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San Diego Realtor | Video, Matterport, Websites | Marketing Second to None | Go On a Shoot

I’m off to one of my listings. Would you like to see how, to do the Matterport and the entire setup? Well let’s go. We are on the road. I hope my car doesn’t break down in this world-famous parking lot. The car broke down, look where i am. A little video i’ll have to give you a little plug. A ha, success. One of the first things i’m going to do is try and get an aerial of the home. I want to get the entire floor plan. I’m going to try and blend that into the Matterport it’s something i’ve never done before, but we’re going to give it a shot Because we’re a Matterport service provider, every one of our clients has the option to have their home Matterport at no additional charge. We highly recommend everyone Matterport! The Ricoh Theta 360 on a Manfrotto monopod. And what this will do, is allow me to take a picture that’ll open like a blossoming flower. and place it on my website. Of course more motion keeps people more engaged. The Matterport is all done, here’s the capture app for the matter port that runs into my Ipad pro, It’ll literally fill in the entire floor plan so that you can see whether you have Any missed spots and whether you have, any, overlaps. We can, talk about this more in another video if you’d like. Just, about to wrap up this shoot. Time to go home, and start processing. Matterports not over. Right after the scan there’s some processing time that has to go in. I’ve got to build a website, there’s more work to be done. Good morning everyone, sitting here enjoying my, cup of coffee before i go in and hit the editing suite. I want to share someone with you. Christina Smallhorn from Ascension Parish. in Louisiana. She’s a Realtor, Vlogger that i think you all ought to take a look at. She has some characters that she plays that are just absolutely hilarious and she owns the Youtube search engine down in Ascension Parish go take a look at her, if you’re looking for some role models she could be a good one. I’ve been asked, which is harder to do the four-minute vlog entry or the one-minute advertisement, and by far it’s the one-minute advertisement. There’s much more riding on that. We know that no one will watch a video for more than one minute in an advertisement format. Which is really what the house is doing? Instagram will not even let us upload anything more than 60 seconds long. So if the client is interested, the prospective buyer that has seen it ,wants more information you have to have some place to go! To give them more information that’s, why, we manufacture the web page with photo gallery, an additional demonstration of the video and the Matterport that literally lets, them walk, through the entire house. Without further Ado let’s get to the 58 second commercial that i did for this property on Drexel. Hope you enjoyed today’s walk presentation and i know you know that Realtors can, do anything We prove that every, day?


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