Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & BUYING Whatever It Lands On Challenge!
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Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & BUYING Whatever It Lands On Challenge!

Hi guys, it’s me, Emily! And Evelyn. From TwoSistersToyStyle, and since our Dad just got back
from his trip to England, we are going to be surprising him
with another challenge. So basically, we
have a wheel here, and it has a bunch
of good stores that we really like. Yeah, like Gucci,
and we have Forever21, and we have a pretty good store. Justice. And he is going to love
to spend all his money on us, and whatever we land on is
what the store we get to go to. So I’m super excited because we love doing
this challenges with him. And you guys have
been asking us to do another shopping challenge. Daddy, we have
a surprise for you. Really, for me? Thank you so much. Yeah, we know you love doing
those challenges with us. So we have another one for you, and this is probably
the best one yet. Yeah. Oh, come on. I thought you guys got me
a present or something. What is this? We are getting presents for us. Oh, what in the world? Really, again? Yeah, look! There’s Gucci, and Apple,
and Pandora, and Sephora. And Justice. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where’s the surprise? Where’s something for daddy? Here. Don’t you want
to spend your money? Aw, come on. Really, again? What is this? It’s fun. That’s what it is. There are way too
many stores on this wheel. No, they’re not. Is that– Come on. They’re everywhere. They’re multiplying. How about a deal, girls? How about I trade you
some of those stores on the wheel for… Chocolates? Chocolate? British chocolate. Yeah. Flakes as well. No, no, no! No opening yet. Give that back. Give it– Thank you. Come on. No. Okay. Thank you. All right, if you want
to do this challenge, we’re going to replace some
of the items on the wheel with the chocolates. You definitely don’t need
any more sugar. So It’Sugar is gone. And you know what? You guys have literally
everything from Justice. So yeah, that’s gone too. And you know what? Zara, you’ve been cleaning
up over there as well. Gone. Pandora? You know what? That line is so long
in that store. That ain’t happening. And Forever 21? Yeah, that’s gonna wait
forever for that one. Wait a minute! You just removed
half of the stores. That’s right. Well, you still have
some really good stores left. There’s five. You have H&M, Gucci,
Sephora, Claire’s, and the Apple store. But what if you land
on empty space? Then you get some chocolates! How many rounds
do we have though? Five. One, two, three, four– Mango, five. Five. Okay. I hope I land
on each store then. Before we start this video, don’t forget to subscribe
so that you never miss a video when we post. Okay, first round, and I really really
hope I land on Gucci. I’m super excited. No way. No, no, no, no. I get chocolate. I mean, especially British
chocolate is really good. But I think I would actually
prefer Gucci or Apple Store. You get one of these. Thank you. These are so delicious. If you guys haven’t tried these,
these are really good. I love Flakes. Okay, I really want
chocolate or Gucci. Chocolate or Gucci? Yeah. No Gucci. Chocolate! I want chocolate. You’re happy then, right? How about some… Maltesers? Yummy! Thank you. I love those. They melt in your mouth. Daddy, did you fix
this wheel or something? Because all we’re
getting is chocolate. Nope. I’m not that smart. Oh my dog! I want Apple store. Yes, I got Apple store! No. I’m gonna get my shopping on. No! Let’s go into Apple. Why is it so quiet
all of a sudden? Should I get the Airpods
or should I get this one? Because I really like this one. This one is pretty too. I’m getting these ones. Okay, round 2 for me. Chocolate! Gucci! No way. Sephora. Ugh, Sephora? That’s okay. You can’t get any from Sephora. You’re way too young. There’s no makeup for you there. I don’t want makeup. I saw other things,
and they’re expensive. Oh, no. Yay! I already got my chocolate. So right now, I need Gucci. No, I’m getting Gucci. No way. No Gucci. Yes Gucci. There is no Gucci up in here. No! I got Claire’s. Yes, Claire’s. There’s so many things
i’m going to buy in there. No. That store. No. Yes. It’s like a bottomless pit. Once you get in there,
you can’t get out there. There was so much selection. Yeah, I’m gonna buy
like half of it. I love Claire’s too,
but I might get Gucci. No way. Ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. How about some more chocolate? How about you land
on some more chocolate? More chocolate.>>H&M!
>>Oh, no.>>No.
>>Okay. I always need
new cute clothes, and they have some for me. No way. No way. Not again. Yes way! Not again. So landed on all the stores
except for Gucci. Good. So we need some Gucci. No way. Ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. No, please no. No, no, no, no. Chocolate? I mean, I still got
pretty good stores. So this is okay. Well, you have also Maltesers,
but the buttons. They’re new. They are yummy. Yummy. Okay, save some for me, please. No. I’m the one getting them. Okay, I have two more spins, and I want them to be Gucci
and Apple or Claire’s. Dream on. Ain’t happening. You dream on. Look at how good my spins are. No way. Please. No, no, no– Chocolate. Yeah. Okay. Well, you can have a– Because I know you
love Maltesers, right? So you can have
Maltesers Buttons too. Yay! Thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, my last turn. And also, my last
chance to get Gucci. There’s no Gucci. No Gucci. H&M! At least I get a store,
and not a chocolate. Okay, Daddy. Ready to go buy me some Gucci? Nope. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Ain’t gonna happen. He’s joking. Yeah. I’m not joking. There is– That is not gonna happen. No way. No way. No way. No way. No! I got Gucci! Yeah, let’s go! Daddy, wasn’t that
a nice surprise? No. You guys get me every time. I keep falling for this. Yeah, because you
really think it’s fun. But you don’t want
to tell anybody. And I got Gucci. I got Gucci. No, I got– You got Gucci. Gucci. I got Gucci. I keep getting Gucci by you two. Because it’s fun. Give this video a thumbs up if you would like to do
some Gucci on this wheel. And also, now, we have a bunch
of chocolates to eat. Yeah, I bet she take those back. No. Why? Yoy made a deal with us. We could have got other stores
like Pandora and Forever 21. Now, you’re going to take
away our chocolates? Can we share them? No. You got them for us,
and we’re not going to show now. Thank you, Evelyn. Anyway, thanks for watching. See you next time. Please subscribe,>>and bye.
>>Bye .

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