Snowball Showdown! 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 1 🏰 Magic Snow Machine: Malice Vs. Lilliana

– [Children] Kiddyzuzaa. (upbeat music) – Another snowless winter
in Kiddyzuzaa Land. – Ha, snow is overrated. Have you ever heard of cake? – Oh Esme, you can’t
go sledding in cake. You can’t make a
snowman out of cake. And you can’t have a
snowball fight with cake. – I beg to differ. – It’s just not the same. – Hmm. I can’t bear to
see Olivia upset. There must be someone
who can help make it snow – Oh I can make it snow alright. – (gasping) Who is that? – You need not know my name. – Liliana. – Oh alright, it’s me. – What are you doing
lurking in the shadows? – I got locked out of my lab. – Where’s your screwdriver? – I left it inside. I’ve been trying
to short circuit the entrance codes for hours. – Leave this to me. (upbeat music) (yelling) so anyway, about that snow. – Leave it to me. – Snow! (happy music) I can’t believe it. It’s actually snowing. Well, sort of. – We just thought that if it
wasn’t going to snow for real we could make our own. – Oh you guys, this is going
to be the best winter ever. (rock music) – A snow machine eh? Well how about we
give those princesses a snowball fight
they’ll never forget. (evil laughing) – Oh it’s a perfect
winter wonderland. What could possibly go wrong? Huh? – Anyone for a snowball fight? (upbeat music) – Run! – Quick, in here. – I can wait here
all day princesses. – Of course Malice would
have to ruin things. – What are we going to do? – Don’t worry guys,
I’ve got this. (yelling) (crashing sounds) – That’s her answer
to everything. – Worth a shot? – Right, anyone else? – Well, if it’s a
snowball fight she wants, I say let’s give her one. (yawning) – Oh no, I seem to be out in
the open without protection, what am I going to do? – Huh? – Now! (yelling) – You’ll have to do better
than that princesses. – Right, we’re going to have
to think outside the box. – Have you got any ideas? – Hang on, the snow
globe, that’s it. (happy music) Oh Malice. – Ha, you think you can
stop me with a bubble? Time to put this
thing into overdrive. Huh? (upbeat music) (yelling) Ah, the perfect snowy scene. A snowman, an igloo, and of course, a
giant snow globe. (groaning) (upbeat music) – There, oh I can’t wait
to show the princesses. Princesses, guess
what I just invented. – Oh what is it? (screaming) (laughing) I just made myself a. – Behold, my newest invention,
the cloning machine. – But hey, that’s my. – Wow, that’s so cool. – Whoa, awesome. – I can’t believe it. (upbeat music) (gasping) – Where did you get
the idea Malice? – Well I just thought
one of me is great, so several mes would
be really great. – So Malice, why don’t
you show us how it works. – Oh, sure. So you just do this, and press that, and then. (machine running) Clone Malice, there’s
laundry to do. – Yes Malice, right away. – Wow Malice you’re a genius. – Whoa. – I wonder if we
could clone chocolate. (laughing) – Hey, down in front. – Malice how could you? You stole my invention. – I didn’t do
anything of the sorts. (sipping drink) – I’ve got to find a way to
prove that it was my invention. Ah ha. (upbeat music) Princesses, I built the
cloning machine, not Malice. – Sure you did Lilliana. That’s why there’s a
lot of Malice clones and no Lilliana clones. – I thought you might say that. This will take us back in time so you can see for yourself
that Malice stole it. – All right! – Let’s go. – Yeah. – But why not just
stay here and have fun? (upbeat music) (gloomy music) – Ah ha, see, she
stole my invention. – Another Malice, wow, I
didn’t even turn it on yet. – Malice, I think as punishment you should do my
washing up for a week. – Fine, I guess
it’s not that bad. (adventurous music) Lilliana, please, no, just. Come on. – La la la la, do
do do, de de de. (nervous groaning) (sighs) (yells) – What was that? – A waste of good
afternoon tea, that’s what. – Nevermind that, what
was all that shaking? It felt like an earthquake. – Earthquake? – Or a volcano. – Volcano? – Or, I don’t know actually. – Maybe it was something nice, like someone making a smoothie. (nervous groaning) You’re right, that’s
no smoothie maker. – We need an expert’s opinion. Isabella, to Lilliana’s. – So this shaking,
what was it like? – Like an earthquake,
or a volcano. – Or a smoothie maker. – Hmm, well it
couldn’t be a volcano, Mount Zuzaa hasn’t
erupted in years, and there’s not
been an earthquake in Kiddyzuzaa Land for decades. No, the only thing capable of
making vibrations that large is Esme. – [Together] Esme? – Yes, have you heard
that princess snore? (loud snoring) (yelling) (nervous laughing) – Yep, makes sense. – [Together] Probably Esme. (video game beeping) – Hey Esme. – Hey guys, bad timing, been battling the
demon surprise egg for about 24 hours straight. Haven’t even stopped for food. – That’s unlike you Esme, must be a serious battle. – I know, right. – Wait, you mean
you haven’t slept? – Nope. – Then what was that shaking? – I felt that, came
from Malice’s tower. She’s probably up to
something, as per usual. – What is that thing? – I’m not sure. I’ve never seen technology
like that before. – [Esme] Oh, the satellite? I’m pretty sure
that’s just so she can get the Zuzaa Sports TV channel. I’d have it myself,
but, you know, signal’s pretty
bad in the forest, it’s all the trees you see. – What is it Lilliana? – That’s no Zuzaa
Sports satellite. (yelling) (mysterious music) guys, this is bad. – What do you mean Lilliana? – Don’t you see? That satellite is a giant laser. Malice is trying to
destroy Kiddyzuzaa Land. And next time,
she might succeed. – Well, there’s only one
thing for princesses. – Have a cup of tea and
hope she changes her mind? – Nope, we’re going to have
to save Kiddyzuzaa Land. – [Esme] Guys, it’s just
a Zuzaa Sports satellite. – Okay princesses, so we
all know the plan, right? – Can we go over
it one more time? – Absolutely. Step one, sneak into the tower, step two, grab the controller
by any means necessary, thus saving Kiddyzuzaa Land. – That’s a lot simpler
than I remember. – Ready princesses? – Ready! (slow music) (evil laughing) (gasping) – Malice, stop right there. (nervous groan) (nervous groans) (vacuum running) – It worked, finally it worked. It worked, it worked, it worked. – Wait, is that
a vacuum cleaner? Uh huh, cleans my room
without me lifting a finger. Jealous? – Well yes, but wait. That’s what you’ve been
doing this whole time? Trying to get your
vacuum cleaner to work? – Yeah, what did you
think I was doing? – But what about that
massive satellite on the side of your tower? – Oh that? It’s so I can
watch Zuzaa Sports. – Knew it! – You guys wanna stick
around and watch a game? (upbeat music) – We’re here. The magic wishing well. – (gasping) oh is that it? – Quick, pass me
the Zuzan pennies. – This doesn’t
look very magical. – I wish for
another Zuzan penny. – Look, I really don’t
think that this is. – Ah ha, see. – Olivia, this is the same
penny that you threw in. – Is it? I wish for two Zuzan pennies. – Why don’t you try
wishing for something that’s not Zuzan pennies,
and see if it works. – Okay, I wish for a
ginormous chocolate cake. – See. – Hm, maybe this well
doesn’t accept Zuzan pennies. Maybe it prefers, Twigs. – [Esme] Olivia, I don’t think those will
do the trick either. – Oh trust me Es. – Ahem. – Lilliana, I didn’t know you lived in the
magic wishing well. – This is a brand new
secret entrance to my lab. – Cool. – (laughing) oops. – If you’re after the
magic wishing well, I’m afraid you’re looking
in the wrong place. – You know where it is? – Sure do. Come on down to the
lab and I’ll show you. (happy music) (yelling) Right, who’s for
some special tea? – Special tea? – That’s right, special
tea is my specialty. This one is made with helium. – I’m alright, thanks. – Well, take some for
the road, just in case. Now, the magic wishing well. We are here, and you need to follow this path all the way to the magic
wishing well, here. But you guys should know, they say that the well lost
it’s magic powers years ago, and that nowadays
it’s pretty much just used by Malice to
get rid of her trash. – So it should be
just by this tree. Here it is. – Right princesses, the tour of the bottom
of the wishing well will be starting shortly. – Olivia, what’s that noise? (yelling) wait a second, this isn’t
a magic wishing well, it’s a. – Hey there princesses, so nice of you to keep
watch over my trash for me. In fact, as a thank you, here’s a few more bags. (laughing) Right, best be off, I’ve
got some gardening to do. – Ugh, Malice, I
should have known. – And now we’re stuck down here. – With nothing to eat or drink. – Well, we do have
something to drink. – Oh, I’d rather
eat that banana skin than drink Lilliana’s
special tea. – Huh? – Huh? Hang on, that tea
is made from helium. – Your point being? – Give it here. A small sip should be enough. Now you have some. – Olivia, I don’t understand. What’s this supposed to. Whoa. Oh that was fun. – Right, come on Esme. Time to get our
own back on Malice. There she is, quick
pass me the tea. – I wish you’d just hurry
up and grow already. – Your wish is my command. – Come on you miserable plant. Huh, what’s going on? (yelling) (laughing) – You should be more careful
what you wish for Malice. – I’ll get you princesses. (happy music)

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