Should I Go To College Or Real Estate Investing?
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Should I Go To College Or Real Estate Investing?

Alright, alright, alright. I hear you.
I’ll make a video on college versus real estate. Dude,
I’m kid you not. I have been avoiding this video for years. But you know what?
I’m sick and tired of all you wonderful young people asking. So you know what? I’m
going to share my feelings. Parents may or may not appreciate is the parental
warning. This is rated R for Roar. I don’t know if your parents are really going to
like this video or not. But you know what? I’m finally going to do it. I’m just going to
answer this question. Real estate versus college? It’s so weird
in thinking about what I’m going to tell you right now because I have been
avoiding it for such a long time because I hate to think of all of the people
from the previous generation that bet their entire life and their livelihood
on this idea that, “If I go to college, I’ll get a degree, I’ll work for someone
else. and it’s going to be good for me.” And the reality is there’s truth in that.
Like getting a college degree and working for someone else for 40 years,
what a blessing to be able to support someone else’s dream and vision and make
enough money that you can cover your bills.
You know, some jobs you don’t you can’t pay your bills as well as others. There’s
a huge blessing in that. And I think there will always be a need for that. But
make no mistake what is changing in the world today is how people are educating
themselves. There always has been and there always will be 2 different
schools for training and education. There will always be the universities and the
college that you go to for your training like… Listen, if you want to be a doctor
or a lawyer, you have to get a degree like I wouldn’t want anyone to operate
on me that hadn’t spent a decade of their life in school learning and
practicing and doing all that jazz. But you know, most of the world is not going
to college for things like that. Most of the world is going to college out of
default because someone said, “Get good grades and go to college.” And I think
that we need to transform our “Why.” I mean, right downstairs right now.
I have my near 13 year old daughter that it has it ingrained. That she needs good
grades so that she can go to college. But I was on campus with her during a
dance recital the other day I said, “Wow, you know, do you think you want to go to
college?” And she looked at me weird. She’s like, “What Dad? Of course I am.” And I said,
“Why won’t you understand?” College really may be the perfect place for you and you
should be prepared and ready for it. But it also might not be what will help you
achieve what you want in life. Because my daughter for example, she’s got an
entrepreneurial spirit like me. And I’ve been Fanning that flame, I’m not lying.
And I’m letting her knows it’s like, “College is not where you go to learn how
to be brilliant business.” You can get an MBA but oh, my gosh. Like total
kindergarten for the real world education. There’s 2 schools of thought.
There’s colleges for that career training but then there’s the College of
the successful. And this is where you actually spend time with individuals.
Whether it starts in books and then events and then graduates to mentorship.
You want to spend time with individuals that have lived through the school of
hard knocks and just in the school of life, have actually found the way to
tremendous success and now can teach it. The people that are the most successful
out there on the planet. I got news for you, they’re not found in
colleges. The people that are found in colleges are people that can repeat very
intelligently what’s in textbooks. And there’s a total place for that. But
there’s a lot of you there saying, “Well, what if I want to be an entrepreneur?
What if I want to be self-made? What if I want to be you know a millionaire or a
billionaire in real estate? What if I want more success in those areas?” College
is not where you’re going to go. And so that’s not a bagon College, it’s just you
got to really ask yourself, “Where do I go to get the education I need?” Pause and
just hear it again. That’s the magic question. “Where do I go to get the
education that I need?” You see, it’s not College versus real estate. It can be
college and real estate. It can be college or real estate. And that’s what
you’ve got to figure out. There are some young people that benefit a lot from
going to college to learn how to learn. It’s still a somewhat disciplined
structure and it’s a place where you can hang out and have a social experience
outside your family’s home and learn and grow and experiment and try to
figure out what’s… What really is the career that I want to spend time in? But
you need to understand that college is not an appropriate place to learn about business, entrepreneurship, a real estate. You got
to go outside those walls. And so for example, if you’re saying, “I’m young and
I’m in college years. but I feel really drawn to real estate.” Listen, I was a
coward. Kind of sucks saying that. But I mean, the truth is dude I was terrified
my mother-in-law was going to bite my head off if I didn’t get my degree. And it had
been so engrained. I was part of that transitional generation where go to
college, go to college. And I got my good grades as best as I could. And I I got
into the university that I wanted to and… But when I look back you know, I kind of
raced through my college experience and it’s defined by what I did outside of
college. Outside of college, while I was going to college I built up a
multi-million dollar portfolio in real estate. And I made it so that the year I
graduated, I could also quit my job and never had to step foot in the corporate
world again. That was important for me. I don’t know
if that’s important to you. I don’t know if that serves you. Some of you… Now
listen to this, some of you have like careers and things that you want to do
where you need a college degree and you’re going to love your career and you’re
going to love what you do. Dude, you can still have real estate happening on the
side. I work with some people with their hands on active or their passive. And the
big difference between active and passive is if you’re saying, “This is my
career.” Good. Then whether you go to college or not, that’s up to you. But you
need a secondary education you won’t get in college. And that is learning how to
be a successful investor that is hands-on. You can click the link in the
description below and talk to my team and will actually give you a crazy
education but not for the tuition of college, right? For a really tiny fee, you
can work with my team and I’ll be your mentor. And I will show you how to do
real estate full-time. There are also others that say, “Well Kris, I’ve got a
career that I got based on college and I love what I do. And I want to keep doing
that but I want the benefits of college. But I want to be more passive.” I’ve got
other people that will click that link and say, “Kris…” When you talk to my team
you let them know. “I have some funds or some assets and I actually want to
partner with you. And I want to be pretty passive but I want to know what’s going
on and I want to make strategic decisions. But dude, you’re the master of freaking building and growing wealth. Done of thousands…” You do it. And
we’ll do it together. We’ll do it as a team. What I’m saying is that there’s a
way for everybody. One’s not bad, one’s not good. Just
understand that they’re different. And so when you figure out
what you want to do, ask yourself how you’re going to get that education. It will
say this, I mean… Far too many of you that are in college, kind of confused at what
you want to do with your life and you think that it’s real estate or bust.
Listen, if you’re really passionate about real estate then click that link and get
yourself a real estate education so that you can create the wealth that you need
outside of the… Workforce outside of the job. And then if you get a degree, you’d
get it for the same reason I did. Maybe it’s not to avoid your mother-in-law
killing you. But I got it because I did go to college and I did learn how to
learn. It’s actually ironic. I wanted to get an MBA. My father-in-law has an MBA
and I thought that that’d be a very worthwhile education. It can be a support
to entrepreneurs. Although I still feel like there’s probably many other
successful platforms for making a lot of money in real estate and business
without getting an MBA. But I got an honorary MBA. Because of all of my
achievements in business. Some people joke that an MBA stands for a Massive
Bank Account or a Massive Bowel Movement. I think I like massive bank account
better. I can hear you laughing on that one. So to kind of wrap this up, this
whole video in is a college or is it real estate? I hope that I’ve answered
this question that says it’s not one or the other unless real estate really is
where you want to build your career. In which case, get a mentor, get a system get
after it. Learn how to do it and crush it and that way you can let that be your
career. Because that career is not going to be taught in college. Listen, thank you
so much for watching today’s video. Honestly every one of you that clicks
and watches these videos. Even if you get 30 seconds of help or maybe it’s the
full length of the video, it’s validating for me and knowing, “Hey, these videos,
they’re useful.” I appreciate your comments so feel free to comment below. I
love getting a chance to read through those. And for those you that are saying,
“You know, I really do think that real estate is going to
my real career life.” Then what I would say is invest in yourself and click that
link and get started down that track. I can be your mentor or maybe feel like
someone else was meant to be. But I have a system that can get you launched and
making money now. That’s what it was for me when I was in college and that’s what
it might be for you. Thanks for watching this we’ll see you
on tomorrow’s video.


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