Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?
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Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?

Hey y’all! Leigh Brown here, to answer the age-old question of, “Should you become a realtor?” Now, as somebody who thoroughly enjoys my realtor life and living out there in the real estate world. I got a lot of questions from random people and I think they’re delightful, frankly the most random people are just wonderful. And this was actually started not just by one question but it happens all the time and I’m pretty sure that all of my real estate friends out there, y’all get all these questions too. Because frankly, some of y’all making this look way too easy I mean you dress up, you look cute, got your hair did, put you accessories on, drive around and get paid thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. But I am Leigh Brown from Re/Max in Concord in Charlotte North Carolina here to give you all the facts on things. Because you need to know, becoming a realtor is not a light-hearted decision. And frankly, I think some of y’all became realtors because everybody else was getting their license. “Wooh! Let’s all go sign up at pre license in class and get it cuz it’s just so easy.” And that’s why you have all these people. I think in Las Vegas there by the driver in Uber has a real estate license. But that’s just my personal experience. I don’t ride in lyft, maybe the people that drive lyft don’t have license. There’s no judgment. But it was pointed out to me that there’s a lot of things that need to be answered. So, Oh Chris, I should have recorded it and r4 and Remax should have recorded it to make sure you tell the leadership that and put me back on the main stage again But anyway, So, I want to answer some of the questions that have come in from my friends. And so, if you have clients or nephews, nieces, daughters, grandchildren are thinking about becoming realtors, feel free to share this Facebook live with them. Because I’m going to tell y’all the Leigh Brown truth on things, okay? So, if you don’t agree with me I don’t care. Sorry, look I got all choked up. First of all, being a realtor means you gonna drink coffee all day every day just to survive. And yes, Monica first thing, the first test is this, if you cannot say realtor in two syllables, give me your license right now. Let me have it because I’m so tired of people adding an extra syllable in there. And if you can’t say realtor correctly just don’t, don’t get your license, okay? Just do me that favor there cuz it makes my heart saying that y’all can’t say your own profession right, those of y’all that already are realtors. Alright so, my girl’s first question was, “What’s it like to be in real estate today?” Okay so, I probably should have had something in my cup besides coffee to talk about what it’s like to be in real estate today. I received a gift from one of my favorite
agents at Re/Max in Asheville. It is nectarine and honey whiskey, but it’s honey because my throat’s messed up. So, you have to know being in real estate
today is hard, okay? There’s nothing easy about real estate. I’m gonna say that about 14,000 times until you people finally listen to me. Real estate is not easy anybody who tells you that, “You can make a hundred thousand your first year, wooh! and they got all these extra leads and just come in and it’s gonna be so wonderful.” They are lying to you, they are lying to you. I mean, even at in California where houses cost a blue million dollars, how do you think you’re gonna be the one that gets the one sale? okay ? So, it’s not easy. Now, I, it’s doable, okay? Some of y’all belong in real estate, but most of you don’t, okay? I’m just gonna have to tell you the truth and that most of you do not belong in real
estate but a couple of y’all do. So, hang in there to find out this year So, what it’s like to be in real estate, you’re gonna be broke most of the time. because realtors are terrible with money. Which is funny because we’re paid a lot of
money to manage people’s financial instrument which is their real estate property. But realtors suck at money and if you tell me I’m wrong go on and show me the last time you balance your checkbook. Y’all are good with people, you are not good with money. Think about this with real estate, when you’re getting in you need to have a lot of money saved up. Now, the rule of thumb that you’ll get
from most reasonable people out there is to have 6 months of living expenses
saved up. I’m here to tell you that is not enough. 6 months of real estate expenses or 6 months of living expenses, not enough money to get into real estate. Because you’re gonna have to live, but you’re also going to have to spend a whole heck ton of money to survive in
real estate. They didn’t tell y’all, you’re gonna have to buy things like websites and yard signs and lock boxes. And you’re gonna have to pay for some
board fees, y’all it cost you a couple thousand dollars to join the board. and by the way, everybody who’s serious about real estate should be a realtor subscribing to the code of ethics and your butt should be down to the
Association volunteering and being involved. That was a mistake I made my first 9 years, I was not involved enough. Which is probably why I over do now, I’m trying to make up for lost time. The rest of y’all, get after it and understand that paying those dues is part of the Association is a really big deal but that’s a couple grand. And then you’re gonna, you don’t know about the fact that you do not have an expense account. I know this is shocking to some of y’all. Because when you bought a house, your realtor drove you around town for months on and showed you 483 houses. And you thought the company paid for their
gas and the wear and tear on their vehicle? There is no expense account in real estate. That money that you were realtors spent to peak tires on the car, to vacuum it out and said that you would not know what a slob they are at home on the weekends. We no judgment, I’ve got children too. But you’ve got money being spent on that car. You’ve got to live and pay for that vehicle and pay for all this stuff in real estate. So, my friend Paula Brand in Mississippi. She gave a rule of thumb with just 6 months of living expenses and $6,000 saved up and I’d say that’s probably reasonable in Mississippi. But if you live in an expensive market like New York or California, my suggestion is you should have a whole heck done more money saved up than that. so what it’s like to
be in real estate you’re gonna be broke you better have some money saved up and
y’all it’s hard okay so I make the joke often that the most successful people in
real estate are good at being bipolar and I don’t mean that as a slam on those
that are diagnosed as being bipolar but it’s a bipolar feeling business and I’m
gonna tell you that it is because in the same afternoon you are going to have
somebody hugging you and loving you and then two seconds later you’re getting
screamed at and cussed at you don’t even know how that happened you don’t know
what went sideways and what went wrong and so to be in real estate you
have to be able to really man it’s lots of emotions all at the same time
and they’re all going to change on you overnight it’s like living with a 13
year old that never ever grows up that’s what it’s like to be in real estate
today you don’t know if it’s gonna be a happy day or a sad day but you still got
to go down the hall and open the door because somebody has got to go to school
and you don’t know which one you’re waking up so if you like that kind of a
rollercoaster of life and you enjoyed raising teenage girls and maybe that’s
your first step now you want to get started you’re gonna have to take pre
licensing classes now in every state they’re different but in every state
frankly it’s not enough education but go take the class that’s most highly
recommended by your favorite realtors I there’s a bunch of schools out there the
state’s going to judge them based on how many people pass their classes and
rotate y’all secret these real estate schools sometimes make more money on
those of y’all that suck at school because they’re gonna have you take that
class four and five times and how many times they gonna get paid four and five
times while you’re shelling it out every single time so call your favorite most
successful Realtors and ask them what schools they recommend here in the
Charlotte area I recommend superior school with real estate which was
started by Bill Gallagher frankly probably the best real estate educator
on the planet who sold it to mckissick so the jury’s still out if mckissick
gonna screw up superior or not whooping they want or the mingles school down to
charlotte board i took my license and down to mingle board over 20 years ago
which makes my hairdresser glad that he’s got a good client to have to admit
that was over 20 years ago so I do not recommend online classes if your state
allows it don’t don’t sometimes say no to the internet okay
real estate education the time to say no to the internet get your butt in the
seat in the classroom so you can raise your little hand and ask questions
because that instructor up there may once have sold houses once upon a time
and can answer some questions for you if you’re on the internet you don’t get to
raise your hand in a reasonable way so I know it’s something cost you a little
bit of time to go get in the car and drive down there but get in the car and
drive to the class now she asked – how do you find a brokerage company this
y’all is a big serious topic that I think needs to be addressed more often
because often our brokers are accused of being body shot
they’ll take anybody that comes in the door that can fold the mirror it has a
license you throw low to the wall and see who sticks what are you kind of like
bad spaghetti noodles and that’s beginning it’ll stick to the wall
frankly so I’m not really sure while we talk about throwing noodles to the wall
but regardless selecting a broker first of all you need to know why is that
broker a broker so ask them what’s there why in real estate this is a great point
that Laurie Davis from Southern Pines North Carolina brought up it in min this
past year she said ask your broker why they’re a broker if they became a broker
to make more money you should scoot on out the door
because if money is the first answer anybody’s questions scoops that is not a
good fit for a good human now frankly if you’re a money-grubbing bloodsucker
maybe that’s where you belong and fine okay fine you hang your license there
but if you’re my kind of people scoop your broker should be vested and
interested in coaching and making you better at real the statement fact in
raising the bar professionalism overall because your best brokers they’re
involved at the board they’re investing in the realtors political action
committee you’ll hear that’s called our PAC and so a broker who’s unengaged at
the board unengaged in our PAC don’t mess with them either because
they’re trying to build an island and the last time I checked being on an
island is a bad place to be when the storm comes through because storms gonna
happen in real estate and so the good brokers will tell you why they’re doing
that they’re gonna talk education they’re going to talk about volunteer
and they’re gonna talk about board they’re gonna talk about mentoring
they’re gonna talk about how you can be involved in being the betterment of the
game because I’m gonna tell you all secret when you get that license and
you’re selecting a broker you don’t know anything you are not the be-all end-all
and I know that you won’t be able to suck up to you and pay you signing
bonuses and things when you’ve never sold a house but frankly you are nothing
yet okay so it’s time for a little bit of humility in real estate all right
when you get your license you don’t know squat in fact a new licensee needs to
come in here and be told forget all that stuff you learned out the board let me
teach you how it really is okay no I’m not on bethey knees success tours
because I’m a coach too and I’m you know I’m bethey knees female competition
although he’s got that Irish brogue and he’s got a giant system and I’m just a
little old me so you can see me at Richmond in October though but I’d got
distracted so listen you’re not ready for this your
broker should hook you up with a mentor and if that brokerage office doesn’t
have people that are willing to mentor it’s probably not a great place because
everywhere I’ve been in real estate I have met so many amazing Realtors who
love to share and give they want to be connected to new Realtors so they can
make you better and help you learn but you’ve got to be in the position where
you’re willing to be humble enough to realize you don’t know anything and
you’ve got to make sure that you find mentors that are willing to guide you on
that path y’all it’s a lost opportunity if you won’t find a mentor when I first
got into real estate my daddy would not let me touch a client for 90 days I had
to ride around in his hip pocket in his car right and look that’s more the
reason I keep notice I kept notes then I keep notes now I did not open my big
mouth even if I thought I knew something my job was to sit down and shut up and
learn your job when you’re a new realtor sit down shut up learn and if you don’t
know you ask later you don’t ask in front of the clients don’t be stupid
okay and by the way when you finally do stumble up on the client don’t act like
you know everything you should say always I don’t know but I know who does
that should be the first thing I do around I don’t know but I know who does
and go ask that kind of broker so when you’re selecting that brokerage firm
they should be available and communicative to you knowing that you
don’t know everything they don’t know everything they should also know who to
go to next so what if you want to work in more than one state well now I’m
licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina many of my realtor friends are
licensed in multiple states because of where they live my advice is this if
you’re getting licensed as a new realtor know once a first okay get to know the
paperwork get to know the laws the real estate commission guidelines and then if
you’re gonna jump the line and learn another state don’t just get a license
because it’s available by reciprocity that does not make you an expert in that
state I can tell you all this South Carolina
operates far differently than North Carolina and just because I have a
license in North Carolina in South Carolina gave me a reciprocal license um
several years ago does not mean that I shouldn’t
know South Carolina’s laws guidelines and paperwork too so if you’re going to
get licensed in more than one state would you please get busy learning how
it’s done correctly in fact get a mentor in more than one states not that hard
can you do residential and commercial where is Dina Zimmerman she would like
to hear me say this out loud Dina is one of my commercial sisters and I love her
we’re famous for saying pick a lane now I get it if you are Sara Johnson out in
Wyoming you have to do what we call resi mercial because small rural markets
you’ll kind of have to know both but I’m in Charlotte and Concord North Carolina
I do not know commercial all right when I bought my commercial building I
reached out to a commercial broker to help me because this is not my
wheelhouse if you’re a residential broker refer out your commercial stuff
if you’re a commercial person refer out your residential stuff if you’re a new
licensee get to know that commercials got really long time frames big
paychecks at the end but it takes a long time to get a deal to go through now I
personally think there’s a lot of opportunity and commercial especially
for young women because the commercial age range does skew over excuse more
mail it skews little paler so there’s a lot of opportunity on that end
especially if you’re communicative because in my experience commercial
brokers don’t return the phone quickly phone calls as quickly as residential
brokers the opportunity there but you better have a bigger bankroll to back
you up while you’re trying to get started in the commercial side she also
asks what other jobs in the real estate world besides being an agent wonderful
jobs that exist in fact my amazing partner Virginia already piped up in
here she started off as an agent she was not going to cover off the ball but got
warned completely slapped out by the bipolar nature of dealing with clients
and having to deal with it 24/7 because frankly you can try to cut it off but at
a certain time if you’re by yourself you can’t cut it off and so instead of
losing her to the normal world I kept her with me as my administrative partner
in the office so she can work somewhat more normal hours and go home at five
o’clock and she’ll check her emails because she’s kind of OCD about that and
she’ll check in on the weekends but she’s not
working 24 hours a day so you could be an assistant you could be a marketing
professional I have a marketing Pro who does a lot of stuff on the side for us
when we have pictures done of a listing we had that done by a professional
photographer so by the way if you’re becoming a new realtor I don’t care if
it’s your first listing or your thousandth hire a photographer to take
pictures of your listings your cell phone is not sufficient for engaging
some body’s largest financial instrument and making somebody interested and I
don’t care if you think you’re good or not you need to hire it out if somebody
knows what they’re doing right so I got distracted by that but oh
you could be a photographer so if you’re really good at it be a real estate
photographer do drones and matter ports and all the things that our sellers
expect of us now you could also become an appraiser we have a shortage of
appraisers in North Carolina I don’t know about y’all stays but you should
call and check into it now the appraiser license and guidelines are different
they’ve got more apprentice al required but I’m gonna tell you what a lot of
them are desperate for an apprentice apprentice apprentice a Printy mentee
they need little people to come work for them to inherit their business in the
future to go but you gonna have to do some grunt work okay you’re not gonna
make six figures out of the gate roll your sleeves up and do some work you
have to crawl up under a house you’re gonna have to get lied to and cheated on
and you’re gonna be tore up while you’re also broke it’s gonna happen no matter
what angle of real estate you’re in unless you’re a salaried person in the
administrative angle let’s see what training and books do I recommend I
recommend my own training there’s gonna be some more coming here soon that’s
gonna be designed for the novice realtor and also for the experienced realtor so
if you want more information on my upcoming university you can let me know
but instead in addition I mean I’m not a killer Williams person but Gary Keller’s
book the millionaire real estate agent brilliant you should all read that book
because it’s fantastic advice you should look at anything you can find that was
related to the starpower days from Howard Brenton so find you some old
retiring realtor and buy all their cassette tapes and if you’re young go
buy a cassette tape player at no appraisal shortage fake
there’s Baba does not check your state there’s a lot of states that need
appraisers and don’t call me fake news because you gonna make my blood pressure
go up go to me on Facebook laugh you gonna be nasty pants and what’s a day in
the life of the agents so my day I get up early I’m a 4:00 a.m. riser so I can
work out at 5:00 I’m nod and that most Realtors neglect themselves in favor of
their business so from the beginning set your life up to where you can protect
yourself do your workout do your devotions take care of your kids and
your spouse get all that stuff cranked out I start checking emails early my
first appointments of the day or at 7:30 because I’m an early person my last
appointment of the day finishes by suppertime because I’m no good to
anybody at 9 p.m. now maybe you’re a night out and you’re no good to anybody
at 9 a.m. you do have the ability to set appointments if that your life the key
here is making sure that you are telling people what their expectations should be
so if you’re a new realtor you don’t have to work 24/7 but you have to tell
people when you do and don’t work tips forgetting you’re loathe the day in the
life of the agent you have to excuse me I’m getting over at home the day in the
life of the agent is gonna include a lot of telephone time it does not include a
bunch of Technology time shouldn’t why do y’all think you can buy leads you can
get on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and find people to buy and sell houses
with you boom I just had this conversation on my podcast so if you
want to get some more information on life and real estate my podcast is crazy
shit in real estate and in my podcast we were discussing today
how many Realtors get distracted by technology especially new ones because
y’all are coming in in the day of everything’s online and you’re hearing
about all these different things and you have to go research blockchain no no no
no you don’t need to get focused on blockchain you need to focus on being
likable because the crazy part about real estate is that still most buyers
and sellers use the first realtor that they come in contact with who has half a
brain about them and frankly they’re not all competent they’re not all really
good or experienced sometimes they just happen to be likable so if you’re
likable you should home that and go talk to people and do not send all these text
in fact I had an interesting message from an older realtor who wanted me to
make sure and point out that being part-time is very detrimental to your
success in real estate and I get it some of y’all are gonna work part-time jobs
to get started because it is a big money pit at first but you better have a plan
because as a full time realtor it’s aggravating this heck don’t I have a
listing that’s under contract with your buyer and you’ve got to call me back and
say I’ll call you at a break cuz you’re at work no you’re gonna have to be
available during banker hours because that’s when the mortgage is getting
processed and the attorneys working so you gotta find a way to make that work
now when I got started I was single and dead broke so I waited tables at night
but I made sure and work around my waiting tables life and I didn’t do that
very long because I got very busy in real estate because I was super focused
if you’re focused and you work hard you can do well in real estate so here’s
what you have to be to survive in real estate besides having some money set up
if you’re gonna work part time make sure the plan with the end on it and I’ve had
a lot of Realtors tell me they would not have done as well as they had if they
hadn’t just given up all the other jobs and jumped in feet-first cuz sometimes
you have to sink or swim and by the way there was another great point that was
made by Mark that B’s averages are wrong so you’re gonna see information from the
National Association that says the average realtor sells six houses a year
that’s not true I think it’s somewhere around 65% of our membership did zero to
one transaction right that means they’re getting a really expensive hobby around
here and that’s hard to survive on in fact the other funniest thing ever that
was said today Virginia made a good point we were talking about teachers and
she said at least teachers get into their jobs knowing they’re not gonna
make any money and ain’t that the truth why do y’all got into real estate and
thought that people were you gonna make a lot of money no there are a few people
that are ton in it they’re doing very very well they work there but tookus is
all for it they educate the heck out of themselves for they are networking and
talking and learning all day long and then you’ve got a whole bunch of
gnashing and whining and and grinding of teeth over people who aren’t making any
money but they thought they were gonna make it
grande so we went into this more realistically and realized that the
average Realtors actually below the poverty line for the median family in
the US they realized there’s a whole different set of challenges and so you
got to come into this knowing you can make it you got to be optimistic okay
optimism is gonna get you further than anything else in life if you are a
person who is gloom and doom and miserable and you think the markets are
awful then please don’t get into real estate I don’t need any more negative
gloom and do people in real estate but if you weren’t pretty happy generally
upbeat person who’s willing to learn you might have a chance and if you couple
that with some persistence and getting the job done you have an even better
chance I find a lot of Realtors that don’t have a lot of persistence they get
beat down too quickly you can’t get beat down quickly
you kind of get beat down slowly over years like the rest of us I just kidding
not really so anyway what you got to know is that you need to pick up the
phone every day with the correct mindset I didn’t turn my camera around says the
mindset scorecard for those ago they can’t read backwards your mindset needs
to say I’m gonna get up work today so a lot of Realtors want to be at home where
they can relax in their yoga pants and have their flip-flops on and not fix
their hair and put their lipstick on mmm-hmm you’re not gonna make it in real
estate like that because when you are not dressed and fixed you will feel kind
of dumpy and then you’ll sit on the couch and watch soap operas and feel
sorry for yourself and you won’t sell anything and then you’ll get on facebook
and talk about how the markets are all there’s nothing to sell but if you get
up and put yourself together go make some phone calls you’d be surprised at
what’s out there because there’s a lot of people that crave a professional
realtor experience something that won’t ask them good questions and who knows
things and who can guide them and hold their hand it’s a very emotional thing
we deal with which means because it’s an emotional thing that we deal with you
have to know how to keep your mouth shut so those of y’all that like to gossip
and be busybodies it’s fun cuz you’re gonna know everybody’s business but you
can’t tell everybody’s business okay you can tell some certain pieces of the
business in a way that helps others understand that they’re not alone but
you have to know where the lines are and if you don’t know where the lines are
please don’t get in the real estate now let’s say you also have to have oh yeah
that’s right being able to not take everything personally look ya’ll are on
facebook you take everything first I got irritated by that guy really look
because we all do it you want everybody to like you everybody’s not gonna like
you everybody’s not going to use you in real estate and in fact the biggest
thing I can tell you new or thinking about being Realtors for the first two
years your friends and family won’t use you it is a random call somebody walking
down the street who decides you’re worth using and your friends and family are
going mmm-hmm let’s see if she makes it and your
feelings will be hurt you’re gonna be devastated and you are going to be
feeling like they don’t love you at all they do love you but they’re watching
you okay after you make it two years and by the way that’s approximately 15
percent of licensees eighty five percent that’s the estimated number eight five
eighty five percent give up within two years because it is so expensive and so
hard to make it in real estate y’all I’m not lying to you it’s a wonderful field
it is where I belong I have my home and real estate you might have your home in
real estate too but for some of y’all don’t do it it’s an expensive hobby that
can drive you into the poorhouse make you hate people and really just destroy
your love of your personal house and so don’t do that if anyway I told you not
to take everything personally you can’t because when those first two years when
your friends and family aren’t using you you’re gonna think it’s a personal
reflection and it’s not frankly some of them already have relationships with
Realtors like me and when they already have a relationship they might not be
ready for you yet that doesn’t mean you can’t overtake their relationship with
me in the future but you got to know going in you don’t have the experience
that perhaps their realtor relationship does just keep hustling keep picking up
the phone keep that smile on your face keep putting your face on keep trying go
go go let’s see oh I’ll give you all the best advice my daddy ever gave me which
was that if you look at real estate as an opportunity to help people and you
don’t think about the money excuse me the money we’ll find you the money we’ll
find you the money we’ll find you you hear me saying that quit looking for the
money there’s a great living to be having real
estate if your goal is to do the best thing for other people this cannot be
about the money or you’ll duck the last thing I want to tell you look I’m about
knocking coffin here but I love y’all so much I’m gonna keep going you got to
know too we’re talking about your money you’re
gonna be a 1099 at least in the way we’re set up right now that makes you an
independent contractor that means you’ll be subject to a 15% of self-employment
tax unless your accountant gets you set up right from the beginning and for some
of y’all you don’t get set up right in the beginning cuz you don’t have any
cash flow and so I want you to think too about the fact that you’ve got to pay
quarterly taxes my first year in the business I sold a fair number of houses
and I did not pay the IRS what they wanted so what you need to know going in
is that the IRS gonna have their money especially the state but the state gonna
send you a request from the DOR the Department of Revenue be prepared to pay
it I owe the IRS $60,000 my first year in real estate and my daddy said well
figure it out good on you you had a good year cuz I choose you the response of
the optimistic positive real turns if you owed the government a lot of money
you had a good year well then I had to dig back up out of the hole so try not
to dig out of the hole if you’re getting into real estate and you have your
little stockpile make sure you’re also thinking about the implications of every
check that you get let’s see if I answered all the questions that I was
supposed to answer look I appreciate y’all help somebody who’s thinking about
real estate think it through carefully because I’ll give you all the positive
impact those of y’all that have hung in here real estate does give you an
entrepreneurial opportunity that’s like nothing else that exists on the world
right now on the globe in the world look I just don’t even have my words right
today because no other job allows you to select the people you’re gonna work for
to get to know them so well to be part of their largest financial instrument
but y’all the craziest thing is this so many of you are threatened by outside
forces and you’re worried about new people getting into real estate you’re
worried about competition you’re watching this to see how you can keep
people from getting in I don’t want to keep good people from getting in I want
more good people in real estate I want the bad ones to get out I want the lay
he wants to get out I won’t the uninvolved unengaged unethical to get
out okay so let’s be clear about that but the good the hard-working optimistic
persistent people who belong in real estate
bring them own I’m not threatened by them because I Know Who I am and what I
provide to my community in to my clients now what you ought to think – you’re
gonna hear about the unlimited income it is unlimited but you’ve got to keep your
expenses in check that’s gonna be the coaching call I have with the client
next week how do we get her expenses in check because it’s easy to spend in real
estate you’re gonna have the opportunity to have flexible hours I’m fixing to go
get my kids off the school bus and find out about their day at school I have
that opportunity but y’all I’m 18 years in my first two years I worked every
chance I got because I had to establish credibility and establish cashflow so
you’re going to find out that it’s hard but it’s worth it because my very first
buyer client ever they named their daughter after me tell me any other job
in the world where you can have clients that become your friends to that kind of
a level it doesn’t exist I love real estate it’s given me friendships across
the country across the world and frankly that came from volunteering it’s giving
me access to my elected officials because I understand exactly how
critical property rights are and I love being engaged and involved and if that’s
who you are this might be your home so if you need information about oh I don’t
know what happened there but anyway but that’s what Realtors do this is your
Realtors are we love to share we love to give we love to make other people better
so now your job going into this weekend take better care of the clients you have
if you’re thinking about getting your license and you feel like you’re gonna
totally overcome all the challenges that throw at you with that we need you to
help make real estate better


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