Somawathi – The Temple where UFOs land? Ancient Aliens in Sri Lanka
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Somawathi – The Temple where UFOs land? Ancient Aliens in Sri Lanka

Hey guys, today we are going to one of the
strangest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. This is known as the Somawathi Stupa, and
this area has reported the largest number of UFO sightings in this country. At least 18 unexplained phenomena have been
reported so far, in this place. As you can see, this is a beautiful temple,
this type of structure is called a Stupa, but look at these posters nearby. There are a series of photographs which show
some bizarre occurrences. Here you can see a weird thing with purple
disk and a green blob like structure. People insist that this was a flying craft
and it kept hovering over the stupa for many minutes before disappearing. Here are some more pictures of the UFO from
different angles. There are also several bizarre lights which
repeatedly appear over the stupa. These are considered as Divine messages from
the Gods. Are these authentic pictures or are the authorities
creating elaborate hoaxes to fool us? I met the chief Buddhist monk and he explained
to me that these are divine vehicles coming from the sky at certain intervals. I asked him if these are authentic pictures
and he confirmed that these are indeed genuine photographs. Buddhist monks are known for being extremely
honest and he also pointed out that most of the photographs were not taken by anonymous
visitors, but were taken by people of very high position. For example, some of these pictures were taken
by a parliament minister of Sri Lanka, by the name of Jayawickrama Perera. I don’t know if a person of such high position
would risk releasing a fake picture. I think the repeated UFO sightings here are
a genuine phenomenon. Why are these UFO sightings taking place only
around this temple? There are at least 6000 Buddhist temples in
Sri Lanka, so what is special about this temple? Even though this temple looks brand new, it
is actually one of the oldest structures in Sri Lanka, it was built at least 2,200 years
ago. There are only 8 temples in the world which
house the tooth of Lord Buddha, and the Somawathi temple is one of them. But perhaps these are not the real reasons
for the repeated UFO sightings here. The real reason is that this temple has an
ancient crystal placed on top of the stupa. It looks small from this distance, but this
is a massive crystal, more than 1 foot tall. Almost all Buddhist Stupas have this crystal,
locally known as Chuda Manikya. But It is said that the Somawathi temple is
the only temple which has this original ancient crystal and Lord Buddha himself used this
crystal to contact the Nagas. The Nagas are the extraterrestrial, reptilian
Gods who are always shown aiding lord Buddha. When we hear stories like this, we always
think of a magic crystal ball which is used for psychic communication. But if the UFO sightings are real and can
be photographed, it means there is actual technology involved. Do you know that the very first radio sets
were created using crystals? These crystal radio sets did not need any
external power at all, and were capable of tuning into radio waves and you can even use
crystal earphones to listen to the signals. The beauty of this crystal radio is that no
batteries or external electricity was needed to make it work. This technology was eventually phased out,
because rich businessmen realized that they could not charge people for electricity and
make money out of it. But is this crystal really a radio wave receiver? Many people wonder why Buddhists take enormous
pain to place massive crystals on top these tall Stupas. Now, why do people climb on trees to get a
better signal on their cell phones? Because to receive radio waves clearly, the
device needs to be at a higher altitude, where there is no interference. Is this the same reason why ancient builders
placed this gigantic Crystal on top of the Somawathi Temple? To understand this, we need to take a closer
look at how these crystals are actually set up. Buddhist monks often climb up these temples
with no safety measures to perform rituals on these crystals. What is fascinating is that this is a 2500
year old custom, which is still being followed today. But during these rituals, the entire set up
looks like a technical device. Look at the Crystal, it is in contact with
metal structures at the top and bottom and look what is around it, aren’t these large
coils similar to wires in a circuit, just like a crystal radio device? Having a crystal is one thing, but why place
all these metallic tubes, on top of the tower, on specific dates? And look at this striated metal spire on top
of the tower, it is said to be made of solid gold. Custom dictates that only gold must make contact
with the crystal’s bottom. Is it for mere decorative purposes or is it
because Gold is an extremely good conductor of energy? Why else would the crystal be placed on a
golden spire? Is this Crystal, the metal tubes and the golden
spire just meaningless showpieces? or were ancient builders really setting up a large
crystal radio set to receive radio signals. But where would the radio signals come from? Today, all scientists agree that we are getting
radio waves coming from outer space. In 2012, a space observatory in Australia
detected radio waves coming from outside the earth. In 2014, another observatory in Puerto Rico
has also picked up strange radio waves and has confirmed that these signals are definitely
coming from deep outer space. While scientists argue that these signals
could be coming from natural phenomena, they also sheepishly agree that extraterrestrials
could also be sending us these radio signals. Were ancient builders creating these incredible
structures just for blind faith towards Gods, or were they creating this massive infrastructure
to actually communicate with the Gods? But if this crystal mechanism is just a receiver
of radio waves, wouldn’t ancient builders also need a transmitter to send out radio
waves. To understand this, we need to understand
how a Stupa is built and what is really inside a Stupa, all of which I will show you soon. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button
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  • PraveenMohan

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  • Nitin Anwar

    I was baffled by looking at stupa pics taken by people..until I was shown the crystal. Because the unusual phenomenons in the pics are looking like the optical aberrations caused by the crystal on stupa. The crystal basically reflect light rays in different direction and cause interference of rays and these rays upon entering the camera lenses give out such pictures. Even if u take picture of sun directly, you will see such optical aberrations caused by the interference of light rays entering the camera lens. In case of stupa the light sources were the light bulbs around it. Also notice most of these pics in the video are taken at night.

  • Abhishek Upadhyay

    I absolutely love your channel and the concepts. you have really worked hard and have a brilliant reasoning. But in this case, from the photos, it looks like UFOs are just a reflection or refraction of lights due to the huge crystal on the top of the temple shrine.

  • Prannay Kashyap

    I reaaaalllllyyyy love your videos and i am so interested in my Indian's history i also tried to find these kind of things when i was small the way you think and see was out of the world and i love your all videos and also i think if i could find anything in your videos so i could tell you and i also myself visit those place and examine by my self that what more i can find out and give you the information and if god wants so i would love to meet you and visit those places and examine together coz i am so much interested these kind of things.. always makes me Enthusiastic whenever i see your videos and those details which makes it so real in our present world … And i saw your each and every videos and always amused every time and i also try to figure out more about what you saw …as far as i go i will visit those places and see all statues and carvings to understand … 😇😇 love your videos… You make me so Enthusiastic about this … I was already after these things and you made me mad to examEnthusiastical

  • MalcolmO

    Hey, Praveen! Congratulations on having this video featured on the Nexus Newsfeed! It certainly deserved it. I love your work! Keep it up. 😉

  • al daldeia

    Would you consider the temple being a sort of crystal radio? Just figure out it's trans/receiving frequency, check against a database of frequencies received from radio telescopes around the world and …who knows… Top video on the subject.

  • Sandeep Yadav

    If monk can detect it then why there air force cannot be able to detect it or what was space agencies were doing

  • jBird

    Real knowl edge out of Rocky mountains USA…Some have spoken to "other worldly beings" saying they collect the Crystal energy in rocky mountains to maintain there crafts. Real story



  • naveen vimukthi

    i'm from srilanka , I wish to tell you guys some thing we don't explore as Buddhists.
    as per lord buddhas preachings lord buddha said to the world there are millions of other worlds
    I believe scientist going behind aliens on a wrong path that's why they can't prove exactly what's happening.
    I believe god means aliens soo scientists always look at the physics but not the inner part of the humans . if they try to enter to the inner part of humans they can find aliens. it means who known as gods. they are from six worlds near our galaxy as per buddhism but any physical mechine can't reach those worlds. but our mind can.

  • karen Mcardle

    Blessings, your video,s , have taught me so much , you've even changed my mind on aliens. Am in doubt now,.
    How can ppl not love your videos, instead of 192 dislikes ? What s to , not like ?.
    Nothing queer as folk , a line from a song by Jim Morrison. The band is the( Doors,) .
    Awesome videos. Thank you 🌺🌹🌺

  • Omlet Theory

    These are all reflection projection of the sun and lenses i have produced all said phenomenon with multiple devices and cameras

  • krishi ek vigyan कृषि एक विज्ञान

    भारत के मध्य प्रदेश राज्य के सांची का स्तूप भी लगभग same ऐसी ही संरचना है उस पर भी एक vedio बनाये pls

  • siku skmarh

    Every good old temple had a stupa erected in front of ruling Deity facing east. The height equals main gopura as to agamas. Significantly its dual functions are as receiver and transmitter of Divine energy through cosmic waves. It's advised to prostrate the Deity on your body heading north particularly. This is named dwajasthambam.

  • saurav bhardwaj

    I think its not ufo , maybe its emitting some kind of electromagnetic waves or its a reflection of the lights

  • Ashok Reddy

    Stupa itself is a launch pad for the UFO. The concave and convex shapes do match and the UFO can land perfectly assuming the stone as a pathfinder

  • vineet prasad

    My friend you are doing an amazing job by spreading awareness of our rich heritage 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gautam Chopra

    How is it possible for a crystal to be a radiowave receiver?
    It is rather not a radiowave receiver but some kind of a signaling device because a receiver converts analogue signal of a radiowave to electrical signal which is then received by appropriate machine for example a set top box.

    In my opinion,this crystal might be some kind of a sine wave (not necessarily radio) distorter which then is perceived as some kind of a signal by these ET beings due to this specific crystal's unique properties like its refractive index.Due to a translucent medium's refractive index it can bend light in any range of transverse-wave spectrum.Maybe this crystal refracts a specific wave frequency to a greater extent that is considered as some kind of a signal by these ET beings.

  • James Simmons

    Good video but there's nothing new about crystal radios. I had one as a boy in 1950. Radio waves cause the crystal to vibrate which in turn generates electricity which is then detected or demodulated and passed along to the ear bud where the signal is heard. On the crystal is a cat's whisker which when moved about will eventually find the correct spot for the frequency of the radio station desired. No big deal friend. But no one knows about these simple things anymore. No reason. We're all doing the smart phone thing now.

  • Mithun Bogahawatta

    There is a satellite called Black Night outta space of earth and it’s believed be 13000 years old. Some say it’s a property of King Ravana! Nicola Tesla is the first known person to discover Black night satellite. I don’t know these things are true of not but there are things we can’t explain with explain without knowing about it anyhow these stuffs are fascinating. We can only guess! People who have doubts about the satellite may google and see! Thank me later😏

  • Mike Lowry

    I have trouble believing this in in India . Everything looks CLEAN and where are the people?
    Even no shit on the ground ? is this in America? Isn't it

  • MrWascalwabbit

    Light hits crystal and is projected onto clouds or water vapor. That's why the "UFOs" look so similar to the shape of the crystal.

  • Martin Ortiz

    This is regarding the last few min of the video but I was thinking, maybe when the Buddhists meditate they transmit their energy through the crystal? Making them the transmitters. If thats possible😬

  • blue

    I tell ya mate im so not suprised that alians and UFOs are visiting the temples in india and sri lanka thay probley seen some of you videos mate those temples would be beautiful no matter what planet your on or come from you are a talent mate no doubt gday to all from vic Australia

  • blue

    You should be given a nighthood Praveen Sir Praveen Mohan got a nice ring to it wouldnt ya say people gday from vic Australia

  • Lisa Ann

    The gemstones on the crystal housing are also part of it's function, not merely decorative. Tourmaline is known for static generative abilities as well as piesioelectric quartz and sapphire. What to the 8 temples' monks polish Buddha's tooth with, I wonder… ☮️

  • Adams World

    LOL! sorry but if you can't tell most of them photographs are glare from bright lights reflecting off the main aperture lens.

  • Anto Peters

    I love watching all your beautifully taken videos . Explaining every aspect of the shown place/monument with a thorough knowledge of the matter shown . Its very informative and knowledgeable experience. with best wishes for all your ventures.

  • Johnny Jax

    Praveen I have not seen or heard that Buddha used Crystals to communicate with Nagas, can you please give us any reference that state this where Buddha used crystals , all I have heard and seen that Buddha used his telepathy skills to communicate with ET's

  • W4NFT

    I had a "crystal set" radio receiver when I was a child, in fact, I made it One thing I learned very quickly, was the success of your crystal set is dependent on the power of the transmitting station. At age 16, I became a amateur radio operator, been doing it now for 55 years. Crystals were the main source of stable frequency control until solid state came into being.

  • Isuru Sampath Hewavitharana

    What is the urgency of radio signals for any religious temple, please describe . What is the importance of it . but here your technological discription is not matching ,makes humour. If someone use radio signals in Sri Lanka at that time who are they you should know other things that related. Please refer books that are related to structuring of any religious ,may be hard to find, that's the mistake that you have missed real exploration. Some time all the things that had happened in ancient may not be relate to technology my be other purpose,😀

  • Kautilya Raghu

    Hi, your videos are really informative and creates a lot of curiosity, please keep making more videos like this. Also, please do make a video on Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala and share your views and findings about this temple.

  • DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking

    80% are ours. Spaceforce doesnt pop up over night kids. Weve been interstellar since 1951 so im told.

  • poornima rajesh

    Hai praveen (my elder brother name☺)please read the book -'The Alien Interview '( Lawrence R Spencer.)my English is very bad. So, I can't write lengthy words. You are awesome brother…. 👍👍👍

  • Prem kumar

    Bullshit of of the highest order!
    UFO ? BS
    Business men hid the electricity free radio technology ? maha BS
    Monks are known to be honest, are you?
    I will not be surprised if you claim the rings on the sthupa are mini Hadron colliders!
    If you think you talk science, prove by reproducible results and evidences or stop this nonsense.

  • Sunil Kumar Dash

    Pure knowledge n truth…. Which can change everything we know about universe… Proud of you sir…🙏

  • amudha kannan

    Not even ur videos but comments on videos also much interesting ur the genuine guy that flourishing about India globally

  • prabuddha withana

    According to Buddhist perspective there are 5 other parallel human worlds and 6 heaven worlds and many other demon worlds relating to this earth… is also believe that the Buddhists from those worlds come to worship Buddha’s relics often..

  • akshay patil

    Making people fool on name of Alien.
    Why do you call them Alien?

    Alien are those who are strange or unknown.
    But our ancestors ok known them very well. Only modern morons call them Alien.

  • Vadderson

    The problem with UFO's is they are not Humans, Humans are Carbon based, all aliens are spawn from Satan and his devils! Before the flood, they fashioned many specie, none were carbon based, but Silica based!!!  They try to claim they created mankind, but had they done that, we would have been silica based too!! In India is the showcase of their work, Humans, with lion heads, bird heads, alligator heads, and hundreds of others.

  • Nichè Group

    Have you ever felt that the energy you find in Indian temples is not felt in temples in US
    I live in the UK, and I dont feel it.
    I don't even like to visit it.
    Thanks for the videos. I have asked my Gurus to follow your channel.

  • You're the man now Dog

    I'm convinced that highly advanced civilizations existed on this planet in ages past, but their technology must have been based on vastly different principals that incorporated clean and renewable energy that raised human vibration and enhanced consciousness.

  • Xeno Bardock

    Its not that difficult to understand how these spaceships/vimanas propel once you realize they use extremely high voltage electrostatic force to manipulate aether and therefore gravity. Military already have mastered the technology where they can easily put rockets in museum but they are keeping it secret. Check video "Reverse Engineering | Dr Paul LaViolette" and read book "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion".

  • PorThos Fanai

    maybe if we put back the stone that was taken from the tajmahal we could get the same signal or maybe an a ufo sighting who khows

  • Chn Rik

    Aliens exist but no way to interact with other aliens due to huge distances in the universe. Imagine how little one can travel even with the speed of light. These all inside the minds of people. Sweet fantacies.

    Even if aliens come they sure will run away with fear after seen the large buildings & ferocious crowds inside the temple lol.

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