Slendytubbies The Last Hope | Main Land (Dawn)

Hello everyone, today we’re going to play
a game named Slendytubbes the last hope. Jesus Christ.
The Teletubby has been murdered in front of our eyes. Jesus Christ. Alright, since it’s
going to be really scary seeing to play today. Last time I played Slendytubbies
and well I don’t want to have enemy like that. So yet so we’re going to mainland dawn so if
you’re ready, let’s go. Alright so here we started in here so all right so our main
villian in here is Laa-Laa. So we must be really careful with her
if she will see us we’re going to freaking die and I don’t want to die at
all oh also you see that in left down corner
I have stamina this is bad so whatever happens I will probably can’t run from
her for long alright let’s go forward because I want to go to lake yet. Alright
let’s collect some stamina she’s somewhere around I don’t know where but
she probably is somewhere around alright sure so if she will see us you must hide
behind tree because it is the best strategic that works so if she will see us somehow
we must freaking run to like a tree and try to get out of her line of sight
because they in here is line of sight if she will see us we must run to the kinda
tree as soon as possible so she will not fierce once again
she not nearby I see I don’t want to go in the house because it will be
really spooky if she do all right let’s get inside the house I shall probably
lay Dipsy. All right 18 crystals this is kind of really good all right so let’s
go left because then she won’t find me at all. Unfortunately- right that was screamers
right like screamers all right aha so he must
let’s take check this place well let’s check this F maybe somewhere she’ll be
laying custards, probably. Well here I see prevalence if she will see us we must
run away from her far as possible and try to avoid her once again by hiding
behind tree here all right let’s take this all right so I can’t go there
because or did I hear someone coughing. I don’t want to get seen by someone who
coughing a lot probably this is Laa-Laa that caughing lot.
So yeah here’s Laa-Laa. she’s it’s part she probably doesn’t
comes the way I so damn she’s still fast, so if she will see me I probably will
die because she’s so fast, like more faster than me and more durable than me. So must
and say update where monster can get exchausted. can get exhausted too but I don’t see
any more proofs to fix it so alright. I checked the left side and middle side so
i should not check middle at all. Right she not coming to finish faced almost me
really fast my white at all cost oh look there is
some seating place all right so let’s go left. Because if she going to call go
right this place are going to freaking die I don’t want to die.
So let’s become- the custard laying in here fast as possible shift so she
won’t go to this place for a moment I hope because if she does I have no water
choice but to freaking hide again. Well this place all right let’s get some
stamina in case she she accidentally go around me
alright so I don’t see my hands at all. So really sad because I want to see who I
am. seems I am playing as Po right now so
let’s quickly run to this side side where she may lately died and
shall be dead I because don’t know. I didn’t seen Dipsy body around here. So this
is really strange because I shall see him but I didn’t all right I can jump
but I think the jumping Allah makes everything more worse all right let’s
let Jesus Christ this is really scary really scary because if you will go far
from path we will not find any Custards so I don’t need any problems
about custards at all. How she doesn’t go with this way because you’ll be really
sad if you do seem she’d she’d dog well this is good because I hope she won’t go
yes she do not go here that’s really good for me because then she won’t call
from random spot like she did lately all right let’s go left maybe there are some
crystals that I missed because I can counter straight coming strange straight
it’s kind of bad so yeah look at me look at my shadow I so so
kind of cute I cute little fella tubby. Oh yeah right
here is an custard, this is very good now we’re going to say big three I wonder in
which place we can actually die because sir I said if we’re going to die sir our
and cutscene where a Po lying on the floor all in blood and just freaking
die. this is kind of really sad to hear but
this reality reality’s not forgivable place all right, so we going to leave
the custard here because it is my plan to do so. But go check the custard that near
the cave where the escape. So all right let’s run from bit. So im hope she doesn’t
come this way of course she didn’t thankfully very good then kissters left
Thank You stars kinder Lord oh no… Laa-Laa just checked this place
where I lately passed by, please don’t go here if she doesn’t come so here she
goes somewhere else this is really good but this is bad for me because now I
know how to run along run collect the kissters but I left here she’s probably aggressive right now like
really aggressive because if I already picked up all right she comes this way
it’s really good idea to not follow her because she well makes things only
worse, if you go too far. All right seven custards remaining so custards must be
around the house Oh coming right this way
better try to avoid let’s see where she’s going and what she’s she’s up
she’s going probably to the house from I see this is really scary and most
importantly this more scarier and when you don’t know where all custards. All right,
let’s carefully pause so she doesn’t see us at all. Alright.. She really kinda upset. Right if she going
to clapping- She can’t stop doing stuff like that. I kind of exhausted of
finding where she goes. She didn’t notice that I was here. She probably go into the house. All
right so let’s see where she’s going Come on Laa-Laa, I see you. There you are where you must be there…
Come out please, I don’t want to go any further without you. I must be
really careful, because I don’t see her from that far. Probably running around. If she’ll probably come right to my place,
probably going to die. So I will probably be all right
you know all right so we got only three custards left. No, one, no, three.
Wait, no. We have only one left. And two more. Last custards like no summer. Did you see? Did she seen me. Don’t tell me
she did seen me… Alright, she didn’t. That’s good now. let’s pick up the Custards.
Right over there.. commanded carefull because the Maybe one custards left on top of house. Well..
I don’t remember. I suppose Where she is? Well music begin kinda. Became really kind of
scary. I have no idea where the last custard is. Yes now I really scared. Maybe, maybe somewhere
around the lake. I’m sure or maybe one of right- Ye Ye Ye you
guys there’s one right over here don’t tell me she’s coming right to me.
Right here’s…. Stop doing these scary sounds. I don’t like these sounds.
Please stop, I really scared of it kinda: Shocked right now all right let’s go
here no no no no no no don’t come to me don’t don’t you dare no stop stop coming
to right to me. Alright she standing in there please go go away from me.
Just go away because I don’t want any problems with you come on come on. Go away, going no
she stays right there really upset she maybe knows where I am.
And just tries to defend all the custards there. Somening like of that. But then she goes right the
where i have left my custard. This is bad, really bad. Alright, let’s follow her. Really
carefully. Stop doing. That how much I must tell you to
stop. So if she goes right here it is will be really good for me. Because now I
can easily escape. Now I must just just all right here. Come out Laa-Laa,
you know you can’t be that freaking bad. You nasty thing. I probably seen or maybe… I
didn’t know all right let’s be really careful this time. There’s only one custards
left. She, right at this part. Where I need to find one of my custards and right,
behind his freaking shells at snow for some reason someone made. All right, I
have so scared I even forgot where’s the last custard left. If only she can
teleport by night and some epic music to begin so yes. Jesus Christ means it is hard Thank You
Jesus Christ it’s really intense you not here where is last custard is. Oh geez, I forgot
where I last one. That isn’t easy, oh no. Well that’s bad, that’s bad.
That I forgot where last custard is. I don’t- want to freaking miss this moment. Now I
wonder where she did go. All right one less just a left. And I forgot where
it is. Right. I going to stop right here. finally I found the last custard here.
Right over here. Right where exit is. I’m- going to wait for a moment until I can
escape so I can’t really escape going to be going to have a lot of intensive thing happening. Oh. RUUUUUUN! SHE GOING TO GET ME. *Really Intensive Music* OH, HERE SHE IS COMING RIGHT TO ME. YEAH YOU LITTLE BAD THING. SO YOU CAN’T WIN ME. *R. Mark becomes curious about what happens if she get me in this moment. NOW LETS FREAKING GET OUTTA HERE. *Cheers* IT BEEN SO INTENSIVE. LIKE- JESUS CHRIST. I THINKED I WON’T WIN, BUT I DID. BECAUSE I FIND THE LAST CUSTARD IN DUMBEST PLACE I COULD NEVER FIND. All
right, so this was the Slendytubbies The last hope. It currently in public access. So you can download it currently at gamejolt. I’m going to leave the
description under the video so you can download it. So yeah it’s been really fun
and epic. So yeah, be careful when you’re finding custards. Because you can easily:
freaking forgot where is last custard is. so don’t forget to pray over my video so
and leave a like on the video and comment. With you were R. Mark
and see you later. IN SLENDYTUBBIES

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