Should a New Real Estate Agent Join A Team or Start Solo?
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Should a New Real Estate Agent Join A Team or Start Solo?


  • Carlos M.

    Hey Bryan, you said you recommend going solo if you don't have many huge responsibilities? I'm turning 19 in a few months, in the process of getting my RE license. Like you said, a team will provide training, leads, security, etc. Sometimes lol. I feel with the training provided nowadays such as your channel, products, etc. A team doesn't sound like the best route to go with. What do you think?

  • Seth

    Bryan, you should do a video talking about shows like Million Dollar Listing and how they compare to reality for the typical agent. I feel like so many get in because they see guys closing huge multi million dollar deals on tv every week and they think that they can easily do that too then they get kicked in the teeth by the business and are lucky if they even last more than a few months.

  • Josh Hartwig

    Thanks Bryan! Sharing this vid with all my KW newbies here in the Pacific Northwest 😀 our market is insane right now, new agents are really trying to figure out where to go and I know this will help.

  • Albertwhosoever

    Who was your mentor or example of how you built your brand? And how did you start building your brand? Thanks BC….. definitely look up to you 🙌🏻

  • mike hicks

    This is exactly why i started out solo. I'm definitely type-A always in control and always putting in massive hours to get 100% of the benefit. It took me months to get my first deal but definitely worth it. I see a benefit to a potentially starting a team now that i am doing multiple deals a month and thousands in my database but i feel i wouldnt be where i am now if i went with a team.

  • Joanna ZEN

    Do you think if it is better to have a title company or inspection company that you prefer? so that they can help you faster the closing process?

  • Ezio Auditore

    Here in Canada we have regulations that restrict public access to expires and FSBOS, also in Vancouver here it rains almost 9 months out of the whole year, so doorknocking is only doable for the summer months. How should I go about prospecting since I can't cold call or doorknock most of the year?

  • Adrian Garcia

    I'm joining real estate very soon. Do you have video on team management. I'm looking for insight on how in general terms teams should be ran for efficiency and growth.

  • Luna Ge Real Estate

    What a coincidence! I just spent all day interviewing tops producing teams in Philadelphia. In my mind I was like if I do find a team like TeamBC That will be something I'm looking forward to join. However, I didn't get any luck. I came home thinking, maybe I should just go solo. I'm young, I'm a go getter, I can be just like you Bryan. At the end if i do want to get a mentor, you also do one to one coaching right? I think I have all that figured out now! Thanks for the video!

  • John Moos

    I'm still in shock about how much your videos have allowed me to manifest everything I want. It's just the beginning. My new clients are happy, I'm happy and it makes working so enjoyable that its like a domino effect.Today I saw a moving soon garage sale happening and I'm now going to list there house tomorrow. This is unbelievable…please people keep watching this guy I watched this guy and within one month just got 4 listing.

  • Pharaoh J

    IMO being part of a team is the best way to start out so you can learn the business hands on then move on to solo… but it's pros and cons of being part of a team and solo. Take your pick.

  • I'm Mikey

    I'm partnering with an agent to do a flip, I'm purchasing the property and they're funding the renovations. We're splitting the profit 50/50. What are some documents I would need to make sure neither of us can screw the other?

  • Summer Butterfly

    As always thank you for taking the time to make the video. I appreciate you time and knowledge. I was wondering who built your website for you? Thanks in advance:-)

  • jnah yassine

    Is there a certain priod of time "contract" that determine how long you have to stay in a team ( in case you choose team) before you can go solo?

  • Solomon Ganz

    Thanks Bryan. I feel I'm a go-getter on my own. But my question on going solo is; how would I know what in the world to do? I have never prepared contracts, done price comparisons, negotiated a deal, etc. I'd imagine working on someone's team for 6 months to a year would be priceless in terms of learning everything you need to learn. Would love your guidance on that, thanks!

  • Geno Sciacca

    Great video Bryan! If going solo and not having a name like KW or Coldwell etc. to pitch to people is there a way around that because nobody will know who I am should I become an agent.  Also do the big names carry more leads and have more marketing power to crush the soloist?  Appreciate any feedback!

  • Shanta.she. Popping

    I’m 18 and just beginning my journey and your videos are so informational. I’m a new subscriber thank you for all your knowledge and I hope you stay posting

  • Chris Lakes

    Can you describe a buyers agent vs a listing agent and state the pros and cons of both if there are any? And are they 2 different paths or do they fall under the category Real Estate Agent?

  • Robert Urbina

    do you think is a a 50/50 slip with the a team, is fair? they cover marketing, mentoring, crm, mls, assistant, transaction coordinator, etc, so im wondering if thats fair slip. thanks

  • Jordan Sanchez

    A great reason to join a team or preferably having a mentor is to be able to understand how to write contracts without getting in trouble. Know the process before you go all in because a hard lawsuit has the potential to put you out of this business. Once you master the process take that info and run with it and work on YOUR business!

  • Daniel Kim

    I feel like this is circumstantial and comes down to the office you work at. If your mentorship/training is sub-par or below average, I feel like joining a team IS a good route to expedite the learning curve and to get that proper mentorship/guidance when you need it the most. You can always leave after you feel comfortable and continue on your own to build your OWN team.

  • Double Agent

    Great video Bryan! I'm getting my license soon and always wondered about this. I see "Team Listings" and figured that"help" would come at a price…. Definitely thinking about going solo since I'm already an insurance agent and have my clients wanting me to list their homes. I wish you could of gone into more detail, but great info!

  • Nelson Lopez

    Hey bryan, im in the process of getting my real estate license and I actually have a broker who is sponsoring me, but i would be interested in going on my own i 19 with not too many responsibilities, but what do u exactly mean when u say go on my own, like become a broker myself? Or start a firm? I dont get it.

  • Bman310

    When might someone at your level decide to become a broker vs. leading a team? I’m just getting started but I would eventually want to recruit sharp people and help them become successful to duplicate myself but I can’t wrap my head around how that works… anyway – thank you so much for this inspiring content

  • Jake Brambila

    Hey man, I’m looking to enter real estate and I live in California and would like a mentor or be an assistant to a successful agent like you. Would you be willing to maybe teach me if you’re in the San Diego area?

  • Itzel Sanchez

    In California, you have to be under the supervision of a broker once you have your license. You can't really go solo until you get your brokerage license, so the title of this video is a bit deceptive.

  • Bryan Casella

    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

  • Tania M

    I’m an injured nurse starting real estate school on Monday…. already studying!! Thank you for the video!!!!

  • Smells Like Art ASMR

    Hi Bryan! Good stuff! A question, have you heard of or familiar with Fathom Realty? If you are, how does it compare, in your opinion, to Exp. Thank you. -Angeli

  • element00x

    Bryan, i am on a current plan with a really good team. My plan is to thrive and work hard-learn for 6 months or 1 year then go Solo. How bad or good is this plan to your eyes? I feel exactly like you described working with a team… i hate not being able to do my own strategies…

  • Chris Barreira

    solo all day baby LOL so rude cause u need a team man common now. but i like ur little side team once u got going thats what id do. small 3-4 you know . nice

  • The Real Estate Classroom

    One thing you didn't mention…. READ the contract front to back, then read it again. This is true whether you are joining a team or going solo with a broker…. i am seeing 3-5 year contracts with extremely harsh leave on penalties. Many of the national trainers are pushing this… just saying…

  • D'Aydra Allen

    I appreciate this video. I thought you would be pro-team given the fact that you have a team. Thanks for keeping it real. I am still within my first year as an agent. I am home full time, supporting my other business and raising 2 toddlers (4 children total). I was just approached by a team owner to join her team… why might this be happening NOW versus when I first began? Is it because I finally have business (I have a listing, a buyer, and 2 renters– YAY 2019)? I mean, this lady has been super kind and helpful when I've had questions and is offering me some business in a state she's not yet licensed in. But I think I could have benefited from a team 6+ months ago when I had no clue what I was doing (I still don't!) LOL! Now, I feel like I can do ANYTHING since I've managed to gain 3 clients in 3 weeks with no help!

  • Brandy Slaton

    I think its great that even though you have a team, you are pushing for each individual to be the best that they are capable of.🤩

  • Adam Osborn

    Hey Bryan, great video! Thank you! I'm just now starting studying pre licensing, had a question… If you start with like Remax or Keller Williams do those companies provide leads?? Is that part of their services? Thanks again

  • Erin Anderton

    I’m looking to get my license soon, so here’s a question:
    If you decide on a team, do you rather recommend a team that isn’t big named (KW), or a small name team (company)?

    I’ve been self employed for a few years, with the exception of a couple jobs that have management, so I’m definitely used to being very independent and doing my own thing.

  • Rag Two

    Bryan, when you refer to going solo are you saying to start off with a brokers license instead of a regular salespersons license? In NY at least you need to work under a broker, I don't know if it's different in CA.

  • Darren Kriz

    Any young agents or in the process of getting license in LA area looking to collab or be apart of a team and grow together?! Bryan is super motivating and helpful! We will succeed!

  • Margaret Robertson

    Thank you Bryan! I have been debating this since May. Interviewed with a team earlier this week and last week. Your video totally helped me confirm my intuition.

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