Southside Homes Ready for Pre-Sale from ep. 227 of City Hall This Week

if you’re ready to buy your own home and
want to be a part of the revitalization of Durham Southside community here some
information you want to know about south side is a great development um it
is so close to everything that is fun downtown it’s affordable there are incentives for buyers you don’t have to be a first time
buyer can and there’s all sorts of great incentives that the city has in place for moderate-income families and as jill is
going to be a great great community deep south side location being only two
blocks away from the American Tobacco campus Deepak than the term Athletic Park is is as
good as it gets forty-eight Craftsman style homes are
being built in south side by to developers Andrew robie homes and by-laws design
and construction at least 25 at those are reserved for
households with incomes and the 30 2002 sixty
thousand dollar range all the homes are now being pre-sold so
their future owners can have a say in everything from the floor plan to the
amenities that are included we offer a variety of four plans for
variety lifestyles I am we have word level as well as two
level homes with 3 in for bedroom options all our homes our Design to take the
maximum you serve space they all have play when bills to
allow for natural light as well as functional
and flowing floor plans and Robbie homes start around 1200
square feet and the largest one has 1456 square feet we either have three or four bedrooms to and a half to three bows we have one
that’s a one-level and the other seven are to level homes we have 84 plans anyone who purchases
one of the homes at this point also had the advantage of choosing the amenities that are included with the home all our
foundations a brick foundations we have front porches rocking chair
front porch is um architectural shingles all stainless
steel appliances open floor plans all these homes and
cells are going to be energy efficient these home include many finishes in
features that you would find yen much more expensive home such as hardwood floors psych finish hardwood
floors granite countertops stainless steel appliances custom tile baths but more importantly
these features when your combined they create an
overall feeling of comfort and luxury for more information about the special
financing is available and to see the berries for plans visit the web sites listed on your
screen you can also visit the Community Development Department home page on the city’s website

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