• zameisie

    I read a documentary once about Afghan life. The young boys are dressed like girls and made to dance in front of a whole room of men .At the end of the night the boy goes home with the richest bidder who sodomizes him ( bacha bazi) boys I think it was called. When that boy grows up , they marry him off, he has his own children, and the same thing happens to his sons. Women are NEVER seen in public. So strange

  • Liz P

    Now don't y'all dare go & call these grotesque "honor killings" BARBARIC… PM/Mangina Truedeau says so, bc it's culturally insensitive 🙄🙄

  • ranfis mejia

    I read a documentary once about Afghan life. The young boys are dressed like girls and made to dance in front of a whole room of men .At the end of the night the boy goes home with the richest bidder who sodomizes him ( bacha bazi) boys I think it was called. When that boy grows up , they marry him off, he has his own children, and the same thing happens to his sons. Women are NEVER seen in public. So strange!!!!!!!

  • You AreLoved

    I will never understand how a person believes in the term honor killing. There is zero honor in it. People who believe in that are evil.

  • David Stephens

    So “honor” killings are an Afghani issue?! Those girls died because no one listened to what was being said. People still don’t want to listen to the truth. It’s not an Afghani issue, it’s an Islamic issue!

  • John Oliver

    Let that be a lesson to future parents. What you are taught is not always right. Question what you're taught always. Taking anothers life is in no way shape or form honorable no matter what you believe. May these women rest in peace

  • Stacey Sheehan

    If this happened in Afghanistan I bet they would of got away with it.. bet all the daughters were still virgins even! He pretty much killed them for no reason

  • yam yam

    this made me weep and my heart ache… may all the females’ hearts rest in peace… i hope all the evil, disgusting demons involved all die a miserable slow death

  • Christine V.

    THIS DISCUSSION IS SO FULL OF HATE, IT'S SICKENING. I READ THE COMMENTS AND FEEL NAUSUOUS. This has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with a Narcissistic Control Freak. He was angry, they dared to rebel against him. He would have found another excuse if needed.


    Canadian government must stop supporting the Islamic fashist regime in Iran where there is no rights for women!!😡😡😡

  • Nerdy Snailie

    These people are insane! The father should never had any kids! What an evil person he is! Such a gorgeous girls and they were trapped and mistreated for no reason but the father crazy believes! Had he educated them and provide them with sense of self worth, love and care; he shouldn’t be fearful for them! It’s more of a control! He hopefully will rotten in jail for what he did.

  • Cheimung Kashung

    Its 21st century. If u are unhappy u should leave ur family or frens n be happy. Unless u wanna live ur life controlled by somebody n get killed eventually.

  • A

    These people should not be allowed to come to England, America and any western countries . If they want to carry on practice their ways of living back in their countries. If their culture is so important they should stay in their own countries and keep practice their ways of living.

  • joyaxiz

    jury deliberated 15 hours? what is there to discuss about? was it not so apparent that the were all guilty of murder? i do not get it….

  • joyaxiz

    the head of sw on the interview is just trying to justify their incompetence to assess the situation…. of course the kids will change the story in fronf of a murderous father because of fear…. the SW does not know that? what a lack of education or understanding of human psyche….. the SW department should be blamed too….and punished!!!!!

  • joyaxiz

    the school principal is right…. the immediate cause of those murder was the incompetence of the system…sw incompetence…. and that sw excuse is it is "reality" wtf!!!

  • Sen Tio

    All those people from all those countries of that kind of religion are disrespectful towards the countries that are their host. They immediately want the host to accept their ways of life via the religion they believe in. Those people will never accept that law comes before religion or/and culture! Never should have the modern thinking world countries have accepted these people into their countries

  • TheCupressiana

    I can understand how this could have happened in their native Afghanistan, where honor killings are prevalent and even condoned. But to happen in Canada, a country where such beliefs are out of the question? The murderous family are guilty, for sure, but the system is even more guilty of failing to protect these four women from their abusers. This neglect led to this tragedy. So very sad, my heart breaks for them…that their dream of living life as they wanted in a place which they deemed safe and free would shatter into pieces. May they rest in peace and may honor killings become a thing of the past.

  • tuutts39

    Why didn’t wife 1 just leave? She didn’t have children to support or protect, so she was free to leave and ask for outside non muslim help.

  • 11c airsoft

    I seen this a few times while in Iraq. A woman gets raped and she gets executed for being tainted. The culture over there they treat women as baby making slaves. They pull farm equipment that work animals should be doing. In iraq women were for making babies men was for pleasure but homosexuality is punishable by execution. It was so strange to see them violent towards women in public but hold hands and kiss every man they come in contact with. The men even ask American soldier to have sex with them.

  • John Lumb

    Such backward, weak and pathetic men. Words fail me…They live in the 7th Century….no need to mention which religion this is. The lawyer never mentioned the bribe!!!

  • jacki yolo bürki

    What is the job social welfare such a useless people sitting there in the office drinking coffee and donuts 🍩🧁and wait for the salary at the end of the month great welldone now they are dead🥺

  • Rebecculous

    This man is evil. He is not Godly in any religion, he is just a misogynistic controlling abuser. Those beautiful women had strong bright spirits and the world is a darker place for their loss.

  • James Bond

    There is some cultural enrichment for you…. With soy boy Trudeau at the helm soon all Canadian women will soon have the same luxurious treatment,

  • Anneke Ramkissun

    and again canadian gouverment shame on you, first jassi and now shafia ! just put the trash out before it smells

  • E C

    I really don’t understand why they moved to a western country if they hate everything about it? I understand why refugees come, but a rich family like this.. why not just stay in Dubai or move somewhere where they feel more at home??

  • Beverly Marta

    Bottom line all of those innocent wonderful ladies are gone and those 3 pieces of s..t are still alive breathing air,eating food, talking to others,watching TV (in prison) living a daily life!! Tell me where is the justice in that? They will never be sorry for what they did, they will never be remorseful, there is absolutely no way to repay "the so called debt to society" they need to stand before GOD and answer for their actions.

  • Romi Dogra

    Why don’t you western countries do your bloody homework on Islam before you give citizenship? Make study of the Koran, Hadith and Sunnah compulsory for non-Muslim social services & immigration officers? How many innocent lives must end before you accept reality ?

  • Evelyn Rios


  • brazenheart

    This is a clash of two diagonally opposite cultures. One highly conservative, the other super liberal. Two extremes !
    Twain shall never meet.
    Yet more and more are let into the Liberal country. Disaster waiting to get worse. Way to go Trudeau. Great job Mr.Patriot !

  • 38wheelz

    Sorry no sympathy at all, you do-goodin leftist morons allow these A-holes to move in n bring their 'culture' with them n don't make them assimilate n you get SCUM like this who kill their own children/sisters because they don't respect you laws. The lives of these 4 women lay squarely at your Liberal Feet…. Enjoy the Monsters you've let in.

  • satish panchal

    What a terrible culture and abuse and manipulation of religion. Shameless. You really can’t wrap your head around a mother of all people part of this murder. Just shows how evil these people are

  • joe sols

    If you open your doors to a barbaric culture you will always get this. They do not want to take on the culture, law and customs of the countries that are willing to share their prosperity. They seem to want to change what western culture has taken centuries to develop for the good of all. Its no wonder that this culture breeds only contempt and despising wherever they go, from China, India, Europe, Aus/NZ, and Africa. Its a pattern that everybody is too afraid to point out for fear of being bigotted, racist, prejudiced…etc. Face facts!

  • Kara Creswell

    Disgusting that these women had to die because of a lot good men were to cowardly to stand up to a few bad men. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. It never does.

  • Mike Aziz

    This is what people in Afghanistan experience everyday, that is why Afghanistan is a country full of different kind of chalanges.

  • Made in Michigan 67

    I'm sick of seeing this disgusting act of violence here In America as well and I can only pray that these people (including the laughable law) that turned their backs and did not do anything to help or stop it… suffer the same fate these poor defensless victims did!

  • mushfika Tonoy

    The man is devil himself… I'm a Muslim but this is not allowed…. U may have 2nd wife but u need to love both n take care n provide everything…..U r no Muslim…. It's prohibited marrying a boy/girl without their permission

  • RazorZ noone

    As long the west keeps ignoring that other cultures are very oposit then ours and especially with virtue signaling celebrities defending these monsters nothing will change! And these same monsters keep getting away with it even to this day in countries like pakistan afghanistan jemen and all these other countries that has these sick cultural practices (look up pakistan's hidden secrets) tells alot about how indoctrination works! Why do woman in islam wear niqab and other skin covering cloths? There lies the awnser its not the woman that dont how to behave but its the men that are sick twisted indoctrinated in to the religion of rape!!Its a cultrural and in their own culture (for us westerners hard to comprihand right?)according to the virtue signalling celebreties!

  • Gigi Devoe

    I wonder if the 1st wife couldn't have children because of the female mutilation
    I saw a document recently that there 3 possible steps. #3 takes almost everything out of the woman sees her up & Leaves. A tiny hike the size of a pea to pee from, have sex, their period ( which many die from the blood being trapped in their bodies & deliver babies.. it's cruelty behind my imagination…

  • Pet_Love

    Honor killing (to me) is just jealousy. Jealousy in seeing someone you had in the palm of your hands successfully making something of themselves, independent of you! They look happier and fulfilled, and it makes them feel envious because they remain pathetic and unhappy!

  • What Does the fox say?

    Omg I’m so disgusted and hurt these poor poor girls 😞 they tried so hard to reach out 😭😭😭😭 what pitiful system

  • Andi Jayy

    this is heartbreaking. people come to canada to have a better life and to give a better life to their kids… that’s what my parents did. i don’t understand how parents can kill their own children. especially the mother. you carried your child for 9 months, you gave birth to them. how can you just take that away?

  • SD Nights

    Worst parents of all time. I thought my parents were crazy controlling. Nobody stepped in. That’s one of the saddest stories I’ve seen in a long time

  • Cafe_80’s Barako

    Very common story of Muslim culture killing their own daughter,because, they don’t want their daughter to become free….it’s only and obviously the mark of Antichrist…it’s so evil .

  • ann edwards

    I'm glad the second wife went to jail too. stupid woman, allowing her children to be killed, emotionally torturing the first wife. the deserve the death penalty

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