SKIL TINGKAT DEWA!! Membuat Property Kejuruan [VLOG]
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SKIL TINGKAT DEWA!! Membuat Property Kejuruan [VLOG]

Assalamu’alaikum Youtuber friend! right now I’m in the room with my fellow teachers is making ?? … what’s it called sir?! .. property so bubbled last night continued today! what’s the theme here, sir introduce this … ehh TKJ teacher, sir Ishak there, the TKJ teacher too … his name sir, Sony ohh … this is a cleric cleric yes … this is the theme of TKJ anten..anten grid anten grid TKJ theme there is a tower still not there then here Is there Wi-Fi cool Where is the Android, sir Android, this isn’t an Android yet still process just painting the gluing, sir here is also Wi-Fi yes, this process is still not finished then next to there yes AUTOMOTIVE this is from AUTOMOTIVE children TKR and TSM ahh… Here, I met with sir Yusuf this is one of the teachers TSM sir Yusuf yes sir yusuf here make property … stick. yes sir yusuf key, the name is key the name is combination key if the crank language means sir sir the right is the key, yes sir ohh..I see..if it’s repaired, there’s no crank what’s his name sir combination key if it’s the key, if we don’t know push the door lock the key is a lot of jams … there is a combination key, there’s a ring key pas key parenthesis key, L key same as T key ok, so that’s a variety of keys, yes sir yusuf this is Mr. yusuf , automotive teacher so..then there is the key the key is still dried in the sun sir, try to stretch this sir you lift sir yeah, this is held by Mr tain is… grid radio made anten … yes this it’s still dried because it’s still wet ok, Mr tain so this is all preparation for … carnival tomorrow monday carnival tomorrow monday so it’s like today isn’t finished emm .. continue until later tonight must be finished! ok, they are busy .. maybe that first .. this meeting emm…. Thank you for watching my video Wassalamu’alaikum


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