San Diego Realtor | Sign of the Times | Coming 2018 Realtor Rule Changes
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San Diego Realtor | Sign of the Times | Coming 2018 Realtor Rule Changes

Come and join me today. I’m going to see one of my friends Jeff Campbell up in Alpine. He’s in the middle of a Christmas food drive. And then we’re going to go down to California Signs and do what we call a realtor service announcement, about the upcoming change in the rules on Signs and check on the progress of my sign. Oh, and by the way, what have I been doing? Check out my new subscribe button and while you’re at it, go ahead subscribe Now let’s get up to Alpine. Before Alpine we got to stop and get some batteries. We want to make sure we have backup, don’t want audio failure when you’re doing a shoot. So I walked into Jeff’s office in Alpine, and I realized, what was happening was his office was being transformed into Santa’s receiving station for food and gifts. I looked at him I said Jeff. I have all the camera equipment, we’re going to do another shoot, why don’t I pull it out here, and let’s try and do something for you, and spread the word. Maybe someone has got something that they’d like to share with the community. Let’s put that word out there. The next 60 seconds is what Jeff and I came up with. Happy holidays from San Diego Estates, this is our 19th year in raising food and toys for the less fortunate. And we’d like to invite you to be part of this. If you stop by and see us, at You’ll find people like Greg, Mike, myself and others who want to help the community by raising awareness on how easy it really is to give. Over the past 19 years we’ve passed out over a hundred and ten thousand bags door-to-door. We’ve raised over eleven thousand cases of food and hundreds and hundreds of items we’ve been able to donate to the Polinski Center We hope that you’ll be a part of this, if you see bags like this or if you see one of our bins to drop-off goods with, we hope that you’ll consider making a donation. happy holidays Merry Christmas from all of us at San Diego Estates. When Jeff and I originally planned to do the “Realtor Service Announcement” from California Signs about the new DRE sign code we thought we’d have a little bit more time. But in shooting that last public service announcement we didn’t have it. So you’re not going to have as much background footage. But we came up with what I think is a pretty solid product to tell you about the change in California law. Welcome to California Signs where we make you look good. We also want to make sure that you stay in compliance as you can see on the signs with the DRE we want to make sure that your number is on the sign. We want to make sure that it also looks good and matches the signs. And It’s going to, if you get your work done here at California signs. We can make the stickers, the stickers will look great on your signs, however what will really look the best is, if you get your DRE numbers printed on your signs? We appreciate you tuning in thanks for giving us an opportunity to help you look good, help you stay in compliance And you want to do this ASAP Thank you very much for spending a couple minutes with us today. I really appreciate it and remember. I’m gonna close this the same way Realtors can do anything we prove it every day!


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