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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, so today we
are going to be doing Spin The Mystery Wheel! – [Both] And doing whatever it lands on. – So everything on this wheel is crazy. Crazy.
– There’s only one – good thing. – That isn’t crazy. – It’s safe, that’s the only good thing. (chuckling) Everything else is like, really
weird and we never really, well we have used this
mystery wheel before, but we’ve never really
done a challenge like this, all the stuff is like crazy, so. So we have, jump into the
pool with your clothes on. – [Evelyn] Oh no! – Ice cubes, get slimed,
opponent makes a wish, cut your hair, pick a nose! No electronics, wear
underwear on your head, prank call, and well, safe. See, everything is crazy. – Except safe. – And guys, we have to spin the wheel until one of us gets eliminated, and whoever’s the winner wins $1,000! – 1,000, that’s a lot! – Yeah, and that’s why these are so crazy. – Yeah. – So this is how it’s gonna
work, we are going to spin the mystery wheel and whatever we land on, we have a choice if we
actually want to do it, but if we don’t wanna
do it we are going to lose the challenge and the
other person wins the $1,000. – $1,000, and I’m gonna win it, not Emily. – Definitely, I’m winning it. – No. – Okay so we’re gonna
see who’s gonna go first, and also don’t forget to
subscribe so you don’t miss any videos when we post. So we’re gonna do rock, paper, scissors to see who going to spin
the mystery wheel first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (screaming) – Yeah you’re so excited
about spinning the wheel, so I hope you get underwear on your head. – I hope I get something good! – Well, there’s not really any
good things, except for safe, so, I hope you get underwear. – I hope you do. (party horn blows) I got safe! I’m gonna land on safe every round. ♪ Safe, safe, safe ♪ – Okay I really hope for safe, and not like pick a nose or something. – [Evelyn] Pick a nose. (dramatic music) (groaning) – Opponent makes a wish, that means Evelyn’s gonna make a wish? – Yes, this game is going my way! – Just make a wish already. – I wish for you to, hmm, give me your Gucci purse. – No, what? – Come on, give me your Gucci purse. – This is not fair. (cameraman laughing) – [Cameraman] You signed up for it! You know what? You can always forfeit. – [Evelyn] Yeah, you could always forfeit. – [Cameraman] And then
Evelyn wins the $1,000. – [Evelyn] Yeah! – But, if I win the $1,000, I can get the same Gucci
purse and still have like, a little bit more left. – I love that Gucci purse. Thank you! – You can have my Gucci
purse, but only for one day. – What? – Well you never said for how long, so I’m giving you a time limit. – Whatever, it’s mine and
anyways with the money I get I’ll just go and get my own. This is how you land on safe. – [Emily] How you land on underwear head. (laughing) – [Evelyn] No you will. – [Emily] Oh my God! (laughing) – That’s actually how
you land on safe, missy. – I’m gonna get her good! (dramatic music) Ice cubes, what do I do with ice cubes? – [Cameraman] Evelyn is
gonna put some ice cubes down the back of your shirt! (laughing) – Did I say I love this game? Turn around, missy. (cameraman laughing) – It’s gonna be cold. – [Cameraman] Of course
it’s gonna be cold. – Yeah, obviously. – So close, no. (screaming) (laughing) It’s going in my overalls,
help, it’s in my underwear. – Let’s land on safe, again. Prank call, what? – [Cameraman] Ah-ha, this
time, your opponent Emily is gonna pick who you call. Ooh.
– No, no thanks. (cameraman laughing) – [Cameraman] That’s the rules, or you can drop out if
you want to forfeit. – No, no, no, no! – [Cameraman] Okay,
Emily, you got any ideas? – I got one. – Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this. – I want you to call Starbucks,
and ask them if they use hedgehog milk in their coffee. – Ew! (cameraman laughing) Is hedgehog milk even a thing? – [Cameraman] That’s funny. – [Emily] I don’t know,
I don’t even know of it. – [Cameraman] How did
you come up with that? – Because it’s funny, like they put milk in coffee, and what kind of milk? – [Cameraman] Hedgehog milk? – Yeah. – [Cameraman] I mean, how
do you milk a hedgehog? – Okay guys, lets call. (cell phone ringing) – [Man On Phone] Thank
you for calling, speaking, how may I help you? – Hello, do you put hedgehog
milk in your coffees? It’s a really cool trend. – [Man On Phone] I’m sorry? – Do you put hedgehog
milk in your coffees? Because it’s a really cool
trend and I wanna try it. – [Man On Phone] Yeah,
we’re open until 10:00. (whimsical music) – No, do you put, (laughing) do you put hedgehog milk in your coffees? (phone hanging up) (cameraman laughing) (screaming) (laughing) Hedgehog, hedgehog! – I bet that guy’s going up on his phone, searching up the latest
trends on hedgehog milk. – Hedgehog milk’s very spiky. – Okay, I really hope for safe. – [Woman] You don’t want hedgehog milk? – Ew. (party horn blowing) I’m safe, I’m safe. – Okay, I actually don’t
want to get prank call again. Opponent makes a wish? – Okay, I’ve got a good one. I wish, if you win this
thing, ’cause you might, you have to give me half of the money. (soft music) $500! – I don’t want to give
you half my winning money, win it yourself! – [Cameraman] You could always forfeit. – No, because I won’t get the money. – [Cameraman] All right, good for you. – At least I’m gonna get $500, and I could get a lot with that still so. – Okay, now its my turn to get safe. (dramatic music) Pick a nose, ew, I’m not picking my nose! – [Cameraman] That’s right, you’re picking your opponent’s nose. – [Evelyn] Ew! – Ew! – I don’t want her dirty
fingers in my nose. – That’s gross. – [Cameraman] I know,
or you could forfeit. Pick it. – Ew! (screaming) – [Cameraman] Now that is gross. – Ew this is so gross, do
you have any hand sanitizer? – [Cameraman] Yeah, on the top shelf. – I need a whole jar. – [Cameraman] Ew. – I really hope I don’t pick Emily’s nose. (dramatic music) (gasps) – [Cameraman] Pool! – No! – [Cameraman] Jump in the
pool with your clothes on. – Oh wait, I kind of want to
go to the pool, so I mean. Sure. – With your clothes on. – Well, I’m not gonna
forfeit, so whatever. – Okay, are you ready? – Yeah. – [Emily] Ready, steady, go! Jump! (exclaiming) (laughing) – I feel so heavy now. This was pretty refreshing. When I landed on it at first I didn’t really want to do it but then when I actually did it, I just wanted to do it again. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Good for you, baby. – I really don’t want to get into the pool with my clothes on right now. (dramatic music) Prank call? Prank call, can I pick it? – [Cameraman] No, your
opponent has to pick it. (laughing) – Hm. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I know one, ask Petco. Or call Petco, if they sell
lamb, or sheep, or, or, or goat. (cameraman laughing) – Okay. – [Cameraman] Man, what an
imagination you guys have. – Okay guys, this is
gonna be embarrassing. – [Evelyn] Good! – [Cameraman] You can always forfeit. – No. – [Automated Operator]
Thank you for calling your neighborhood Petco, where you can get
complete care for your pet from local experts in
grooming and training, to all your nutrition and supplies. Please make a selection
from the following menu. (phone rings) – [Mary] Hi, thank you for
calling Petco, this is Mary, how can I help you? – Hello, I’m looking for a new pet, so, I was thinking about a
sheep, do you sell sheep? – [Mary] Sheep? – Yes. – [Mary] No, so, at this
Petco we actually don’t sell any animals, there are
other Petco’s that do, but I don’t think that
our store sells sheep. – Oh, but do you have a goat? – [Mary] Doves? – No, a goat. – [Mary] Ducks? – Goat. – [Mary] I’m sorry, I’m not,
I can’t hear you clearly. Can you repeat that? – Do you have a goat? – [Mary] Oh, goats, no, for those types of animals
you wouldn’t necessarily get at a store like Petco,
it would probably be like private farms or other supermarkets. – But I thought Petco
is where the pets go! – [Mary] I’m sorry? – Petco is where the pets go! – [Mary] Okay, I’m sorry
ma’am I cannot help you at the moment, I’m sorry. (phone hangs up) (laughing) – I was dead, I’m just like
rolling on the floor laughing, this was so hilarious. She said I’m sorry we
don’t sell pets here, I was like, but do you have goat? – Safe, or safe, ha! (dramatic music) (cameraman laughs) No! No, no, no, no, no, no. – [Emily] It’s not that bad,
it’s just a little cold. But it gets stuck in your
underwear, but it’s fine. (chuckling) – It is really cold – [Evelyn] I heard you! – [Cameraman] You can always forfeit. – No way, not for that! (chuckling) – [Cameraman] Okay. – Okay Evelyn (screaming) (laughing) (screaming) – Bingo! Want an ice cube? – I really want Evelyn to forfeit soon. – [Cameraman] I don’t know about that. That’s a really tough call. She’s playing really well and so are you. – [Emily] Thanks. – [Cameraman] It’s a tough competition. (dramatic music) (cameraman groaning) – Oh no! I have to wear a underwear on my head. I’ve kept on saying at the
beginning of the challenge Evelyn was gonna be the
underwear head but now I. – She’s gonna be the underwear head! ♪ She’s gonna be the underwear head ♪ I know what underwear to get. – This is so embarrassing. – [Cameraman] Well, you
could always forfeit. – Not over a underwear. – [Cameraman] Okay. (game show music) – Here! – Undermare, undermare, underwear. – Undermare! – made of watermelon. – [Cameraman] Makes a nice shower cap. – Imagine if someone had buns and then they’d be sticking out! (cameraman laughing) – [Cameraman] It doesn’t look so bad. – Okay then. Can I take it off now? – [Cameraman] No. – [Evelyn] No, missy! – [Cameraman] You can wear
it for the whole game. (sighing) Or, you can forfeit. – No. – [Cameraman] Okay. – I really, really want safe. That’s a good spin. (dramatic music) (horn blowing) – [Cameraman] Wow! – I got safe! (singing) – [Cameraman] You’re so
lucky, how many have you? you’ve rolled like, or
spun like how many now? – I don’t know. Wow!
– Maybe a million. – Okay, here goes something? (dramatic music) – [Cameraman] Oh! – [Emily] Oh! – [Cameraman] No! Every kids nightmare right now. – No electronics? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – For a day? – [Cameraman] No, not for
a day, that’s too easy. – A week? – [Cameraman] Nope. – Two weeks? – [Cameraman] Nope. – A month? – [Cameraman] Even more. – Then what is it? – [Cameraman] Even more than a month. – Two months? – [Cameraman] Nope. – Huh? – [Cameraman] The whole
of the summer break. – Oh my God! No way! – [Cameraman] Wow, that’s
a really tough one. – I’m gonna forfeit. – Oh my God, oh my God! She’s gonna forfeit, she’s gonna forfeit. – [Cameraman] You didn’t
even put up a fight. – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. From that wish you still
have to give me $500 since you won. – What? – I made a wish so you have to give me half of your winnings, and anyway I was going to spend most of
the money on Roblox, so I mean. – [Cameraman] You were? Roblox? – Yeah. – [Cameraman] Oh wow, what a waste. – To you. – I don’t want to give
you half of my money! – You accepted it, remember? – [Evelyn] Well. – [Cameraman] That’s true. – I’m still the winner and you’re the one with
the underwear head, ha ha, bye-bye! (cameraman laughing) – Bye pool girl! (both laughing)

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