Scripts Role Play from a Real Estate Coach’s Perspective
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Scripts Role Play from a Real Estate Coach’s Perspective

hi I’m Brian Icenhower and I’m here
with Apple Corey aw I am so happy to be here with you again it’s been a while
since we’ve been on a video welcome Apple thanks Ryan I’m glad I’m
here Apple and I have been coaching and
training together for about the last six years or so and Apple coaches with with
me at ice and our coaching and consulting I’m proud to have her as one
of the leaders that coaches a lot of the coaches and our company as well too and
and what’s unique about Apple is she actually still sells real estate sells
about a hundred homes a year every single year and she’s so leveraged with
other people on her real estate team it frees her up to coach more and more
clients which I selfishly love and and what I love about it is is how much you
love coaching yeah and so so why don’t you tell a little bit about about what
you coach and why you coach and and what they could expect from me a little bit
okay well Brian again thanks for having me
here and so one of the key things really that I talked to a lot of my my coaching
clients about is just a consist consistency and without and without time
management we can’t stay consistent also just knowing the right things to say
when you are trying to generate business you know for yourself
so with that entails the scripts that you know that we have on our and that’s
website that’s where your absolutely a master yeah your scripting and
dialoguing your objection handling is phenomenal thank you and I think really
the scripts is you know very vital to everybody’s business and so we spend a
lot of time on that too obviously objection handlers the more people that
we talk to there’s objections that come up and we’ve got to be prepared to you
know to handle those and that’s what a lot of my coaching clients are working
on all the time as well and also you know when you’re when you’re you get
better at when we when we talk about getting better at a you know setting
appointments we I talked to them about the listing process as far as a listing
presentation and how to earn that business once you
you get in front of somebody as well so we talked about that a lot obviously
this is all a process and just watching the coaching clients go through this
process and watching their growth is absolutely fulfilling no I see it’s
really really neat I mean I hear it all the time too I love it because often
times I’ve coached many agents that I’ve had start coaching with Apple at
different times where she I always say apples gonna put them through her
prospecting boot camp and they come back different humans I don’t I mean and
they’re very happy successful humans was significantly more income and just in a
short period of time you know from starting with the coaching client to
three months later and the results they look back and they’re just like wow
somebody who just took their first expired listing or their first for sale
by owner listing just looking back and and they’re just like I can’t believe
all this stuff works you know and of course I’m like if you just do the work
it’s gonna work and that’s the interesting part if you just do it I
mean it’s like a hundred percent guaranteed if you do it yep
have you ever seen anyone that did what we taught them right that did not
succeed at a very high level right now there are people that don’t do it right
but if you do it it really works without fail yeah and I’ve been here on that
thirty years with you I hear from your clients all them I hear from you yeah
I’m so excited when they succeed right and it really is just a matter of when
if they keep that time on task oh right so exactly well excellent I’m so happy
so many these people got to meet with you and and of course I’m so happy that
you’re on board with us as always so thanks again Apple for your time today
and thank you guys for thanks guys you

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