San Diego Realtor Vlog- How to Sell your Home -Anonymous Edition
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San Diego Realtor Vlog- How to Sell your Home -Anonymous Edition

Hello everybody, today I got my party tie
on because I’m going to share the most complex edit I’ve ever done for a video
that was largely done as a commercial advertisement on Facebook. At the end of
the video what I’m going to do is I’ll share a little bit of how I did it but
right now let’s watch the video! I could tell from the very beginning of the day
things were not going to be normal. As I was preparing to go talk to a client
about selling their home I stopped and looked at my iPad and saw this email. We are real estate agents united to stop
your marketing presentation we have been watching. We have grown tired of your
silky smooth aerial or videos and the transitions from the Matterort 3d over
ahead of you into the house view. Your address specific websites crafted for
every home are also problematic for almost all agents. You are creating an
unfair marketing advantage for your clients and this must stop! Just as your
marketing influence has global reach so do we! Yeah, your YouTube blogs reached out here
my clients too and they’ve learned they can even view the 3d 24-hour open house
by Matterport on their phone, we’ve gone for years without this real marketing
stuff I refuse to explain the reason I do not use these goodies is because of
the cost! Now don’t make me come out there and visit you! Honey, you got to
stop this website for every home presentation for centuries we have found
being very pretty works. And if we have to start paying for all
this marketing we will not have the money for all our hairdressers and
that’s gonna be a real problem. So stop it. That was quite some warning
now here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to go to the appointment, I’m going
to offer the client video, Matterport and address specific websites, because
that’s real marketing. If you’d like to talk to me all you have to do is click
now. I hope everybody enjoyed that 2 minutes and 15 seconds as much as I
enjoyed putting it together. For equipment I just used my standard Canon
a 80D tripod and I think there was one growth GoPro shot in there. I also used
some b-roll footage from a drone that I had taken previously. Many of the images
were taken from and then I wove them all together with Adobe
Premiere Pro. So much of what we do is not really the equipment but it is the
post editing. Now I’m going to put a link to a professional photographer that did
a shoot with a $500 camera in the description below. Look, it’s all about
post editing get your software put it to work and see what you can come up with
because remember if you take the approach that Realtors can do anything
you will! Thank you. you


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