Single-Family vs. Multi-Family Rental Properties – Live Q&A
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Single-Family vs. Multi-Family Rental Properties – Live Q&A


  • OTBoy Roma

    I live in Detroit and he is right. There are beautiful areas, not just in the suburbs. I like warzone investing though. I understand it cause that's where I'm from. I'm comfortable with it. If you are not from the "hood" don't invest in it.

  • Jornel lugo

    I live in Florida and my brother lives in Jacksonville , I know you have a turn key company , if your company is in Jacksonville I definitely will be going with you guys 🙌🏽

  • caseyhunt1

    Love your videos.  tons of great information.  I don't think there's a Jacksonville, MS.  🙂  what do you think about buying houses with foundation issues, fixing them and renting?  A lot of people are scared of foundation work but it can be repaired and has a warranty.  what are your thoughts on this type of rehab?

  • jalabi99

    13:30 Another rental market to add to Detroit MI, Indianapolis IN and Jacksonville FL is — Columbus OH. I had no idea how vibrant and affordable the city is until I got a contract job offer that was based there. Wow! Mind…blown! I ended up taking another contract job in Dallas, but now I am in the process of finding my first rental property in Columbus.

    Thanks for your videos!

  • nocoolname32

    you've mentioned several times that buying retail/realtor vs wholesale makes it harder to have that 10-12% ROI. how does someone get around that buying one of your turnkey properties? no one expects you to perform your service for free but your customers still must be making great ROI.

  • scott banta

    I started out buying a duplex living in one unit and renting the other. I later bought a single family home, which I moved into and rented out both units in the duplex and I currently am working on turning that SFH into a duplex. you say you prefer SFH, so am I crazy to try and turn my SFH into a duplex? Can you talk about some of the pros and cons of those starting out taking this route

  • Amtrak Guest

    I booked a call with one of your team members on Dec.31,2017, we talked about me buying some properties, he told me he would e-mail me some properties to bid on, but he din't, I contacted him again a couple of days ago and again he said you'll have them in your e-mail tomorrow… three days later I'm still waiting. Is it because I am a woman and he probably thinks I'm not serious in investing?. I have the cash…I know you guys have a great team working for you. I know there has to be a reason why I haven't received any emails with properties… maybe I have great deal waiting for me! I'm trying to read the signs, But I cant wait to buy my first property with you guys!!!

  • Heath Weber

    Don’t know what you had your Fidelity 401k invested in, but my Fidelity 401k and IRA earned over 20% in the past year. i’m not saying that I don’t agree with investing in real estate as a solid strategy, but i think i’ll leave my retirement accounts alone and treat real estate as additional arrow in the quiver to keep investments and income streams diversified.

  • Tomas Nunez

    Love it, lol "Can me and my aligator live here?" – Good point on pets from an investor's standpoint. Excellent presentation as always.


    You mentioned about the renters getting insurance, and if they get their TV stolen, then that's on them. But what about if they plug in a turkey fryer in the kitchen and burn the house down? Should they not be liable for that? How are they going to pay for it if not through insurance? I know that is an exaggerated scenario, but I would think that they should have some liability in insuring the property as well as myself, no?

  • Alexander Pitman

    You, depending on state, may be able to use Lease Options to raise capital. Lease options act like a deposit on a contract purchase, but are non-refundable. Add in possible rent credits on the year long lease for extra cash flow. The worst thing that can happen is that you sell the house, but mostly the tenants will chose not to buy the house. Then rinse and repeat either buying a new turnkey if you sold the house, or getting a new lease option tenant.

  • Angelo Lozano

    Guys, I read your awesome book. But I'm still drawing a blank about something… how is a HELOC better than a cash-out mortgage when looking to pull money out of a rental property? The HELOC's variable rate and the spike in rate after the first year makes it a hard to swallow.

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