Scotland. The Land That Inspired Outlander. | Outlander premiere
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Scotland. The Land That Inspired Outlander. | Outlander premiere

There’s a sense of magic and mystery and mystique in Scotland that’s just… You can’t even describe it. You’ve got to either go there or just tune in to get a sense of it. It’s a celebration of Scotland; the culture, the time, the period, the crew is Scottish, the craftsmanship and everything you see on screen and on the sets. The visuals of the Scottish countryside and those castles and the authenticity in every person, even the extra that has one line, was so inspiring for me when I’m writing
the music to create something that is authentic as possible. It’s like a 16-hour advertisment for the country Scotland is a character in the story and a character that could only be
portrayed by the real country… …and that’s crucial. The light, the people, the landscape exists uniquely in Scotland. We’ve traveled the length and breadth of Scotland and we’re filming in the most beautiful places I can’t imagine that people won’t come
away with the idea of how beautiful Scotland is. I went swimming in the lochs of Scotland in
the Highlands and for me that was kind of the best part: getting out and living and breathing the Highlands. People like all kinds of things about
the books. You know; botanical medicine, military history, politics etc… but what they really, really like is these
people. They feel these people are real. They want to know more about them, they
want to follow their adventures, they want to know what’s happening next. It was great. It was challenging because of the elements and shooting out on location But it was fantastic. The majority of our crew is from Scotland or the UK and they bring a richness to the
production and detail and authenticity to it I’m really glad we shot it there. I don’t
think we could have really shot it somewhere else and had it be as good as
it is. We’d been based in Glasgow It’s a great city. Very very warm and
friendly. Great restaurants. I couldn’t have thought of a nicer place to go and work for a year. It’s been great.


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