Singapore Real Estate | How Money is made in Enbloc Sales

en-bloc en-bloc where exactly is the money made? Learn more about Singapore Real Estate with
GC. you have heard that en-bloc made money, but
do you know, where exactly is the money made? Yes, it is true that developers are willing
to pay higher prices, compared to individual units. but why? No, it is NOT synergy! The answer is your Common Areas! In an en-bloc sale, together, you are selling
your common areas too. Whereas in an individual sale, you are only
selling your own unit, without common areas. The new buyer who bought from you, continues
to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the common areas. You don’t get to sell your common areas in
an individual sale. And that is why, some people advocate that,
never sell your private properties until en-bloc. So you understand now? If you enjoy this video, give me a like, click
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