Snoop Dogg on Staying at Martha Stewart’s House and Teaching Ellen a New Word

Oh my god. I have your cooking book now. That’s fantastic. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Now, is there pot involved
in all of these things? No. Actually, there are no recipes
that have marijuana infused– Aw. I know. I wanted to keep it clean. This is my first book, y’all. I wanted to keep it
clean on my introduction. And in the next book,
you’ll probably do that. Oh, please believe it. Yeah, yeah. You are busier– could you
imagine, when you started out, that your career
would not only last this long, but all the different
areas that you would go into? Not really, but I’ve always
been like the class clown ever since I was a kid, so I was
able to try different things. I was able to be
different, and not be afraid to go out on a
limb and just put my career, put my life, just
put everything out there, and let
people know that I don’t care about what you feel. I care about what I feel. And sometimes, me
feeling good is me expressing myself
in different ways and different avenues. And you’ve done that in
so many different avenues. Now you’re acting, right? Oh, yeah. Try to do my little thing
on screen sometimes. Uh-huh. You did “Law and Order.” Yeah. And then you did a movie. Mm-hm. And then– what do you
like better, movies or TV? I think probably TV. It’s faster. It’s faster, yes, and you
can mess up more on TV. Uh-huh. [CHUCKLING] Well, you also– well, Martha. You and Martha are
fantastic together. I love me some Martha Stewart. That is such a great idea. I love me some Martha. How that came about and
how I didn’t think of it– I’m mad. [CHUCKLING] You must have so much fun. That’s, like, just
a joy to do that. I love me some Martha Stewart. She is– Yeah. She is just a joy to be around. And you wouldn’t think of that
when you think of Snoop Dogg off the top. But as Snoop Dogg grows
into who he becomes, it’s just a perfect match. It’s holy matrimony and holy
macaroni at the same time. Uh-huh. [CHUCKLING] How did the Snoop
Dogg meet the Martha? Well, we had a
relationship based off me coming on her show
once upon a time, and I was cooking some
brownies around Christmas. And then that spawned
to us doing something for Justin Bieber, his roast. And when we did his
roast, she happened to sit right next to me. She got a secondhand
smoke contact. And from that
contact, we started connecting, and
connecting, and we started talking and chopping it up. And before you know it,
we was on screen together. Yeah. Well, because that’s
what y’all had in common. You both enjoy that, right? No. I mean, she enjoys gardening
and all of that vegetation, but I do it the other way,
you know what I’m saying? [CHUCKLING] Whatever you say. How often do y’all talk? Do you talk every day? I’d probably say
probably once a week. Mm-hm. That’s fantastic. Now, do you have a house
up there also near her? Nah, nah, nah. When I go that way, I
like to stay at her house. She got a house. Her house is so big, her horse’s
house is bigger than my house. Yeah. She’s got a lot of horses too. Yeah, she got it going on. Yeah. Congratulations on your
star in the Walk of Fame. That was fantastic. [CHEERING] Now. Thank you. That was a great turnout. Let’s talk about your speech. Did you work on that? It was– remind everybody
who you thanked. I thanked myself. Uh-huh. [LAUGHTER] The speech was– it
was spur of the moment. I didn’t really have time
to come up with nothing, because I felt like
the people that was there that were
instrumental in my life, I wanted to speak to them. And then I wanted
to speak to myself, because I felt like I was the
one that did most of the work, and I was the one that
had to go out on a line, and do it, and make it happen. So I wanted to give myself some
credit, because a lot of times, we fail to give ourselves
a pat on the back. And I wanted to take that
moment to thank myself for doing all of the work that
I did to get to that point. Right. Had you not thanked
yourself before? Never. That was the first time
you thanked yourself. That was the first time
I ever thanked myself. I always thank everyone else. Uh-huh. Well, that’s true. Now, were you high
when you did that? Oh, um. [LAUGHTER] I’m pretty sure I was. Uh-huh. [LAUGHTER] When are you not high? Like, are you high now? Yes. [LAUGHTER] [CLAPPING] Well, actually, let
me say this, Ellen. Your bathroom is a
nice hot box area. [LAUGHTER] I actually shot some footage
in there on my Instagram that you’ll be able to
look at later on in life. OK. I have to tell you, your
bathroom has a direct pipeline into my dressing room,
and I was smelling what was happening in there. I was like, Snoop
is here for sure. I just wanted to let you
know I was in the building. Yeah, I know, I know. All right, teach me a new word,
because “fo shizzle” was a word that I learned from you. I think everybody
learned from you. What word can I
learn from you today? Let’s see. What should be the new word? What are the kids saying? I think your new word
should be monopolizin’. Oh, I know that word. No, no. It’s the difference between
monopolizing and monopolizin’. Tell me what monopolizin’ is. That means that you’re popping
off, and you’re dropping off, and you get it in, and
you’re spinning off, and you’re doing
different things, and you’re doing things
in different countries. And then you’re
coming back home, and you’re staying on the
air for three more years, and you’re living your
best life at the same time. That’s monopolizin’. All right, well. [CHEERING] I’m going to monopolize. I’m going to monopolize. I have a gift for you. When you’re cooking,
if you want to– are you going to wear
this, or you’re– I will wear that for you. For you, I will. OK. But we’re not winning
right now, so what is this? I know. But maybe they will because
you bring good luck to things. Thanks. Right? So can I bake this with some of
that infused [CLEARS THROAT]?? Yes. Yeah. True that, all right? Will do. All right. I love this. Thank you. OK, you’re welcome. I mean, I knew you
were going to be iffy about it because they’re
not doing well right now. But I’m down with my team
whether we win, lose, I’m a Laker to the end,
so it don’t matter. There you go. See? That’s right.

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