South House Goes Dogsledding
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South House Goes Dogsledding

So this is the first
morning of our trip. So far we have been
hanging out in the lodge, getting to know everybody, doing a couple of activities
to get the group going and meeting and meet and greets. It’s pretty exciting, we’re
going to meet the dogs and we’re gonna get headed out. This is the lake that we’re mushing on. I think we’re standing on
it right now, actually. Who needs dogs? We’re prepping the
sleds to take the dogs out and go for our mush this
morning over to camp. I’ve never done anything
like this before, I can’t wait. So we just dog sledded out here and I took turns being
on the rails of the sled and then sitting in the closed area. Both were really cool because sitting down you could just look around
a lot and not really care what was going on so you could see the really pretty scenery and on the rails was
almost more like a ride because it was really
bumpy and you had to lean to make sure you’re staying
in the middle of the track, which was really cool. Woke up this morning to
just a gorgeous sunrise. It’s very magical. You just can look around you and just enveloping stillness and peace. The plan is for my group to
do cross-country skiing back out to the lodge. The weekend was actually amazing. I was expecting it to be good,
but this was just incredible. Dog sledding is ridiculously fun and the dogs are so
energetic and adorable. There were just so many
moments that were just magical. ♪ And the granite of New Hampshire ♪ ♪ In their muscles and their brains ♪


  • Robin Lull

    This is great! When I was young, I had family next door who raced professionally with dogsleds. They had an amazing team of Siberian Huskies and I even ended up with one. The workout in the summer was cool to be a part of as well, because the team would pull a volkswagen bug or their land rover when they were rally spunky. Speeds up to 40mph on the straight field. Was just amazing. To house the huge team, they had a big area fenced off, and used a bunch of telephone cable spools as dog houses. Perfect for the dogs, as they could fit inside comfortably and also sit up on top when they wanted to. Anyway, what a great thing to do. Wish I could with! Oh, btw, the family ended up moving north to Canada to continue their sled racing. They were very serious about it.

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