing escrows
and all of this stuff, it could be extremely overwhelming, trying to do all of that stuff on your own is a huge mistake, find a great team in your area, interview two or three teams, pick the one that you feel
is the best fit for you and you’re in alignment with the culture and the goals that they have established. Those are the first
five tips I got for you, especially if you’re in startup mode. Wait, wait! Before you leave I want
to share some more tips and tricks that we’re
using in our business to take it to that next level, just click right here. And don’t forget to subscribe! Click right here.

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