Setting up your Instagram Profile for Realtors 2019 (MUST DO’S TO BE SEEN)
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Setting up your Instagram Profile for Realtors 2019 (MUST DO’S TO BE SEEN)

Shawn Bell: Want to set up your Instagram
profile so that you can attract some new followers? Watch this video as I explain some great strategic
and easy to implement ideas to get your profile looking top notch for potential customers. Thank you so much for being here for tips
on how to use technology in real estate to gain you more leads and sell more homes. Please click on the subscribe button below
and hit the bell to be notified of when I post a new video every Wednesday. If you want to be found over your competition
on Instagram, then you are in the right place. By the end of this video I will share with
you some quick tips so that you can optimize your profile so that you can start gaining
more followers and potential customers. Once I implemented these tips, I started getting
found by people searching for a realtor in my local area. This is the first thing anyone sees when they
are searching you on Instagram, so we need to make sure it is just that, and searchable,
and also that it is appealing. The first thing you’ll want to do if you haven’t
done so already is switch your account over from a personal account to a business account. To have a business account, you will have
to have a Facebook business page that you can link it to. If you don’t have a Facebook business page,
why not? You are a realtor, this is something you’re
going to want anyway, so you might as well go get one set up. With having a business profile, it allows
you to put calls to action on your profile so that they can call you, text you, email,
or even get directions to your office. You can even run analytics on your business
profile so that you can see how your posts are performing over others, and then even
run some ads as well. So for sure, you want to get it switched over
to a business profile right away. If you want to switch your Instagram profile
to have a personal to a business, then check out the comments below as I’ve included a
link on how you can do this. Next step is your photo. You want to make sure you have a professional
photo of yourself. If you just have a cell phone image, then
it doesn’t really present well to a potential customer and it just looks like you didn’t
put much time or effort into it. It also doesn’t give them a very warm and
fuzzy feeling. The more little detail you can put in like
this shows someone that you actually care, you’re putting in the time and you always
want to make sure everything is done right. The next one is one that very many people
don’t even know about and are not utilizing, so this is a great one to do if not many others
are doing it, that means you can be found over your competition. And that is, your title is searchable. Therefore, you actually should not be putting
your name in this field, you should be putting what it is that people would be searching
for. So if you look on my profile, you will see
that I put realtor, and the city and province that I’m located in. Therefore, when somebody moves to my city
and they’re searching for realtor in Lloydminster, my account is actually going to pop up in
the search field. Also, if you’d like, your username is searchable. So if you wanted to put something about real
estate in there, you can do that as well. Don’t worry about not having your name in
the actual search field, because again, if you look at mine in the first line of the
bio I have my name so that people can see it and know that is my name. What questions have you had when setting up
your Instagram profile? Please comment below and let me know. Now that you have your account set up as a
business profile, you can scroll down and near the bottom you’ll see the page name for
your Facebook name that it is linked to. Under that, you can select a category for
your page. You’ll want to select real estate agent. That way if somebody is searching for you,
it’ll reassure them you are a real estate agent. At the bottom you can put your calls to action,
so this is where if you want them to call you, text you, email you, get directions to
your place, you can put whatever you want in there so that when they see your profile,
they can just do one click and then it pulls it up to either call, text or whatever you’d
like them to do. At the very bottom, you can fill in that private
information as well so that it’s populated and all that information is in there. Now, for your bio. In your bio, you want to tell them anything
about yourself and how you can help them. Add some emojis if you want to make it a little
more eye catching. The one last spot that we skipped over, don’t
worry, I haven’t forgot about it. This one is one of the most valuable pieces
of real estate, and that is your website. Now this doesn’t always have to be your actual
website. This could be a lead page that you have. For mine, I’m putting my YouTube videos in
there, so this way, every time I post a new video on YouTube every week, I can just tell
you guys to go click on the link in my bio and it’ll bring it right up. That way people don’t have to go searching
for my YouTube page, click on my videos and find them. They can just go straight to my bio, click
on it, voila, it opens up my latest video. So like I said, you can put anything in here
you want. It could be your website or if there’s an
article you wrote, a blog, a vlog, or if you have a lead generation page that you want
to direct them to, put it in there. The beauty with this one is it can keep being
changed. If you have one in there for a month and you
find it’s not working, change it out. Try something else. So there you go. Those are my simple steps that have gained
me lots of traction and can do the same for you if implemented correctly. This’ll make a world of difference for you
being found and getting new followers. You’ll also want all this information in there
and looking good so that when somebody does find you and clicks on your profile, they’re
not just seeing a dead space and wanting to skip past you. If everything is in there, it looks good,
they’re going to want to interact with you, checkout more, and eventually they’re going
to follow you. Remember, you don’t get a second chance, so
make sure you do this immediately as it is very important. Now that you know how to set up your Instagram
account for success, you’re going to want to know how you can 10 times your social media
leads without exhausting yourself with research or spending a pile of money on ads. Download my guide in the description below. If you liked this video, please let me know
by liking it, subscribing to my channel, and sharing with anyone else that it may be beneficial
for. Also, comment with the word Instagram below
if this gave you some ideas or was helpful. Thank you again for watching and we look forward
to seeing you on Instagram.


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