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San Diego Realtor | Tips for Sellers and Realtors | Youtube Watch Time

Hey everybody really good to see you
back, it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your home and want a little
information , or whether you’re one of my Realtor friends or a small businessman
that is looking for some tips on YouTube. I’m here to help you. So why do so many
real estate agents not use YouTube ? Well, one of the reasons is they set up
beautiful pages, they get it all set up, they post a couple of videos and get eight (8)
views. They’re not pleased! To set up a professional video presentation and a
YouTube channel is time or cost intensive. One of the things that no one
ever explains to them, including those coaches that tell every Realtor that
they have to have a Youtube channel, is that YouTube does not count
clicks. What they count is the amount of time that people are spending watching
your videos. So if you have very short 60-second videos like you would place on
Facebook Instagram snapchat to communicate with your clients, you’re not
going to get a whole bunch of play on YouTube. So factor that in! I’m going to
put up three different authorities on YouTube. Here’s their pictures now. Each
one of them I’m going to link to one of their videos that talks about the rating
and the amount of time watched. 60 second videos don’t cut it.
In early August what I did, was, I produced a series. I wanted to experiment
with making slightly longer form. I thought that there’d be some benefit to
me in this learning process. Now, I posted them and I didn’t really optimize them
and they were really too short so what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna condense them
together. I’m gonna put the first one at the end of this video and for any of my
community members that would like to follow it, by all means please subscribe
you’ll get a notification if you hit the little bell, for the notice and you’ll
get to see how I redid my garage, and you’ll even get to know a little bit
more about me. Until next time I wish you the
very best and if you’re a Realtor remember Realtors can do anything
including YouTube long-form videos. Thank you ! Hey everybody have you ever heard
the expression work with what you have well, I want a larger studio area and the
only way that I’m going to be able to get that, is in my own four car garage.
Hey join me for this journey let’s see what I turn this into. Do you figure anybody wants to go to the
recycler with me?


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