Scaring the $&*% out of Players with a Double Barreled Pistol

Hey welcome back guys we’re in Belgium at the abandoned castle to play some airsoft at these sub-zero Temperatures our mission is to penetrate the enemy lines and capture their flags and their territory and bring them back to our base To help me in completing this mission, i brought this ridiculous limited-edition double-barrelled pistol worth nearly 800 euro It’s the co2 powered pistol that takes two magazines has two triggers and shoots two BB’s at the same time So let’s start off by sneaking through the right side of the field into enemy territory Just before we start christmas came early this year. I’m working together with war robot to give my subscribers something special just before Christmas We’re doing a giveaway of a Tokyo Marui airsoft pistol And you get a special welcome package for playing their game war robots is a really cool tactical 6v6 Multiplayer game where you can play versus other robots controlled by people all over the world It’s available for Android iOS and even PC if you’ve played MechWarrior as a kid like I have you’ll feel right at home playing war robots use the link found only in the description of this video to Install the game and get yourself the GI Pat and robot and four punisher machine guns together with a hundred gold and four-hundred thousand silver which will allow you to melt people like this and By installing and trying out the game you will also automatically be entered in the tokyo marui XDM giveaway the special has the same performance as my main two side arm since is made by one of the best airsoft manufacturers Tokyo marui just like mine Back to the game though our plan is to sneak through the right side of the field into enemy territory As we expect most people going straight through the middle which allows us to get behind them F##k yeah I’ve barely got away from that squad. I realized there’s is not enough snow today, and it gets spotted way too easily I need to get rid of the snow camo ASAP After dumping my white clothes and put on my regular camo I notice that I’m still in enemy territory And fairly close to an enemy squad attempting to attack the castle Yo, yo yo orange! orange! Our friendly squad now is that position on lockdown, so I go all the way around an attack from a different angle I’m walking slowly in the same direction as the enemy team to look like I’m on their side Holy s##t this thing is f##king good This is running low on ammo and I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m gonna try to rush them with the last shots in my pistol Day two was started and we switched sides the loud explosion I just heard is coming from the castle which means the enemy team is taking it or trying to My plan is to stay hidden on the outskirts and send as many players to back to respawn as I can That group of enemy players just filled back to the castle I have to look for a concealed spot to keep them in there Unfortunately we barely lost this game But make sure to check out War robots with the link in the description and automatically be entered into pistol giveaway Thanks for watching guys, and I will see you in the next one Hey welcome back guys I’ve put together some of the best

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