Seattle Real Estate Market Recap – September 2019
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Seattle Real Estate Market Recap – September 2019

– Hello, Seattle! This is Christy Kinnaird,
Seattle Living Spaces, coming to you with your
monthly sale and real estate re-cap for the month of September 2019! (upbeat music) Ladies and gentlemen,
September was a fairly mellow month for real estate, and
that is the kind of the news that I like to deliver. I’m sure you’re dying
for me to get into it, so let’s taco ’bout it, shall we? Single-family houses
in the city of Seattle for the month of September,
mean sales price, $740,000, which is not that
much different from the $733,500 of last month, or the $750,000 of this exact same time last
year, so median sales prices? We’re doing some nice even,
I mean, a little bit of when I dip, you dip, we dip, but nothing drastic, and I like that. We have a 2.3-month supply, which is more. We had 1.7 last month, but last year, 2.9. We’re actually in a
healthier market this year than we were at this
exact same time last year, which is awesome news. Okay. I skipped, I skipped days on market. Which is interesting because we had on average it took 32 days for a home to get an accepted offer
in the month of September. Now’s for, that’s a more than the 30 days the month before. And a lot more than the 20
days this time last year. We sold for 99 percent of list price which is the first time that we’ve dipped below 100 percent so, (sighs) we’ll be with the longer days of market often com a little bit softer prices. So selling single family houses selling for slightly below
this price on average. We had 1415 total homes
for sale over the month. Versus 1286 in August but, 1476 in the September of 2018. So we have fewer houses this year than we did last year for sale. And we sold 603 houses,
which is the good news. Now the previous month was 756, but just statistically August is always a very high volume sales month. Cause if you look at September of 2018 we only sold 522 houses. So moving over to condos. It’s still nice news it’s just not quite as even and
awesome as single family. Our median sales price really took a nice rebound up to $448,000. Last month it was $428,000, but last year it was $510,600 to be exact. (Laughing) We are seeing condos stay on the market for ever ever. K. 49 days was the number of days on average took for a condo to get an
accepted offer in September. That is a lot longer
than 39 days in August and 28 days in September of 2018. We have 3.7 months of
supply, of inventory. Now remember we’re use to less
than a month of inventory. That was all of 2015, 16,
17, the fist half of 2018. So this feels crazy to us but 4 to 6 months is considered
a balanced market. So technically less than 4 months still slightly favor the seller. In the month before those this is 3 months supply but this time last year was 3.9 months supply. 98. 98 percent of sales price is what we’re selling for. It’s was 98 percent last month and last year it was 99 so condos have seen the slightly
below this price thing going on for over a year now. We had 691 condos for sale total which is not a whole lot more than than the 678 of the previous month. But a chunk more than the 629 that we had back at the same time in 2018. And we sold 185 condos. The month before was 227. But last year was the 167
so we are still seeing more properties overall selling this year than we did the same time last year. So this is nice mellow we’re going into like this sleepier season where fewer people buy and
sellers get a little bit, incentivized to get those properties sold before the end of the year. So if you are thinking about being a buyer it’s not gonna be a lousy time. Thanks for getting dirty with me. I appreciate you tuning in. And I will see you next week. (upbeat music)

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