Starting a Real Estate Career : Realtor Technology
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Starting a Real Estate Career : Realtor Technology

Okay, let’s definitely get started and talk
about computers, telephones you know. We used to be in a day where you can pick up a phone
and you would just talk to everybody about what needed to be done. How so many sources
want you to do everything on-line or on the computer. If that’s comfortable for you, fantastic.
Get on the computer right now and again Google the Texas Real Estate Commission or the Florida
Real Estate Commission or Virginia. Whatever state that you are in, look up their real
estate commission. That’s what it’ll be or if you just want to go to your local phone
book, you don’t have a computer in your home, you can still be a Realtor. Don’t let that
scare you. I met many Realtors including myself when I started that just didn’t have the desire
to sit down on the computer on a daily basis. So anyway, the local real estate commission
get on the phone with them or get on-line to look up their requirements and it will
be very interesting to you once you’ve done that because there again different requirements
for different states so let’s do that.

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