Savannah Jobs – the Top 5 Employers

Hey y’all, today we’re
gonna be talking about jobs in Savannah. Stay tuned! (upbeat music) Welcome to Georgia Coast
Homes’ YouTube channel. I’m Dawn Sanders. I’m a REALTOR® with Georgia Coast Homes at Keller Williams Realty. Thank you so much for joining us today. We’re gonna be talking
about jobs in Savannah. You know, Savannah is
a great place to live. The population of the
entire Savannah area, which includes a couple of
the surrounding counties, is approximately 380,000 people. Savannah has a lot of job opportunities. We have an unemployment rate of below 5%, which is outstanding. There are so many different
industries in Savannah. Today, we’re gonna talk
about the top five jobs. Are you ready? Number Five. The healthcare industry is number five, coming in at 8,200 employees. So, this is what we’re
talking about here, guys. We’re talking about the
Candler St. Joseph’s Hospitals, the Memorial Hospital. I, actually, many, many moons ago, used to work at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and those people really
need to be commended. Those are your nurses, I wasn’t a nurse, I was just in the office. (laughs) But, those are the people
that take care of you, so, thank you, healthcare industry. Number Four. Number Four is Gulfstream,
coming in at 11,000 employees. I actually used to work
at Gulfstream, also. I worked there for four
years, in the office, and my dad worked there,
my stepmom works there, and I have an aunt what works there also. So, I know several people that work there. I’m sure if you’re local,
you know some people that work at Gulfstream, also. It is a multi-campus facility, and they have several
locations around the U.S. Gulfsteam is an American aircraft company owned by General Dynamics, and they manufacture business jets. Number Three is one of my
favorites, the military. This includes the base
of Hunter Army Airfield, and Fort Stewart. Not to mention, Savannah National Guard. Their number of employees
average about 24,000, and that includes some civilians. And, you know, in Savannah, we have about 12,000 retired military, and I’d like to personally say thank you to all the military who served. And, this is something
near and dear to my heart. Number Two in the jobs in
Savannah is the tourism industry. Savannah is known as the
Hostess City of the South. The tourism industry includes
hotels and restaurants, and historic landmarks,
pretty little town. And, it has these unique squares, and it’s very unique, architectural, and it’s a really pretty city. A lot of movies have been
made here in Savannah. And, the Number One job in Savannah. This place has a statewide impact. The Georgia Ports. The Georgia Ports brings in containers, and is the fourth largest port in America. And, it is the fastest growing port, and every year, we beat our
record of the previous year of growth in the Savannah area. Georgia Ports’ impact spreads
throughout the entire state. Over 430,000 people are employed as a result of Georgia Ports. Guys, I got my information today from the Savannah Area
Chamber of Commerce. Thank you so much for joining us today. I think this has been helpful. If you haven’t subscribed to
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Monday, all things Savannah. I just touched on a few
job opportunities today. If you’re from Savannah,
why don’t you comment below? Tell me where you work at,
and what are the best places to work in Savannah. Thanks, I look forward
to hearing from you. (upbeat music)

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