Spacious Tiny House with Three Bedrooms in Oregon
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Spacious Tiny House with Three Bedrooms in Oregon

hey guys it’s Jenna with tiny house giant journey and it’s time for another video tour today we’re going to take a look at scarlet a tiny house here at Mount Hood tiny-house village let’s go now we’re inside of scarlet is a tumbleweed l and it’s actually my favorite tiny house here on the property and mounted that’s because there’s so many different rooms they actually have two upstairs loft and there’s a downstairs sleeping room as well so let’s go ahead and walk through so when you first come through the door you’ll see that there is a dining room table here this can be folded down and put away and a TV that has regular cable Scarlett also had a place to hang your coats which is really nice because as you saw outside it is snowy season so you can hang your coats there or maybe put your boots down here and it’s just a little bit of space i will say that this couch although very cool doesn’t use doesn’t really give you as much space as you might want there is a gap back here suppose you could put something there if you wanted but I think that probably would’ve been better if this was a fold-out sort of couch or a built-in so we move on we have the kitchen it has the mitsubishi mini splits that all of the tiny houses have here so that’s the heat source in this tiny house and the air conditioning in the summer the kitchen has a two-burner stove the same refrigerator/freezer combo edgestar that the other tasks so take a look and they’re pretty big freezer for a tiny house everything’s relative little sink and coffee maker toaster yeah basic kitchen no oven and any of these rentals so but most of the time i don’t think people really cook or if they do their cooking outside on the barbecue so here we have a staircase again its storage step so you can put things inside of these if you wanted to be staying for a long time or if you have a bunch of people staying in here and that leads up to the master bedroom on the other side we have another bedroom and we have a ladder here mounted on the wall that will attach to this rod and that’s how you get up into that bedroom and we’ll do that in just a sec but first let’s go into the third bedroom which is this little tiny twins great for somebody doesn’t want to sleep upstairs you want to climb and also great for a kid and then over here we have the bathroom it’s pretty basic it’s the same as the others so small doorway and then a 32 by 32 shower stall same as the other that’s pretty standard in a regular house little think flush toilet they all have flush toilets here and then the vanity which has the towels and shampoo inside throw up the staircase this is the master bedroom it has a queen size bed up here and a little end table there are three windows so you can see outside to the other tiny houses and a little extra storage space there if you turn around you can see the other bedrooms there’s not as much room in that bedroom because we do not have dormers on that side only dormers on this side you can really see the difference and what dormers can do for space but still plenty of room over there for two people to sleep and a nice skylight coming in above the bed so that brings in extra light and is also nice for stargazing there isn’t much privacy i will say between these two bedrooms so if you’re going to be living in something like this you might want to put a curtain or closed off part of the wall that way you have a little bit more privacy between the two bedrooms as with Atticus another tiny house here on the property i really really love the porch it rains a lot here in Oregon and obviously it snowed a lot this year so it’s really nice to have this little space that you can sit out on and still be covered from the elements I have another video about winterization so check that out I’ll talk all about the utilities and how you can winter comfortably in a tiny house if you like this video make sure to click subscribe for more tiny house story click here for tiny house lifestyle videos click here So many tiny houses.


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