Seller Financing for Real Estate Investors
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Seller Financing for Real Estate Investors


  • lara Acct

    Thanks to both of you guys for your videos. This one was a light hope for me coz i have 25k only & wish to start right now. how & where do we find those sellers?

  • mike hicks

    this is good information, i've moved almost exclusively to seller financing after the first one I did and saw how amazing it was.

  • Me T

    Thank you for another great video! I defenately gonna consider a Seller Financing as one of the strategy to obtain the property. I have one question : Does any Title Company could help me with the process or there are only some of them actually specialize in a Seller Financing and working with the investors or something like that? Thank you!

  • betino velasco


  • Mario Anchondo

    Hello I'm a new subscriber and I'm learning so much from your channel. I want to start investing in properties but my mortgage is in the way. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Chalezz1

    Great detail. I have heard of list source and other mediums to target specific owners. how do you go about finding seller finances deals?

  • Austin Folnagy

    Question???? Does a seller financing have an impact on your Credit??? Or show up as debt which causes your debt to income ratio to go up? I know you are not financial advisor.

  • trebor44089

    I am a little confused.(and I havent finished the video yet) You mentioned several times seller financing for 5 to 7 years.

    Are you selling these properties before that note comes due or holding them for monthly cash flow?

    If you are holding them you'd need much longer than 7 years no?
    Or a more traditional loan in 7 years to pay off the note to the seller?

  • Chantel Duty

    Any tips on helping a guy who purchased a contract for deed and has fallen behind on payments. He's wanting to keep the property but is that something you'd steer away from because on tax record the property is still underthe original sellers name, yet has the note of contract for deed being done? Hope that's clear.

  • nick s

    If the seller defaults on the loan, then you as the buyer have to contact their mortgage company to make payments. Wont that trigger the "due at close" clause?

  • AkiniVictor

    great video! gave me some new strategies for a property i'm looking at.

    question: Assuming the seller agrees to use seller financing. Once that deal is in place, can I the buyer immediately apply for a HELOC, since technically i will be the new owner?

  • Tanveer Ahmed

    How you handle the tenants who are breaking things up constantly or make huge damage to your property. I think once in a while you will get those kinda tenants.

  • Qodesmith

    Are any of the properties available through Morris Invest seller financed? Or is this topic generally more applicable to those doing it themselves, not necessarily dealing with a turnkey company such as yourselves?

  • Domain Defense

    I have a good story. The house I have in TN, I thought I would not be able to manage it. So after 4 yrs of it sitting I decided I would sell it. I put it on craiglist and got several lowball offers and even a low ball seller finance offer. So I said ok, Ill just sell it via auction. Long story short the house sold for 3,800. yes three thousand eight hundred. I was floored. Felt like my gut was kicked in. However, guess what? The buyer couldn't come up with the funds in 30 days! Hallelujiah. I then rehabbed it and its rented out.

  • Artur Filip Lezny

    Hi I'm getting confused a bit. BiggerPockets call "cash flow" a sum that is left after taxes, repairs, property manager, etc – the profit. What is cash flow for you? at 16:05 Natalie is saying you're cashflowing 150 a month, but then she says you can pay the taxes, property manager etc. Am I over analysing?

  • Shanece Leausa Fuimaono

    Hi, GREAT video. I have a situation currently, the owner is asking 240k for property but says seller financing is available and wants 100k down and refinace after 3 years, but terms are negotiable. We need about 20k in repairs to fix it up and plan to do a master lease to college kids after its fixed up. How would you to go about this? Like interest only? So you pay him? Or do a subject too/seller finace and pay him the mortgage payment only? Or mortgage payment plus some cash, and i would cashflow the rest? I just want to know your take and the step process. This would be my first seller finace deal? Thanks heaps for your knowledge and Sharing.

  • Tiffanie Harris

    With seller financing, how is the seller avoiding capital gains taxes through this process verses selling the property traditionally?

  • Soluto Uba

    Awesome video. Have a potential property I might purchase via seller financing and this information is so helpful. Y'all just gained a subscriber!

  • Dan Smedley

    I’ve been the seller on three seller financed properties, each on ten year notes. I’m now 12 years into it and one out of the three has performed. The only way to get the property back is to initiate a foreclosure. I’ve been trying to purchase a house since the summer of 2017 and underwriters require some sort of documentation that those payments have been made, because one of my properties is owned by another investor in which he has tenants, he pays my mortgage company directly. This was the worst decision I ever made, to let him pay directly. Yes he’s been perfect on payments but to that underwriter, I have a $900 a month liability which destroys my debt to income ratio.

    Always use an escrow company to create a paper trail for underwriters.

  • Dominick Alonzo

    Great video, question. Say the seller is older and does a owner finance, "and they pass away before the note matures" the capital gains tax is not transferable to the person or persons who inherits that property? Tax Gets wiped away kind of like a 1031 exchange in a similar process

  • vy clara

    Mortgage service provider will make the payments as an uninterested third party making sure to debit an acct and make the payment. I would never pay the mortgage holder

  • Makeda Leon

    Hey New Investor here! Can you give some examples of how investor can work together with other investors for profit?

  • Tee Dawg

    Hi ; is there a way to message you? Me and my wife are wanting to do this too but would like some advise as we have a friend who wants to sell to us. Please let me know, thanks.

  • Brenda Vandyke

    Seller Financing is buying the promissory Note? I would need to take it to escrow? Can I flip the note or can I fix & flip the property and sell it? Basically I would like seller finance to fix & flip the property.

  • Jason Goulet

    What happens if the seller doesn’t pay the bank? Example, what if you are paying Jane the Bank, but Jane doesn’t pay the big bank.

    Do you pay the pay mortgage bank directly

  • Manuale Watkins

    What are the best ways going about finding seller financing opportunities. local real estate companies? Just looking around?

  • jay c

    How would you go about doing this.. Just meet up at the title company/lawyer….and who pays the closing..or are there closing costs to just get the deal done?

  • Louis Dambach

    What do I do if I bring up seller financing and the property needs reno. Who pays reno. Can I do with no money down?

  • Jared Broderick

    I've bought my first three properties via Seller Financing/ Contract for Deed (CFD), and it's awesome! However… It's my understanding that the property has to be owned free and clear to sell CFD… Otherwise, if the lien holder (usually a bank) finds out they can foreclose on the property… Really risky when a mortgage is still held by the seller. That's my understanding anyhow.

  • Benjamin Galligar

    How do you feel about vacation rentals (short term weekends and weekly) vs residential rentals (long term year long). I have an opportunity to buy a vacation rental in a mountain lake town, Owner financing, 5k down, she’s asking 50k. I have the cash to purchase. Property should rent year round even tho would slow certain seasons. This is my first rental should I stay away from this? Should I go with a residential long term rental 1yr lease? You guys are great!!

  • Heather Moore

    When doing seller financing is there any way to protect your property from damages from the buyer? I've seen some horror stories from people buying a house on contract that when they were about to lose the house they just completely gutted/destroyed it and the seller was basically screwed. Sure there was probably several thousand $ down, but some of the stories I've heard that didn't cover the damages. I mean, can you put it in the contract that the two of you are to do a walk through prior, write down any damages at that time, and have them sign it, and then have them sign another paper that says that they will be held accountable for any further damages, if the property goes back to the seller? This is really the only thing that terrifies me with this whole situation of selling on contract.

  • Ty Gipe

    I am a total beginner at investing. I've never rented a property, but I do have $2,000 in cash I could use as a downpayment. What are the forums and paperwork needed to complete a Seller Finance deal? Also, when is the best time to start an LLC for Real Estate investing or is this something I should worry about once I experience cash flow? Thanks great content!

  • Levi Family Jewelers

    One important aspect of real estate investment is determining the highest and best use for a piece of property. This is reaching an understanding of what exactly an investment is worth. You know, people already know you’re the highest and best friend possible! Have a great day😊

    Bert Levi from San Diego

  • Andrew Hoelzel

    What is the owner's actual/mathematical advantage of taking installments from you (income) versus the lump sale (gains)? I assume this depends on income brackets. *Please assume the gains are long terms when you answer. Thanks!

  • Nell Anderson

    So I understand seller financing, you pay the original owner, and they pay their mortgage, and you own it after doing proper paper work. My question is what happens if the original owner does not pay the mortgage?

  • Cobrea Smith

    Hi, I'm located in the state of Georgia. I am trying to start investing properties. I wanted to buy at least 2 houses a year cash and resale them using owners finance. I was reading about a Dodd- Frank law , but I was confused as in how that worked. Is there a limit on the amount of houses you can owner finance as the seller? I was wondering if it would be better to owner finance as a buyer instead of paying cash up front for homes.

  • AshburnConnectTV

    The wife is very convincing and articulate, which helped me to finish my 30 minutes exercise routine while watching this video! Thank you!

  • Kimberly Waters

    Funny, I was just about to fold clothes and all of sudden your video starting playing, no lie! I am trying to get my 2nd wholesale deal but wanted to learn more about Seller Financing, I am so doing this, thanks for the information so informative.

  • Melissa Dill-Barnett

    I'm still trying to understand everything, so do you have to apply for a mortgage still? Or is there some sort of other credit check/ monthly income requirement?

  • jdotvlad26

    Hey guys question on seller finance. can you sell the property and payoff the homeowner? if a year later the house appraised for more money and i want to sell can i do that?

  • Unknown User

    A $150 cash flow, before taxes, insurance, and management. I get that it's an example but that is bad advise. One major expense and the property has negative cash flow. Then go back after 2 years and offer half of your contract? Dude. Towing the line between bad advise and unethical. I like your content, I think, but you influence people and should take a little caution when steering people towards dangerous deals

  • Pay Star

    Seller Financed purchase worked great for me ! The more ways this can be successfull shared by you is a priceless Gift . Thank you Both so much !

  • roblox and more

    Is it possible to do partial owner financing? The appraiser came in about $15k less, it's 2 weeks to closing and I want to be the 2nd mortgage, who do I talk to about holding a 2nd mortgage? Do I have to ask the lender something? If so what? Or should I do a private unsecured loan?

  • pneumatic00

    I obtained seller financing on the easiest RE deal of all time and I didn't even ask for it. I was living in 1/2 of a duplex, which was for sale or lease at the time I started my lease for $400K, which may have been a tad high but not much. 10 months into the lease, the owner called me up and "You've made payments on time and been no problem. I want to sell the building. The price is $300K, no haggling, you write me a check for $30K and I will finance the rest for 15 years @ 7% (that was more or less the mort rate at the time) and that was the whole deal. It was the best and easiest RE deal of all time and me selling the building was the worst RE deal of all time.


    How about making money as the seller? That capital gains only applies if you have the property less than 2 years. Also depends on which state your in. Some places have no state tax

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