See What It’s Like to Live in a Glass House Surrounded by Snow
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See What It’s Like to Live in a Glass House Surrounded by Snow

(soft instrumental music) – People come to visit the house, or they see pictures of the house. Their first question is “Oh my God, “what do you do about privacy? “It’s so open, aren’t you afraid “that people are gonna see you?” – The glass home was pretty
frightening in the beginning. And you just all the sudden, you get used to it and then when you sit
in someone else’s living room, you hear something and you turn expecting to see out the window
and you look into a wall. – It lives beautifully, we just move seamlessly from room to room. Front hall leads into the office and it leads into the living room. And the living room
leads around the corner to the dining room and then
that’s where the kitchen is too. Our master bedroom is in the
southeast corner of the house. The only way it’s walled off from the rest of the house is by curtains
that we pull every night. It’s situated on a bluff, a high bluff. The house itself is mainly
concrete that is comprised of Eau Claire river
gravel that also makes up the terrazzo floors as well. It doesn’t look like it
when you first drive up to it but it is a two-story house. We’ve got the glass main level
which is 1800 square feet and then we also have an
1800 square foot lower level. The beautiful thing about a lot of mid-century houses is
that they have built-ins. – We had furniture we had
to literally get rid of, because every room had
its own closets, had its own drawers, it’s all done. – In our move to Portland we discovered that hey we didn’t have any dressers, we don’t have a place to
store our clothes because for the last 20 years
or so we lived in houses that have built in drawers
and we never thought about it. The beauty of this house
is there’s a gorgeous two sided master closet
with built in drawers on one side and a built in
vanity table on the other. Which is so awesome and every woman who has come through this
house has been envious of my little vanity table and I will miss that probably most of all. – This is our third home
that we have bought from the original owner that was
somewhat architect inspired. So what we do in all of them
is we take the appliances, furnaces, air conditioning,
leaving the bones of the house in the shape and space that was designed by the architect and kind of stuff a 21st century engine in it. And that’s made the
homes much more livable and that’s the key to a house like this. – The kitchen was pretty
much all 1965 vintage. The double oven didn’t have any windows so I would have to open it all the time to see how things were progressing and I ended up burning the
bejeebers out of my knuckles on the hot oven door so
that was our first purchase were new double ovens and
then the cooktop got replaced. Didn’t want to change the
teak butcher block countertops so when we replaced the sink
we had a special woodworker come in and he cut the
opening for the new sink, everything is seamless. – The backsplash was kinda fun because we couldn’t find anything,
I didn’t want to chop it up with lines of tile,
and tile is wonderful for certain applications but this house is all about openness and simple, so we found just a simple
glass that they paint the back of it, Kim went through
like 13 different colors, Thank God for all the samples we can get. And then we found the right
one and threw it right up. – The plants love it here. I don’t think I’ve killed
anything since we’ve moved in. The big ficus tree in the living room was actually inherited
from the original owner and it’ll stay with the
house after we leave. It’s a glass house and
everybody says oh well they must be dual pane windows. Well no cause they’re 10 by 12 feet. They’re not dual pane windows,
they’re single pane windows. It’s quarter inch glass,
we installed new furnaces which are I think 95%
efficient and that made a tremendous difference
in our heating bills. When it gets around zero and below, I cover up with my
blanket and I read my book and outside it’s all
white and it’s snowing and I’m still warm and cozy. It’s just an amazing experience. – And then when you go through
a tough Chicago winter, when you’re down below
zero, you’re freezing, the dogs are looking at you
please move, please move, I’m tired of walking in this stuff, and then you get that
first little pop of green. It’s like being six years
old, oh my god there it is! You know spring, thank God winter’s over. But and the seasons are just wonderful. – We’ve lived here the longest and we were able to meet
members of the family. We really feel like this
is almost still their house and we’re kind of just stewards. We came downstairs and I found
all these handwritten tags that Mr. Rockwell had
written to us that told us what valves were what
and I have other notes on switches throughout the house. He just left us all these
wonderful instructions in his own handwriting to make sure that we would know what to
do with his beautiful house and so we’ll leave these
here for the next homeowners and hope that everything goes smoothly. – I will never forget
the first time someone got lost and they went
in the wrong driveway and you see the car come
in and you see their face and they turn and they go. You’ll never forget this. – Living in a glass house,
it just connects you to nature it forces you to be more aware of what’s going on around you, you cannot close yourself off to the outside, or even to other people, people who happen to walk up to your house because they’re curious or people who drive by by mistake and we enjoy that, we really do, we enjoy that. So I would encourage people to not close their drapes and to
enjoy the outside world. It’s beautiful. (uplifting music)


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