San Diego Realtor –  The Digital Image Revolution –  Why some Realtors Refuse?
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San Diego Realtor – The Digital Image Revolution – Why some Realtors Refuse?

Hey everybody we’re talking about a problem Here’s the problem! The problems are the money that it takes most real estate agents to get involved with video in San Diego a good professional minute of videography is about a thousand dollars. So that you all know the reason that I do these videos is to practice editing techniques like it’s a very beginning when I pulled out the sign that was something that I wanted to do in practice It comes from a program called Adobe After Effects. If you continue to come and visit this site or follow the blog on YouTube, which I of course invite you to subscribe to I’ll try and continue to show you what just a one-man production studio that as a realtor can do. Now let’s get back on point. Pretty much generally an up beat person, but I can also get real cranky. I was at the California Association a Realtors Convention convention recently, here in San Diego. And I love the convention, it’s good to see all my friends and all the people that aid bring real estate forward, but there were only two companies that had anything to do with digital marketing Relative to image. And one of them was a chief invitation from Matterport. That is not going anywhere, In my opinion. The other was one aerial photographer or videographer that specializes in real estate. So which is your choice old-school dartboard our new-school dartboard that’ll do the math for you? No, most people are going this direction now your attitude is gonna convey on video, and I know that’s hard It’s just something that you have to work with. See this this is the problem for Realtors with video they don’t have the money to do it! According to MLS statistics listings with aerial photography and video sold 68% faster the homes with standard images. Next point. In a study done by the National Association of Realtors 73% of homeowners stated, they’re likely to list with a Realtor who utilizes video. OK , Lastly. And now this is the most important number this is what would make you unique and why more and more Realtors are coming to this, but let’s talk percentages. lastly less than 9% of Realtors utilize video. Why is that again? It’s back the money! Stage-fright? Absolutely anybody can get it even realtor’s who are said to be blessed with the gift of gab. Now here is what I was fearful of and I’ve kind of walked it away in my toolbox here. Take a look>Cash discounts never scared me in my entire career Fancy gifts. They scared me even less. But what did scare me was as I saw video become more and more in demand, that I would go into a presentation someone would ask for video and I wouldn’t have it. Well, as I started to study video more and more I became familiar with Matterport and address specific websites. And when you combine all those together, there’s a very very small percentage of people in the nation that do that. If I walk in and I hand you my IPad with a sample presentation that I have done there’s a very good chance that you’re going to want to do business with me. That was what I was fearful of that’s why I’ve done all this. In fact I’ve had agents contacted me from all over the United States wanting to know how I put my model together and daily I have agents from within San Diego coming to me asking me if I turn this into a brokerage idea. But the most important thing and what I’m trying to share with everyone here is you’re a Realtor you can do anything! You


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