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South Tacoma Neighborhood Spotlight | Consuella Evans REALTOR®

(enchanting music) – Hello, everyone. My name is Consuella Evans
and I’m going to talk to you about South Tacoma which
is where I’ve lived for the past 15 years. What my family and I
love about South Tacoma is that even though it’s South Tacoma it still’s got a central
feel to it and there’s still so much to do and it’s
super close to everything. What my clients love about
being in South Tacoma is there is such a wide
variety of different homes and multiple price
levels too so that means there is something there for everyone. It’s very versatile and diverse. Wapato Park, it is really a
nice place just to go relax and it’s super close to where I live too. I’m not gonna tell you where
I live, but Wapato Park is really nice because
they have a really nice dog park back there. I see people back there with
their dogs all the time, so much fun. And it’s just, if you just
really need a little breather, you just wanna take a nice walk, get a little view of the water, go see it, very relaxing and it just
puts you at ease a little bit. If you want to know
more about South Tacoma you need to call your girl. I’m here to help you out. I will gladly guide you through
anything you need to know about my little fun neck of the woods. Talk to you soon. (upbeat music)

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