Shooting star lands at CMU
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Shooting star lands at CMU

Well after 18 years for the first time a real meteorite came to my door it was brought by this gentleman and Within minutes within seconds, I knew that this was it was a real one. It was found out apparently in 1930s On a farm near the town of Edmore. It was used as a doorstop at the barn For all this time, it is heavy. It is made of Iron and Nickel. it is 88.5% Iron and 11.5% Nickel. So composition wise is just right there. so far This meteorite was brought to us just for identification Purposes we have sent a sample to the Smithsonian to a Curator there, dr. Kerry Corrigan and They have been analyzing this so out of 11 meteorites ever Found and collected in the state of Michigan. This is the sixth-largest I fell the tremendous enthusiasm This is it. I am holding this spatial Rock space rock that tells us so much about the origins of the universe at its earliest history just being able to play a major role in the discovering the identification and classification of this meteorite CMU is going to establish its reputation


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